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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dollar Stores and Tulip Town

No one should deprive themselves of the joy of color because color choices, unlike most choices, aren't a matter of money. You are free to select colors that put a smile on your face and edit out the rest. Living with refreshing, life-enhancing color in your room, in the clothes you wear as well as the paraphernalia in your handbag and the accessories on your desk can do wonders to your spirit. Color to me is one of the gifts of grace that is ours to select and a tool to help us live beautifully. Alexandra Stoddard.

Make your office or wherever you work colorful. I do. Actually, I do it to my whole house. My husband is a manly man, a retired Marine, and he lives in this froufrou pink house and loves it. Your hubbies probably want you to be happy, so go with the color that you love best. Beige is sooooo boring and depressing. Simply tint a white with a tiny bit of a beautiful color/pigment instead of brown. I'll never use beige again.

 I've decided to have a giveaway soon. Just stay tuned because I'm not exactly sure when but very soon. I'll give you plenty of notice. I have ordered a couple more of her books to give away and there will be other stuff also. Just so you know. Truly, you don't want to miss my giveaways. You really don't!

I have to file my nails every week because of keyboarding so much. They grow so fast since my doctor told me to take more calcium. I've never had great nails but since I chew 2 calcium chews a day they've been growing like crazy. AND it's very hard to type with long nails!

He's still at it, hubs, I mean. We went to the Dollar stores the other day looking for a certain kind of pen that the man at our bookstore uses and I liked a lot. Flows easily with gel and is clickable. They're called WOW. Couldn't find them but I'll keep checking. They were wonderful to sign my name to the receipt with and I asked him about them. I've told you I'm a fanatic about certain things!

Anyway, we were looking for them and hubs went looking for cheap candy...again. I've told him and told him that Dollar Store cheap candy is just that—CHEAP! He bought some cheese popcorn. I tasted it later at home. He did also. He admitted it wasn't so good. (Need I say more?) Well, I'm gonna...say more that is. I don't buy cheap food at the Dollar Store. It isn't worth it. They get it because no one else will buy it at the regular markets. [Did you know that Dollar Stores have the biggest mark-up on their merchandise than anyone? Yes, this is true.] Anyway, the jelly beans he bought were atrocious also. I got nauseous from their smell even. When I'm dead, he can buy anything he wants, but for now I don't buy cheap food!

My granddaughter posted on her Facebook a trip to Tulip Town in Mt. Vernon, Washington, they took in April. The most gorgeous tulips in all colors were there. I thought we might go over next year to see them. But it reminded me of a trip they took a year or so ago to the raspberry farms to pick raspberries. Caroline is three years old now so she was just a wee toddler then, but she could pick and eat the raspberries. Granddaughter apologized to the farmer, but they said it was fine that kids will do that. She was eating faster than they could fill baskets. Needless to say, she had the most poopy diapers ever for a couple of days. They thought she'd never stop pooping! We laughed so hard at that, we cried. Here she and our newest great granddaughter are and a picture of the pink tulips, my favorite ones.

I think she looks a bit geeky in this photo but she really is so, what can I say. But as her grandmother I think she's gorgeous and I'm not one bit, really, I'm not. ;-) Okay, she is kinda cute and Juliette is also.

This is her last year before she got pregnant with the little doll she is holding above, her second daughter. When she's not being a computer geek at Microsoft, she's a cutie. But she is very smart.


Yes, I still would love to have an outdoor shower.

A gorgeous shade of blue. Actually, I love this little kitchen.

Another pretty patio/picnic area.

A cute quaint neighborhood in England.

Look at this tiny chair. Maybe it was meant for a doll house. Even has its own tiny pillow.

Where do people find these little treasures? An old farm wagon dressed up in pink and blue.

Just some lovely froufrou items.

And yet another bird cage for you to see.

A staged photograph for sure but I think it's adorable. An outdoor, under-the-trees room.

Another countryside pathway. Sort of narrow for cars though.

A cute bedroom with lots of color.

Another stone sink.

Respite from work done cute!

Sigh. How adorable is this room! Look at those curtains and that pillow, rug and settee.

Have a coconut cupcake, but you might want to wait or rethink that after reading the tidbit today.


To cure hangovers, people in the Middle Ages would down a plate of bitter almonds and dried eel after drinking. In Outer Mongolia, they slurped down pickled sheep eyeballs in tomato juice. [Ooooh, yuck!!]
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  1. Just doing a little blog hopping tonight and found you. Great pictures :) I live not far from the Tulip fields, they are beautiful. My sister has a cut little store in LaConner, which is on the tulip route. By the looks of some of your pictures, I think you would enjoy her store. Maybe you will make it over to enjoy the tulips sometime.

  2. You'd smile to learn that I've just laid out a pair of pale pink gloves for a little tea party at our Sweetpea's school this afternoon. She specially asked at breakfast if I'd wear a dress.

    And my husband is also a denim type, with jeans-and-suspenders and a black hat, but when I asked him once if the pink spread in our bedroom was too much, he said, "I don't care if you hang up Kewpie dolls on a string around the walls, just so YOU'RE here."

    As Kelle Hampton says on ENJOYING THE SMALL THINGS, "Rule #1: Wear red shoes. Or red lipstick. Or red underwear. Red is Ordinary's kryptonite."

    Happy MAY!!


  3. Such pretty pictures and your granddaughter and great-granddaughter are both beautiful. I'm very much enjoying your blog! :-) [although the tidbit WAS disgusting! Eww! Good thing I hadn't enjoyed the cupcake yet. :-)]. How could people eat that stuff?

  4. Sending a big hug to you Connie. Your family is beautiful. My tulips became Deer food. Here's
    wishing you a wonderful Mothers Day.

  5. There was an old wagon in my family, cane tarp included, but we sold the backyard where we kept it & I guess the buyer got it. I didn't have a say, so...

  6. What gorgeous pictures and grands!I am new from southern charm! I would love for you to check out my blog and follow me back! Have a great day,Nicole

  7. I am visiting you via Feathered Nest Friday. These images are stunning. I look forward to seeing you at My Dream Canvas.

  8. Gorgeous Tulips Connie, like being in Holland. Your grandaughter is so attractive, and of course the baby too!
    By the way I think the bush is a Lilac.

  9. Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Mother's Day! Oh my goodness the tulips are gorgeous and so are the girls. She does not look like a geek...hahaha Your posts and pictures always make me smile. Thank you have a wonderful weekend Grace

  10. You did a great job on your real world posting as well as the dream world.

  11. Love all your images! Would love for you to share at Simple & Sweet Fridays! Happy Friday!

    Take Care,

  12. Stunning beautiful photos. Enjoyed visiting.

  13. This is such a fun read! I am so into these photo's! They are all so beautiful! I love the different types of rooms, even the outdoor one! wow! I also found you on How Sweet The Sound Linky party. I hope you can come visit me :D

    Teresa @ Freebies 4 My Family!

  14. You are one funny chick. But honestly, Junior Mints taste the same whether you buy them at Dollar Tree or the grocery store. Truth. Found your whimsical pink post at Beverly's Pink Saturday.


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