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Sunday, October 7, 2012

How Well Do You Speak?

Being a product of school systems that actually taught proper English, etc. back in the forties and fifties—I think it started its decline in the sixties actually—and teachers who actually corrected us when using incorrect language when talking. I'm a stickler for proper grammar, spelling, etc. Nowadays, it's perusing blogs that I find the pitiful state of our English language. This is even from college graduates. It's becoming so no one can spell, which is easier for some than others, I'll admit, but the grammar from even our students in high schools is pathetic. Hubby witnesses this because he works with some of the schools in the area for the Voice of Democracy the Veterans of Foreign Wars has each year. He and one other man read them and listen to the students' tapes to determine a winner. There are some schools that will not participate. That stymies me as the student can win a $30,000 scholarship at the national level. That's a hunk o' money, folks! But if the school doesn't participate they don't even get the chance to win. Even at the very local level, a high school student wins $150 minimum and that can come in handy to a teenager.

Now, I'll occasionally make mistakes in my blog even though I go over them meticulously. I can proofread it several times, and I do mean several, then publish it and read it again and see where I made an error. Trust me, it's a typo as I certainly know better, but it still frustrates me that I overlooked it. I'm sure some of you have done the same thing. So today, I'm going to give you just a few little grammar lessons. Very simple. Very easy. But terribly important in life.

Than vs. Then
Then refers to time when using it in a sentence. Than refers to comparison. Than is used only in comparisons, so if you're comparing something use than. If not, then you have to use then. ;-) What could be easier than that?

It's vs. Its
Remember: if "it's" cannot be replaced with "it is" or "it has" then it's its. :-) See what I mean.

Their, There, They're
If the word means "belonging to them," use their, as in their face. If you're able to replace the word with "they are," use they're. Otherwise, there is only one correct answer: there.

She/he vs. him/her
I cannot even tell you how often I hear young people, school teachers and old people use her/him at the beginning of a sentence. For instance: Her and me are going to the movies. That shows ignorance on their part. It's accepted language now! Pathetic. It should be: She and I are going to the movies. Language is what defines you more than anything. If you don't use proper grammar when speaking, you'll be looked upon as illiterate. When job seeking, you'd better be sharp because no matter how smart you are with your job skills, your grammar will define you and you may not get the job because you can't speak well when interacting with others. You'll be passed over. Trust me on this.

A gorgeous pink sofa with gold trim.

Eye candy.

Another really sweet, frilly, feminine bedroom.

Pink velvet ribbon.

A pretty vintage-looking apron.

If only my bedroom were this big to accommodate a desk/vanity like this one. Sigh.

I actually do have a clock very similar to this one.

Beautiful pillow cases for a bedroom.

Light pink and darker pink against a beautiful blue sky.

An old wine bottle holder put to exceptionally good use. :-)

A beautiful ceiling.

If I had a vintage claw foot tub, I'd paint it yellow with my pink walls, absolutely.

Someone has taken a vintage—almost worn out—petit point rug and made it into a pretty cloth for a table.

A sweet rose-strewn bed.

Nothing is prettier for holding back curtains than a bouquet of roses, whether real or faux.


  1. I agree with you about proper use of a language, any language. I am from a Dutch speaking country and the same problem is happening there as well and it bothers me. Same with the proper spelling of THEIR , you see THIER all the time!!!

    Lovely photo's again :)

  2. Oh, don't get me started - haha! I hate: "Me and _______ did this"; the terrible misuse of 's, as in any plural; mixing up "less" and "fewer", as in "less people"! I could go on and on! When my children were small, they'd go out to play with neighborhood children and come back using poor grammar. I used to ask why our correct grammar couldn't rub off on the other children!
    Lovely photos!

  3. What I hate the most and I actually feel my nerves tensing when I see this is when a blogger or follower writes "I would of" instead of "I would have". Why do I feel my blood boil? On another note, I love that photo of the pink and red flowers against the blue sky. If you want a yellow tub and pink walls, buy yourself a room box or ask your husband to build one for you. Then you can buy a Chrysnbon dollhouse miniature bathroom kit. It has a cute claw foot tub just like the one in your photo.

  4. Oh Connie! I think you should send this out internationally. I spent most of my teaching life correcting there/their, but for me the misuse of the apostrophe is even worse. Even in Marks and Spencer I have seen the notice 'Sandal's,£25.00'.
    It incenses me! The other expression I don't like is 'off of', no need for both of them.

  5. Your post on the grammatical errors of those around you is interesting. I find grammar something that I must truly work at. Spelling I'm pretty good but the seemingly subtle differences between than and then seem to aloud me. Or other grammatical errors that are left up to whoever is editing the next grammar book for students. However, as a teacher who taught 6-8th grade, I felt it was my duty to get better at it and to teach them how to have pride in their own writing. I feel sometimes it is a dying art and that makes me a little sad, because it is important to understand one another to have a language that is clearly understood by everyone and yet, grammar errors and spelling mistakes are becoming a common trait among some.

  6. Proper grammar is one of my pet peeves also. Several years ago I typed a Masters thesis for a friend and was disturbed by the grammar and spelling errors. My hubby has a problem with when to use he/she or him/her with "I" and I suggested he think about which he would use if he dropped the "I". That did make it easier for him. I also object to the use of "c u soon" Grrrrrrrr. Harder for me to read than the correct "see you soon". My sister just retired as a Junior High teacher and she said it was rampant in school homework and essays. I love the ceiling! I want that in my bathroom. It would be lovely with my wallpaper!

  7. I am a horrible speller so I use a dictionary! I have a hard time understanding what some of the shortened words used for texting. I need the entire word spelled out. I am picky on grammar also. Love the roses!


  8. How about 'I don't got no .....' I always say, 'excuse me?' They will repeat and I will say 'You don't have any ....' oh, okay I understand now. My best friends tell me, and others that don't ask me a question they don't really want to hear my opinion on. Oh, and handwriting.....what has happened there? OMG ttyl lmao, I don't even know what the last one means! Oh well, hope you are having a nice day, it is absolutely beautiful here in Southern California, only 75 degrees. Lovely.....Blessings Paula

  9. I'm with you on this one, Connie, as well you know! The lack of correct grammar and correct spelling makes me crazy. I've stopped reading some blogs because it happens continually. We all make mistakes, myself included. Like you, I proofread like crazy and I'll still find an error! But if I'm unsure of the spelling or the correct grammar, I look it up before I hit publish. Our blogs reflect on us. Simple as that.



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