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Saturday, June 30, 2007

I'm a Rose Painter Wanna Be!!

I have wanted - no, lusted for - the ability to paint roses for years and years. Finally last year, I decided to take the plunge. Starting with the "pitiful" top picture you can see my progress. I am only showing you the very, very first attempt (top picture) and the roses from the past week (bottom three). There are, of course, variations in between, but trust me, they are as bad or worse as the top sheet. All but the 3rd one down are painted on colored paper. I've had reams of it for years! The 3rd one down I did a pale blue color wash on a white sheet of copy paper. Just wanted to share and show you there is hope - even for people with absolutely no natural ability - ME!! And ya gotta be brave to post this on the internet for millions of people to see!! I'm brave. :-)


  1. I think your roses are lovely! I have paid good money for items with hand painted roses with much less detail that haven't looked near as good as yours! Bravo, keep up the practice and inspiration for us non-rose-painter types! :)

  2. Connie, love those roses!!!

  3. Connie, I think your roses are looking great....they'll get better and better too, the more you do. I think the more you paint, the better you will feel about them as well. As artists we are our own worst critics.

  4. Thank you all for the lovely comments. You have no idea how excited I am! Ruth, your site and blog is beautiful! Connie

  5. Connie! I am so happy you posted your roses on your blog! They are gorgeous and you are getting better and better. You are an inspirtion as I have the same dream as you! Keep it up Connie :)


  6. Doing great! You go girl!

  7. Who says you have no talent! You certainly do have talent. Keep at it. And anyway, each of us would develop their own style of painting.

    As in, your roses wouldn't be another person's roses. Nor would you try for another person's roses. Or so it seems to me.



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