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Monday, August 20, 2012

Trip to Ethan Allen to Look at Sofas.

 Feeling a bit chipper a few days ago, I asked hubby to take me to our local Ethan Allen shop. He did. When I first walked in their store, the most stunningly gorgeous sofa was sitting right in front. It was the Chadwick (seen below in photos 7, 8 and 9) in a beautiful fabric. It took my breath away. I've asked the designer to take a photo of that setting so I could show it to you. 

This is my sofa now. It's 17 years old and I'm due for a new one. The pillows on it now aren't the regular pillows but since my surgery I've had them on because they're feathers and nice and soft for my head and feet to lay on. Corbett is its name but it's been discontinued years ago. This looks about like it did when new though. I take excellent care of my furnishings and have it treated with a stain repellent every five or so years. Clean and nice. Ready for my granddaughter's house when she finds one.

There are 5 sofas I'm looking at. I've narrowed it down to these sofas but I'm pretty sure it'll be the Marlowe one down a couple from here. I gave the designer my five favorites and told her to put the same fabric I looked at in the store on all five on their website where they can do it and send me the photos of each to compare. I doubt that this will be the final fabric. It actually shows darker here than when actually seen. I don't want something very dark. I'll make the final fabric selection next time we go in to the store. Here they are.
This is the Paris sofa.

Savoy sofa.
I liked this one also, but it's not going to be my final selection.

This is my final selection. Longer than the old sofa, which was 92". This one is 99" and hubs wanted it bigger rather than smaller. You know men! ;-)

This is a tight back and it wasn't comfortable with my tight-muscled back. So it won't be my final selection either.
Montgomery sofa

Marlowe in another fabric. I want to see this fabric in person before I decided. Probably not what I'll select but I never know until I see the fabric in person and the colors in natural light. Very Pretty though.

This was the stunning sofa in the entry, but it was done in a fabric similar to the top three, but it was a gold/yellowish. It drew my breath away when I saw it. Stunningly gorgeous! It has nail trim and the back and arms are tufted with buttons. The back scrolls over a bit. That would make it stand out a bit far from our window behind it. But the greatest consideration is that it was stiffer than the cushioned sofas.
Chadwick sofa

Well, to my delight, the designer took this photo and emailed it to me after I'd completed this post. I didn't want to change the post so I just added these photos of it. This is the sofa in the entry of Ethan Allen the day I walked in.

I cannot tell you how beautiful it is in person. No photo ever does justice to the actual things we're photographing!

I also played around with the fabrics on the sofa I'm wanting—the Marlowe. This is pretty but I'm wanting something less floral. I'll know it when I find it.

This is a pretty paisley print on the sofa.

Also, I pulled up this one in pink stripe fabric just for fun. I'm not getting another pink stripe fabric for the living room. But I like it. I think it's darling, but not as formal as I want.

I love this small outdoor patio with the darling birdhouse. I have no clue where it is but it's beautiful, especially with all the patio lights running along the fence.

A quaint pathway between 2 houses in a small village. Perhaps in the UK somewhere.

If only all entrances could be this welcoming with petunias, it would be a much nicer place to visit.

Lovin' these refurbished shoes!

Wishing I could have something like this in our backyard.

A beautiful bedroom for your little princess. The bed is in that Cinderella coach. I'm wondering if this is a decorator's showcase house room.

I like the way this homeowner decorated her lamp and hamper with the same beautiful roses fabric. Sweet!

The mirror reflects the actual home and what a sweet way to decorate a fence.

Another tidbit from the blog post on U.S. Presidents I posted here.
Once while reprimanding his child for school grades, one Vice-President said, "What do you want to end up like—one of these?", while sweeping his arm to indicate the SS agents. So let's hear it for the SS agents! I think those guys are wonderful to protect a man for whom they had absolutely no respect. My brother-in-law is a retired FBI agent so I know what these people go through. They should be applauded for their heroism and non-judgmental attitude.
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  1. OMG....OMG.....Your 17 yr old sofa is the same EXACT sofa I garbage picked last year!!!!!!!!!!!
    EXACT! I love this sofa, and it was in perfect condition, just a little more stuffing needed in the middle but beautiful. How insane is that!

  2. Hope you find the perfect sofa! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I must say I like your description of yourself! Have a wonderful week.

  3. Hi Connie,
    The Marlowe is very pretty with its nice big arms and the tufting and the buttons on the Chadwick is so beautiful. Both are lovely sofa's, I can't wait to see witch one you chose.
    I believe the photo of the atrium that is made out of old windows in a court yard setting belongs to My Romantic Home. I remember seeing it.
    It is a beautiful setting.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  4. The cute patio and bird cage was on this blog:

  5. The patio and bird cage comes from Cindy's blog.

  6. A perfect choice Connie, it looks comfortable and elegant.

  7. Good luck picking out the fabric for your new sofa! I love the cinderella coach bed! I would love to sleep in one of those!


  8. Ooohhh! I love this post!
    Enchanting. I love those pink rhinestone shoes! They look like they just stepped out of a fairy tale and are ready to step into that wonderful pumpkin carriage!!
    I love that little green wicker hamper! I just purchased a similar one.... that has it's original pink paint. The lid is kind of shabby so I may cover it with some pretty shabby chic fabric.... like the one pictured in your post. I bought it to store all of my shipping supplies for my Etsy store. I like to keep all that stuff organized and out of sight.
    I always enjoy my visits here.
    Will visit again soon.

  9. Picking out a sofa is one of the hardest jobs, cause I'm like you....I keep um a long time!! I like the long one's too. I like to be able to lay COMPLETELY down!! I think you are on the right track, can't wait to see your final selection! BTW, I love that mirror in the garden! Hugs, Penny

  10. WOW is RIGHT girly! LOVIN'THOSE SHOES! And the sofa...YUM!


  11. Oh the first couch I love! I also want to be a 6 yr old girl again. :)

  12. Was surprised to see my water fountain in your post. I am flattered:) I love that mirror on the fence--looks like maybe from Shabby Story.

  13. Hello, from a fellow Connie :)
    What a lovely sofa.. I like them big and comfy aswell and Marlow has very nice lines!

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