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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Couture #2

If you're new to reading my blog, I'd suggest you start this "Couture Series" by reading this post as to why I'm doing this.

Second round of couture. Enjoy!



  1. All the outfits are lovely, Connie. Such beautiful fabrics. The fabrics and styles really defy the imagination. I admire the talent of those designers immensely. I guess they all have the job of their dreams which must be wonderful.

    I used to watch America's Top Model (I think this is what it was called). I loved that show because of the artistry involved in it. It was amazing what they did with those girls. I especially liked the ones where they had to imitate virtues or vices or was it just vices. I think it was vices. I remember one of them being put into a coffin and lowered. I can't remember what she was imitating but it was so entertaining.

    It was on that show that I was introduced to Enrique Iglesias. He was promoting a new song and they had all the contestants in on the video he was doing. I fell in love with Enrique. For quite a while, I played a certain song of his over and over again. He reminds me so much of an old flame of a long, long time ago. Well, you know, I have a young woman in me and she thinks he's a very exciting man and sometimes she surfaces. Just sometimes, though. Anyways, these people are so very artistic!

    I'm talking too much, Connie! Will I regret it if I click on publish. Probably! But, I'll click anyways. The regret will disappear after a while or I'll just forget about it. Anyways, I doubt that Enrique is reading this. If he is, I doubt that he would be tickled pink that a 70 year old woman has a crush on him.

  2. I love the fabrics that they use. I watch project runway because the designs are so interesting. I love sewing and hope to make myself some nice sundresses after I finish losing the weight I am working on losing. So far, I have to roll the waist of my shorts because they are getting way too big. I am not weighing myself because I get too worked up over numbers, just going by clothes sizes. I hope you are doing well and that the surgery goes good for you. I will be thinking and praying for you to come through with flying colors!


  3. Beautiful fabrics abd design elements, thanks for all your researching.


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