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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Time for an Official Break

It's been a long 10 months for me. I've decided to make it official by telling you what's been going on and telling you I am taking a long break. I don't know for how long but since I love blogging so much and haven't been consistent with it for a while I thought I'd just make it official: I am taking a break and not sure when I'll be back.

It started with the sciatica in my left leg and hip in the early part of this year. That took me a long time to figure out why so much pain. But then after months of exercising and chiropractic and massage something else happened.

I was getting out of bed one night to go to the bathroom and as I arose from the bed and turned I felt a "snap" or "pull" as I thought about it later on. It was intensely painful. This went on for a couple of weeks before I went in to the emergency room one night. (I already had some pain pills from the sciatica so I wasn't in any big hurry until things got worse.) I thought I had pulled a groin muscle. That's where the pain was, groin, around the upper part of the left leg. After 4 visits and 4 shots of the "heavy duty stuff" in about 2 weeks, I finally got a doctor who thought it was something else and ordered an MRI.

She scheduled it immediately and found out there were lots of things going on: "arthritic changes" (whatever that means), disk bulges, spinal stenosis (abnormal narrowing), referral to spinal surgeon who does the "minimally invasive" of this kind of surgery and more PT when that's done. Can't you tell I'm just thrilled?! I've spent the last 5 months doing physical therapy every single day to a minimum of help and now I get to do more? Well, it is what it is. So I just won't have the physical or mental capacity to blog a lot at all so I'm just not making any plans to do it for some time. I may drop in once in a while but my focus at the moment is to get rid of the pain. My nerve endings are just shooting pain down my legs horribly and pretty much consistently. It's mostly affecting my left side but there is a little pain in both legs sometimes. I'm pretty much on pain killers most of the time. I don't drive much at all, don't get out much at all either. I'm frustrated and feeling sorry for myself on a pretty regular basis. But I am a very strong woman and will do what I have to do to get better. Prayers are always appreciated and I pray for others also. So that's it for a while. I'll still do Pinterest though as that doesn't require a lot of time and I'm not consistent on my pinning as I've got over 16,000 pins up now. But mostly I want to thank those of you who visit here and especially the few who leave comments. It's encouraging to know some people care enough to do that. Thank you! And I'm leaving you with just a few of some of my favorite rooms to view.

I especially love the windows, the pink sofa and the fresh flowers around this room.

I don't usually like high windows or ceilings but this house just speaks to my soul with the beautiful rooms open to each other. And I don't especially like rooms open to each other but with such large rooms flowing beautifully into each other this is definitely on my list of favorite rooms. Not saying I'd buy it even if I could afford it, just saying I like it a lot.

This has a coziness I like as well as an unusual staircase in such a small house.

This is one of my all-time favorites room. Just like the red and yellow together.

And again, the red draws me in. A cozy room to chat in.

I also love this room, especially since it is designed by Charles Faudree, one of my favorite designers. It is genuinely homey without being too exaggerated. Lush sofas, ottomans and cozy, comfortable chairs. The floor would be easy to clean. Windows admit a lot of light.

Cute is what I'd call this room. Ottomans are a big part of my decor because I truly want my guests to put their feet up if they prefer. I always, always have an ottoman in front of my chair and an extra two sitting around for guests. Essential in my home.

A bit more sophisticated than usual but I still like the decor. It's not an elegant room, just elegantly appointed. Groupings in which to chat are essential to me because hubby can chat with a guest about which I have no interest and I can chat with someone who shares my interests.

I'd call this a family-friendly room  and I like its accessibility to the kitchen for a family room. Again, all the essentials I love: colors, coziness and foot/leg comfort with ottomans.

A bit more elegant than usual but I do love the room with its two sofas and furniture placement. That's very, very important to me.

Elegant and gorgeous is all I have to say about this room.

Shades of pink and lavender drew me to this lovely room.

A very traditional room to which I am always drawn but updated traditional.

Again, all the essentials for me in a lovely room.

I love the French look about this room. I could live in this room very easily but I'd have to have some pink in it. Beautiful!


  1. Connie, we will certainly miss you, but please know that there are so many of us who wish you well and will be praying for you. I think I'm following you on Pinterest. I'm going to check right now. Take care of yourself. Warm regards - Cynthia

  2. Dear Connie, take all the time you need, and spend the time relaxing and resting. You have my prayers.

  3. I'll be keeping you in my prayers as you try to get this pain under control and obliterated from your life. I was wondering where you were recently. Try to enjoy the "down time" as much as possible. I'm sure you'll find a way to keep busy with your reading and Pinterest. We'll be here when you return.

  4. I have always enjoyed visiting with you. You are so honest and I like that. I will miss you and truly sorry you are going through so much. Trust they can find a solution without surgery and a lot pain.

  5. Dear Connie, hope you find the relief from pain really soon! You will be in my prayers. Lot's of reading time perhaps, love Rosamunde Pilchard!

  6. Yes, we will miss you! My prayers will be that you find a pain free solution. Take all the time you need. I see you all the time on Pinerest. I love all of your pins! Keep strong. You can get through this.

  7. I've sure missed your posts...and beautiful rooms.
    Sorry you are having such health problems. It's such a bummer to hurt. Praying you will do better soon, Connie.
    Love to you, dear friend.
    xo bj

  8. I know EXACTLY what you are going through. I have the same thing that has been going on with me since 2005. Connie, I can tell you that it will take time to heal. Learn to stretch those muscles. If you don't stretch, then you will tighten again. I've had all of what you described for treatment...but I don't choose narcotics. So damaging. Try natural muscle relaxers and massage helps. I had surgery, but have complications from the tethering of the nerves. Email me if you want to talk. Back problems are no fun and if nobody understands more than if they have walked the walk. Get better soon. hugs...becky

  9. I am sending thoughts and prayers to you. Your blog is one of my top 5 favorite blogs, and I will miss you greatly. But your health is of the utmost importance. I've suffered with sciatica so I realize the excruciating pain. I can't imagine the added back pain, but know from others it is also unbearable. So take care of yourself, and let us know periodically how you are progressing. God Bless and bring you comfort.

  10. Connie I am so very saddened to hear that you been in such pain. It truly does make life difficult when one does not feel well My prayer for you will be that you encounter kind, loving and helpful doctors and medical staff and that a solution can be found. Blessings upon you dear one.

  11. Connie,
    I love your pictures of the rooms, they are very much MY style...or one I'd like to have. I have just posted on my blog after 7 months break and I understand the need to take one. We had lots of health issues going on here and lots of family things that were important to take care of, so I just focused on that.
    You are in my prayers, Hoping you will heal well and be comfortable again!


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