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Friday, September 13, 2013

Blogger isn't working for me

Everything is back to normal now. I'll be posting later today or tomorrow. Got a fish fry hubs is dragging me to today! I love fish but can't eat anything fried or coated with anything during this diet. I'll probably eat baked salmon and cry at all the fish I'll not be able to eat. :-(

I'm not able to see any of my old posts on blogger and have had a hard time logging in for 2 days now. So, I'm still here, just can't do anything! Sorry. I'll be back when I figure out what's wrong. Anyone else having this problem? Connie


  1. It's fine here Connie....but you just never know when Blogger is going to throw a wobbly. Hope you get it back soon. I can see your older posts.

  2. Yes! I'm having that problem! I've been having to use the app on my phone because it won't load all the way on my computer. Quite frustrating. I hope it resolves itself soon.


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