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Friday, March 22, 2013

A Trip To The Supermarkets

I tried to go to Costco by myself yesterday but hubs wanted to tag along. I wasn't happy about it because I'll always spend more when he's along and he always questions me about what I'm buying. Aaaargh.

Well, this was supposed to be a quick in and out. I wanted 2 boxes of Angus burgers already cooked and frozen on hand for our freezer. We got out of there with $131.00! He had to buy a tree. Now, ours is a small yard, just big enough for 2 empty nesters. But he stuck a peach tree in the cart among other things. This is the third peach tree he's planted; the other two died. Annnnnd agaiiiiiin, he had to make sure I didn't kill a woman with the branches from the tree in the cart. I have never, ever hurt or killed a shopper in a grocery store! Promise! We women tend to know how to dodge a peach tree or a full basket of items. He drove me nuts. I had to go shopping at WM also but I went today without him. It was so relaxing and I didn't have him second-guessing me and holding on to the cart so I wouldn't run over anyone. I've mentioned back in posts several times that I'm going shopping alone from now on and I am. OR I'll send him for a few items written on a note paper. I just wouldn't trust him with the bigger shopping but a quick run, okay. We'll see how it works out. Other women in the grocery store mention hubands with them. I think it's a universal feeling of women for the most part. I love shopping alone, taking my time, looking at new things they're carrying, just being leisurely. Has anyone you know gotten a divorce after the hubs retires and stays home all day critiquing the house, toilets, laundry, your shopping and closets? Sigh...

A lovely stone house.

Another living room I love.

A little cute sideboard. It looks miniature but can't tell a lot looking at it from this angle.

A happy day for a picnic in the yard.

Another little  open cottage for playing among the rose garden.

Pretty white chair with pink posies.

Cute little dishes.

Looks like a woman's studio.

And a very pretty window bed with hanging lanterns for a festive area,

Another area in a kitchen with incredibly darling dishes.

A lovely long loggia in a huge home.

A lady's bath with all her soaps and powders.

A quaint street in a small foreign town.

Aaaah, ephemeral pink and lacy candles.

A darling small bath or washroom.

More copies of the Ikea catalog are printed each year than the Bible.


  1. When we go shopping I suggest that my husband buys the daily paper and sits in one of the seats to read it. Later he can come over and help me pack and load.

  2. Well gals I go shopping all by myself because there is no one else in this big empty house, but me and Shirley, my male cat LOL

    That is why we are downsizing to move to a smaller home or condo

    I love going to cosco with a neighbor when she goes

  3. I like to shop with my friends' daughter. She is such a big help to me and we giggle the entire time we are shopping, otherwise, I don't like to go shopping. Now that my friend and her family have moved in, I don't usually have to do the grocery shopping as her husband, Bill does the shopping for us. It is really much better for all of us.


  4. It is so hard to get out of there without spending more than you went in for! And the last two years prices have really gone up there.

    So, you have that "Twice as Much Husband on Half as Much Money" huby goes with me and there are things in the cart I
    DEFINITELY wouldn't have put in it...every time. But when he goes alone, he spends more money than me, using his own money and I get GREAT food!
    I do not complain about him buying OR going with me! Maybe you could find one of those electric carts to let him drive in...that is always entertaining for guys....
    Hugs to you...


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