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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Some Gorgeous Rooms

I recently was at a website that showed simply gorgeous rooms—living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, family rooms—but all just gorgeous designer rooms. I thought I'd share a few of them today, along with a few other photos. More will definitely come later. Plus I'm guessing that some of you get tired of my stories so I'll spare you today.

This is one of the most elegant blue rooms I've ever seen. I'm sure there are more elegant ones, I just haven't seen them yet.

This is one of the "other" rooms. I think it's a darling area of a small kitchen though.

I'll never stop loving red checks, especially in bedrooms. This one is stupendous in my opinion.

I like this room but the wallpaper, while beautiful, is a turn-off for me. It's simply too busy a room for me. But it is a very pretty room in an old farmhouse.

This dining area in a kitchen is so adorable. I love everything about it. Quaint, yet gorgeous.

 I've seen this house in a magazine and the pillow on the chair is one she bought from me when I was selling on eBay. I loved her home.

Another elegant sitting room, office or library. I think I like the chairs more than anything though.

A shabby chic dining area. Love her punch of pink roses and wreaths for color.

A kitchen I might learn to love to cook in, if I was really interested in cooking, that is.

That window is what drew me in. It makes the room much more elegant.

I just love the colors in this room. The sofa looks comfortable and that's important to this woman.

A room by Charles Faudree, a famous interior designer. I fell in love with his decor in the 70s and 80s. He's a master at the art of French decorating.

It looks like a bedroom in the background so this must be a sitting room for the master suite. Gorgeous though.

Again, the wallpaper is a bit overpowering for me but it looks like a room by Sister Parish, a very famous designer. I don't know if it is, just looks like her style. Very homey and family-oriented in an elegant way.

My favorite room in all the ones I've seen. Well, one of the top ten of my all-time favorites, let's say. The pink and white striped chairs, the pink print sofa, the scroll of the table legs and the vivid yellow curtains. Just a comfort room for me.


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  1. I never get tired of your stories! I love reading them and I love everything you post about the great grandchildren!


  2. All such beautiful pictures. Keep 'em coming!


  3. What a gallery of delights this rainy day! I could step into almost every one and settle right in.

    But the one with your pillow would be a cozy nest for me---anything with flowers-around-a-mirror just takes my heart.

    Years ago, on that House Beautiful TV show where they showed you around the homes of famous people, the sweet young wife showed pictures of the apartment she'd had before she married some great sports figure, and it was absolutely charming, with comfy upholstery and fresh flowers and sheers.

    But then, their new home was all tans and black leather and chrome and pointy square tables, and she said she'd had to "give up her roses" because he thought they made an "un-manly" home.

    I hope the marriage made it.

  4. Oh my, what gorgeous inspiration!!
    Mary Alice

  5. Gorgeous rooms, thank you for sharing!


  6. i have to say that this is a rather refreshing array of decorating images - the classics are almost so fresh and new! It is nice to see a new/old slant on the decor.

  7. Super blog!I will be observe you!See you my blog,I wiil be happy

  8. I love the pictures, Thanks for sharing.


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