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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Connie's Giveaway for Today!

I am sooooo sorry this is being put in late but no matter. Not a good day at my doctor's office to have stitches removed. What should have been a fifteen minute "snip" appointment took 2 hours!! That really frosted my cookies because we had other plans that could not be put aside. But that will NOT ruin the rest of my day!!

Okay, my sweet chickadees, here is what I'm giving away today. I woke up and thought about doing this but didn't have anything especially "special" to give away, but here it is. Now, the only - and I mean ONLY - thing you have to do is post a comment here. The names will then be put in a hat and drawn on saturday morning. Be sure and leave me your email, if I don't already have it, so I can email you!!!!!

The above photo is all of it. Explanation follows below each photo.

A sweet silk rose in a dusky pink to do with as you please. Place it under a dome or in a cup with some faux grass or pin to a jacket or blouse.

A simple handful of buttons can brighten my day. I love little buttons to decorate with.

This is a sweet little chick for hanging. I call her Mortie. Yep, love that cute little name.

A postcard of a view of a lake with sailboats from a porch with a wicker rocker. Lighthouse is on there also and a pot of flowers. Just to hang somewhere for those who don't get to oceans, lakes, streams or ponds very often. Or you could frame it as I've done with many, many of mine.

This looks like a simple vial, but let me tell you it isn't! It is filled with the luscious fragrance of the Hawaiian islands - plumeria. If you've never smelled it you are in for a treat. It will fragrance a room for months.

I took a sachet of this to my surgeon's office and Debbie, his nurse, says it smells up the whole examining room! And let me tell you it can definitely get "odorous" in there!!

A handful of pale green ribbons. Fun to craft with or just toss in a pretty glass container and feast your eyes on them.

A handful of lovely little pink ribbon roses. Again, toss into a glass container and enjoy the view!

A handful of pale pink ribbons to craft with also or........well, you get the point by now, right??!!!?

And lastly, a sachet fragranced with this wonderful plumeria fragrance.


  1. Sign me up Connie! Oh my, such lovely items! I HAVE to have the little yellow chick named Mortie cuz she reminds me of my beloved Morton dog who we of course called Mortie, may he rest his sweet little dog head in Peace. Thanks so much for doing another wonderful give away! Katie

  2. Count me in Connie... I could use a little excitement! BTW thanks for the "medicine". Julius said "That's not medicine that's chocolate"...soooo, I shared. Haven't quite finished off the box yet...but we're getting there. LOVE them!
    Thanks, you're a Doll!

  3. oh, I hope I'm not to late to enter!lol

  4. Hi Connie, I'm back again and I'm running late too! Wow what a great giveaway! I'm in love with buttons too and that looks like a great collection of them! Little Mortie is so cute!!! Ribbons and roses are such pretty colors, print looks like a place I'd like to visit! Thank you for the contest and please enter my name in your drawing!
    Love You! Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  5. Hiya Connie!
    Im sooo tickled pink you came by my blog and said hi :)
    Your blog is awesome.
    OOOH and a Giveaway too ! wooohoo.
    Mortie definately looks like she would be comfy and happy at my place..and buttons! oooh i need buttons, i had a HUGE clean up the other day and accidently threw out the box my buttons were in...yes, i cried like a baby too.

    Sorry to hear about your icky stitches day. Hope you managed to rearrange your other plans ok.

    Oh and i loved your comment on my blue post...the bit about your hubbys blue eyes was sooo gorgeous :)

    take care !

    Shannon xo

  6. Hope I am not to late to enter my friend. You always have the best giveaways. Hope all is well on your end and that you are doing ok.

  7. Pretties with possibilities! Thanks for having the contest.

  8. So many pretty things---please enter me in your giveaway. Thank you.

  9. What a nice giveaway. I can smell it from here!

  10. Hi. Just came across your blog and saw a great givaway. What fun! I'm a ribbons, roses, & aroma gal, so count me in! Gloria

  11. I just jumped over from Susie Q's. I wanted to say Hi.

    Nice Blog!

  12. Ooo what gorgeous pinkness! My partner for a new swap loves pink with a passion. Some of these goodies would be fabulous for what I have planned for her...

  13. Please enter me too! I am new to the blogs but I love them, so many nice ladies out there! Thanks for your giveaway!

  14. Hey again Connie! Glad I can 'play' even if I am a foreigner :o).

    Jazzercise... aah memories. I used to go years ago but the loal classes stopped. There are hardly any franchises now in the UK and it drives me mad as it's the one exercise class I've truly loved. (No I'm not unhinged, just unfit!!)

  15. Please add me to your giveaway!!!!!~

  16. Oh Pick me....Pick Me.....YIPPEEEE a giveaway!!!! LOL


  17. Hi Connie thanks for the email. What a lovely giveaway.

  18. Hi,

    I would love to sign up for your give away. I love the flowers and the little chick!

    I'm having a give away too so if you have not been to my blog to sign up run on over and see if anything interests you.


  19. I'm in! What a great prize package!

  20. Hey, I missed it!! Nice stuff and so sweet of you to do this every now and then.

    Congrats, Lorena!!

    Hopefully, there won't be a storm on the next give a way!

    Aunt May's Cottage


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