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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A Bar of Soap & Grandma Juanita

A bar of soap, you say??? Hmmmm, now why would this chick write about a bar of soap?! Well, it is a most unusual bar of soap.

My son-in-law has a grandmother, Juanita, who is in her 90th year and still travels the world. They have been to every single country in the world. They have a travel agent in the family and she gets them the most fantastic deals. I remember when Juanita was 75, she and her husband, Bill, went down the Amazon on a canoe trip. When they got back she said, "I had a marvelous time; although, I wouldn't recommend it for most 75 year old people." !! Yes, those are her exact words. What a pistol this woman is - tiny, always dresses to the "nines" and wears high heels at all the holiday celebrations and is the first one up from the table to wash dishes and put away food!! I hope I'm like that at 90. Heck, I'm hoping I just GET to 90!!! She runs circles around all of us! And that's the truth. I've never seen anyone with her energy.

Anyway, she always remembers us on holidays that we spend down in California with the kids. She gave me that bar of soap. It has a little snowman painted on it and I'm sure it is dipped in wax. Now, what is so unusual about that bar of soap??? Well, she gave it to me about 8 years ago! Yep, that is an old bar of soap. It has not just set around; it has been used! Yep, it is used. Oh, not every time I wash my hands, but it has lasted longer than any bar of soap I've ever had. It has been in a guest bathroom for use, in a hall bathroom for use and is now in my master bathroom and is used. I don't know why it has lasted so long. I sure would like the formula for that bar of soap, but I assure it is at least 8 yrs old!!


  1. WOW Connie! That is a long time for a bar of soap to last, lol! Did she get it on one of her travels? Maybe soap in other countries last longer!!

    I think it is just wonderful that Juanita is that way at 90!! I would like to know her secret !


  2. My mom lived to be 95 and she was like that, ran circles around us.
    We would go shopping, and get tired and she would still be ready to go to the next store! Interesting about the soap!


  3. Amy, you would not believe this tiny little lady! She is amazing. I don't think she got it in another country, but don't know where she got it. I'll ask her next time I see her.

  4. Connie, wonderful story about the soap and Juanita. That soap is taking after the giver you could say! Love your tags too.

  5. -chuckle- What a cute entry.


  6. Wow, Connie! An eight year old bar of soap. I don't even keep husbands that long!

    Aunt May's Cottage

  7. Oh my gosh, Bertie, you are just too funny! I guess I keep soap like I keep husbands........a looooong time! LOL

  8. Oh my gosh, Connie! Maybe the soap is what gives her such zest and longevity! ha ha... That is just amazing.


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