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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Random Thoughts 11/1/2016

When I started thinking about returning to blogging a couple of weeks ago I looked and looked for a document I had made several years ago with all kinds of Random Thoughts on it. If sitting, watching a movie on my iPad or driving along and a thought came into my mind I'd quickly write it down on pieces of paper in my pocket for when I had the time to come in here and type it on the list I had made of just Random Thoughts. We all have them from time to time, but with me they became crucial.

Well, I then remembered that I may have thrown it into the "Trash" on this computer. I looked for it and that's exactly what happened. But with this special feature called Time Machine I have here on this iMac it was easy. It went back about 3 years and then brought it forward. I was saved!

I am still looking for my template I had made. I've looked at all the ones I have on this Mac but I could not find the one I tweaked. Frustrated, I got away from it for a day, ate some Udderly Chocolate ice cream (delicious!) and calmed down a bit. You have NO idea how fast this mind works. It is always chattering in my head.

I have lost a cell phone in this house and never found it. I'm not a fan of cell phones in any way and it took me until about 4 years ago to get one and that's the old flip phone with bluetooth so it'll work in my car hands free. I simply love my privacy too much, plus I love land lines. In a disaster the cell towers would go down first but a land line wouldn't be such a big problem.

I also lost a sweater and a pair of sunglasses last week. We looked and looked but couldn't find either anywhere. The sunglasses weren't so essential because I have many pairs. I'm so light-sensitive I don't even go to the mailbox without them. So buying several pairs is a must. I still haven't find the glasses but sweater was wrapped around this "executive swivel chair" and neither one of us saw it for several days.

I am not a feminist and don't think I ever have been and I've been in several women's groups over the years. I don't have much sympathy for it. I've never in my life thought it was unequal. There are underpaid men as well as underpaid women. I can say that as the highest paid woman in a large Fortune 500 company in the 1980s. I was treated with the utmost respect and never felt underpaid and I KNEW men were paid more. That has never bothered me one whit. Just how much "stuff" do people need to buy to make them happy. My greatest joy has been 3 great granddaughters. There is nothing wealthier than children.







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