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Monday, September 3, 2012

One Thing I Never Do

I never leave our home with an appliance running. There are 2 reasons for this.

One is when we lived in Yuma, Arizona, in base housing on the USMC air base there, we lived in a townhouse with 4 units. We were thrilled to get that apartment because it had 4 bedrooms and with just 1 girl and 1 boy we only rated a 3 bedroom apartment. Prior to that we only had 2 bedroom apartments. But it was the only one available so they offered it to us and we gladly took it. The fourth bedroom was an ironing room for me.

Our neighbor on one side had several kids and a portable dishwasher. Dishwashers were not included in base housing. But with that many kids I think they needed it and bought one to put in the kitchen.

One night they started the dishwasher and went to bed. It didn't work properly and almost set fire to the apartment, which would have spread easily to ours next door. We were grateful they caught it in time. I'd never have gone to bed with anything like that going.

The second reason is a friend of ours was going away on a week vacation to their cabin up in the mountains of Idaho a couple of hours away. As they were leaving she turned on their dishwasher and they left right then. After 2 days, her husband needed to come back down from the mountains because of work I think or to get something. But anyway, he came home and their house was flooded. The main area was upstairs and they had a daylight basement on bottom as they lived on a hill. The dishwasher malfunctioned...for 2 whole days water just kept pumping into the dishwasher and down the floor and walls. They had to completely gut most of their walls and flooring and replace the whole kitchen cabinets. It was a mess. If he hadn't had to come back to town, it would have been even worse probably even having to just demolish the whole thing.

So I never, ever take the chance of an electrical appliance going awry. I turn it off or wait until it finishes. BTW, the neighbor who lived in the same unit two houses down on the other end owned a skunk. And, yes, it stunk. You had skunk odor in the air all the time. I don't know how they stood it in the house. I hope to never, ever again have a neighbor with a skunk for a pet. Ugh!!

A very cute pink and apple green bedroom. I really like these colors together also.

Oh my! How cute for a girl's bedroom. Lovin' the pink stripes on the wall.

Light filled room. Crown and drapes over the bed are adorable also.

This reminds me of an old English jousting tournament with the flags and heavy embroideries around the room. No, I don't like this room but had to show you.

Pretty, small pillow and vivid colors.

I like all these colors together.

A shop in Carmel.

Another small hidden hideaway to have a lunch with a friend.

Another Carmel cottage.

Adorable living room in shades of green.

Looks like a patio on the back of a small house. Doesn't look large and expensive to me, which just goes to show you how a beautiful patio doesn't have to be on a huge, expensive home.

Love. These. Colors!

While I've always loved Dutch doors, I'd never feel safe with just part of the door closed. Anyone could just walk in. But this is beautiful.

These tulips made a grand statement.

Another sweet stone-washed cottage with red shutters.


  1. Connie,so much to see in your post today. I love that little eatery tucked away at the end of a pathway.
    I never leave anything plugged in when going out either. I try to not have anything on standby to save on carbon emissions. xx

  2. I love your pictures Connie, and your stories are great! They make me smile!

  3. That is exactly what we have been told over and over. Never leave home with anything plugged or running. Have a good day.

  4. I never leave the house with anything running either. One of my friends had a dryer fire and had they not been home, the whole house would have burned to the ground. Thankfully, they were home and managed to put it out before too horrible of damage was done. I can just imagine the horror with the dishwasher. We had one that flooded our kitchen and dining room when I was a child. It was a mess to clean up. Poor mom, she would send us back to bed and clean it up herself because she didn't want us to not have a good sleep.

    I love the tulips walkway, that is simply beautiful!


  5. Hello there! I am in love with everything you showed here!!! Every picture is stunning and original! :) And you are right, I always double check to make sure all my appliances are off. :)


  6. Goodness the choices here! I like the wall of books with the green and white chekcered sofa! Sweet!


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