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Monday, May 13, 2013

A Fabric Story and Clean Clothes

Back about 30 years ago, Milliken came out with a fabric called Visa. It was the be all/end all fabric at that time. I remember getting my first pair of knitted pants in the fabric. Let me back up a minute though.

I was folding the laundry a few days ago—not my favorite thing to do as it hurts my back—and got to thinking about clean and white underwear. (Yeah, yeah, I know, my life is so exciting.) But I like clean white undies. I wear nylon tops and bottoms and hubby was wearing cotton/poly tops and nylon undies. I can never get them to the original whiteness. I had a friend once that had the whitest laundry I'd ever seen and switched to her brand of detergent. Still, after a few washings of new garments, they were be a bit off-white. I was frustrated and thought perhaps skin-type might be the culprit here as hubs has an oily skin while mine is very dry. So I recently bought him all cotton tops seeing if that might help. As I was folding the laundry that day, I noticed the cotton tops were a becoming a bit off-white still.

Now, back to the Visa fabric—a polyester, I think. My first pair of those pants were white knit and if you got something on them, it just about never came off. It was part of the fabric at that point. It was hailed as the best fabric for our generation. So why wouldn't it be white and clean? The only good thing about it was it didn't need ironing and this was a huge announcement at that time. Housewives were freed from the ironing board! But I never bought a Visa knit dress or pants after that, never, not even if it wasn't Visa, actually.

If you look at the Milliken website they talk about their company doing good. Well, that's all well and fine but I just want my clothes to be white and clean! I guess just knowing I washed and bleached them and they are clean should be enough to satisfy me.

I know, I know. I post about weird things sometimes but that's th' way I roll, sistahs! ;-)

Isn't this castle lovely? Must be difficult to heat though. Think of the electric or gas bill and consider yourself lucky you live in 1800 or even 2500 square foot house. :-)

Another darling vignette.

Porch swing with lovely accessories. I really love this one!

Looks like a Christmas house to me. But three stories is a pretty big house. The red paint is what drew me.

I believe this is a street in Canada. My son has been up to Vancouver, B.C. and said it was the cleanest place he'd ever been. But then he lives in Southern California, which I love so don't get all bent out of shape with this comment. :-)

A pretty tent for a wedding.

You know I love this because of the pink stripes, right? (I once had a sofa for which I had a special slipcover made with those exact pink and white stripes. See the second photo. I loved it but sold it when we moved here because we had so much furniture.)Really, it is a darling porch.

Another beautiful bottle.

I cannot resist any shabby chic rooms. They are among my all-time favorites.

A cute idea for a party, be it for young ones or older young ones, like me. ;-)

I like this room but the windows are the gorgeous things in this photo. Not too crazy about those slipcovers though.

Just a beautiful street to shop on.

Another beautiful room.

The rose is beautiful but the vase is gorgeous.

Lovely living room in what looks to be an apartment.


The cruise liner Queen Elizabeth II burns a gallon of diesel for every six inches that it moves.


  1. I understand the undie comment! I make my own laundry soap and feel our clothes are becoming whiter with each wash. A bonus is that it is MUCH cheaper than regular detergent. Beautiful photos. I love that vase.

  2. Piękne zdjęcia,a te z uliczkami-rewelacja!:)

  3. Totally agree with you on the subject of white, undies, sheets, whatever. I wash mine at a higher temperature than normal and it helps.

  4. Hi Connie: Sorry about the email thing. I'm lucky I can blog at all. I can't figure out kow to add the email thing to my blog. Anyway, here's my "recipe".

    2 c. Washing Soda (NOT baking soda)
    2 c. Mule Team Borax
    1 Bar Fels Naptha soap

    All are found in the laundry aisle. I know Walmart carries everything. I usually triple the recipe. That way I only have to make it about 1 time a year or less!

    Grate the Fels Naptha as fine as you can and mix with the two powders. I actually use an old blender that I was going to donate to the thrift shop. Now I pass it around to my friends so they can make the soap too. If you have a blender to use, just cut the soap into little chucks and chop it fine in the blender then mix in a bowl with the powders. I put it back into the blender about 2 cups at a time just to make sure it is blended well. It will look just like the powdered detergents that you purchase. You only need to use 3/4 to 1 TABLESPOON per load. You can adjust it depending on how dirty your clothes are. Just don't use too much. I keep it in one of those glad disposable food containers.

    I know a young woman at church that I gave this recipe to. She has three very small children and a husband who works in concrete excavation. He gets FILTHY dirty and his clothes come clean with this.

    Let me know if you have any questions.



  5. Have you tried white vinegar in the final rinse? It gets rid of the detergent that has accumulated, also acts like a fabric softener!


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