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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Rambling 11/18/2012

Americans have nothing to fear from Europe on food. This comes from a sampling of friends, relatives and hubs and me from traveling. I'm also partial to the California cuisine. I believe nobody does food as good as Californians.

 Some relatives and friends who have been to Russia have noted some things while there. Russians still want communism; they lament the change! They don't know how to fend for themselves. I hope that never happens in our country. There are specific instances but I'm not going to cite them here. Just horrible when a people can't take care of themselves and have no such wish.

We've hosted a few exchange students while living in Idaho and I must say I doubt I'd do it again. Some were wonderful; some were horrid. One, Rafael from Spain, was very good and we loved having him. One day he asked me why I had my name all over my Tupperware. I told him because when there's a church dinner or luncheon, there's so many Tupperware bowls we have to put our names on our own or someone would inadvertently take home the wrong bowl. Hence, my name is on every single bowl I have. He thought that was funny. I didn't; I'm still missing some pieces and some metal bowls that have never surfaced!

Recently during the Presidential campaign, Cher weighed in on Mitt Romney's underwear, calling it "Magic" underwear. Well, I wear the garments also. It's a requirement for being temple worthy. It's a form of modesty. How silly can anyone be for making fun of someone's underwear?! And Cher, of all people?!!! At least, we wear underwear.

Okay, more postal rules for other countries:

Britain: no horror comics can be mailed to them.

Venezuela: no credit cards can be mailed to them.

Russia: color copiers, honey pollen, wax or honeycombs. Hmmm. Wonder why? It's not as if they have a glut of copier companies in Russia.

Philippines: coffee, lottery tickets.

Nepal: bearings of all kinds, cameras, cardamon, cinnamon, cloves, photographic paper, watches or spare parts.

Guatemala: gardenia plants or seeds, police whistles, powder of all kinds.

If you've ever given someone good/excellent advice and they say it's totally impractical for their lifestyle but love the advice, then you should tell them to change their lifestyle. It's just that simple. Why wallow in a lifestyle that's detrimental to you? Boggles th' mind.

A sweet girl's bedroom.

The requisite posies in a lovely tin can. ;-)

Think about wrapping your Christmas gifts in white paper with scraps of fabric for bows and a pink, white or silver ball instead of the usual red and green.

Can we say caaauuuute?!

Another pink ruffled pillow. I just love the ruffled ones.

Now here are cups with roses that I think even the hubs would like. If that's a tractor, then I know he'd love it. He also has this "thing" about tractors. Just start talking and he can tell you more than you'd absolutely want to know. He's knowledgeable about trains and tractors. My man is just a jock!

A serene room with splashes of color on the wall and floor.

I've wondered what these are. Could they be rings? Whatever they are, they're beautiful.

I'd have no problem having this chair in my home. 

Another gypsy caravan. This one looks really nice though. Love the bed covers and pillows. Not as gaudy as some I've seen.

I didn't know cupcakes grew in clay pots!!

A bunch of petit fours.

Beautiful pink walls with fuchsia flowers and a white curtain blowing in the breeze.

Ooooooh, is this ever so cute!

Just another idea for an old rustic bucket.
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  1. Oh Connie I am so glad you posted the picture of the beautiful wallpaper wrapped presents!! A friend gave me a whole box of rolls of this kind of paper!!!! Know what my gifts are going to be wrapped in this year!

    bee blessed

  2. Beautiful inspiration!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  3. Hi Connie! I'm very curious so now I'll have to google about the Soviet Union. My favourites today are the little polka dotted bowls, the pink ruffled pillow and the turquoise chair. Thank you for sharing!

  4. I love the white packages with the ribbons and ornaments. I will use white paper for all the gifts I will give this year! Also, I love the cupcakes too!


  5. We adopted two Russian sisters ages 9 and 12, now 19 and 22. The oldest is serving a mission in Romania. Most of the people we met on our two trips to get the girls, were very sweet and terribly helpful. The young people we met, were well educated but very discouraged-no jobs and the mafia presence. I left a little piece of my heart there. They want the same basic opportunites as we have but are stifled at every turn. We can all pray for their blessings that they so rightly deserve.

  6. You really can't post horror comics to the UK? I suddenly want to test that theory! I'm from the UK and have never heard of it at all! How bizarre!

    I love those spotty bowls too - very cute :)

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  7. LOL ... love looking through your blog! Some day I'm going to have my own little spot in this house that I can decorate to the hilt in pure roses, ruffles and lace!

    I had to chuckle at your musings about advice and lifestyle changes as it's an on-going source of interesting conversation around here. Except it's no longer interesting. I stopped preaching. But I will forever have close to my lips the saying: If you always do what you always done, you'll always get what you always got. If you followed all the rules of what to eat and how to exercise and still are having problems ... maybe they got the rules wrong?? ;)


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