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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Tag! I'm It....................

I've been redoing my laundry room and this is just one of the pictures of the finished product. If you want to see it all, go to my website tomorrow and I'll have it posted there. This is just your "daily dose of eye candy!"

Sonia of C Crafts & Collectibles tagged me. I need to tell 7 things about myself that are weird. So, why just limit me to 7, Sonia?!?! There are so many. Hah. I'll tag 7 others but it'll have to be later tonight or tomorrow am. So here goes:

1. I was born with a wry neck. That means that my neck was pulled to one side, but a nurse massaged it and got it normal. However, maybe that is why it is the bane of my existence. It always gives me fits.

2. Also I have a weird foot. Not really deformed but my left foot had the middle toe that is a bit longer than my 2nd toe. Makes for finding comfy shoes a difficult task. I think that's why I love going barefoot. I hate shoes, but Reeboks are my "shoe of choice."

3. Like Sonia, I've lived many places: West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Texas, Maryland, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Arizona and Rhode Island. All of those places were before I was 18 yrs old. I met hubby and then we lived in California till moving to Idaho in 1991.

4. I had 2 children, but was pregnant with a 3rd one but must have miscarried. All of them were due on the exact same date: April 3rd! Weird, huh?

5. Doing some genealogy, we discovered that we are descendants of William Wallace of "Braveheart" fame, but I've never seen the movie.

6. I am obsessed with numbers. Yes, I can memorize license plates pretty well. In our last town (small) before moving to this town almost 2 yrs. ago, I could tell you who was who just my looking at their license plate. And I always cancel the "9s" out. And you know, most license plates when canceling out all 9s or numbers that add up to 9 you are usually left with 2 or 3 being the number. I hope this makes sense to you all.

7. I was the highest paid woman in a very large company among the top 60 of Fortune 500 Co. and gave it all up to move up here and regret none of it. I think that is rather unusual to give up something like that, but I'd do it again and again if I had to.

Now, chickadees, you can sweat the next couple of hours or day before I list the names I'm putting on here. Gotta go look at some blogs first to see some that I haven't heard of yet!!


  1. LOL, go ahead and knock yourself out about how weird you are (just kidding)I am sure I have plenty more under my belt :o)...It was funny and love your weird facts.
    Take care,

  2. Hi Connie! I have just tagged you for some fun, too. Did it before I knew you had already been tagged. Oh well, go to my blog to find out about my eccentricities!


  3. "descendants of William Wallace"

    Oh how wonderful! I'm 1/4 Scottish. Would love to know I'm descended from that great man.

    Oh and... if you watch the movie, enjoy the way Mel Gibson brings him to life. But... the book it's based on, is not accurate. I've dug and dug and dug some more, for the real story of the real William Wallace. Hard to find, because the victor writes the history. And the English were the victors.

    But from what I have gleaned, his real life may well have been even more impressive, than some things in the film.

    He may have been tall, with red hair and his wife... No dirt poor girl was she. Maybe... As I said, solid facts are hard to find. But great fun to research.


  4. Came across your blog and found it delightful! I wish I had a first floor laundry room to decorate! My is in the basement which I refer to as my warehouse, not the type or place to decorate. Ta-Ta, have a cozy week!


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