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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Why I Don't Like School Recess

It’s summer; school’s out. I hate school being out except for one reason: I can now go down any street on my way to the Wal-Mart, any fast food restaurant I need, the doctor’s office, mall, or just about any place else I usually go without wondering whether the blinking school lights are going to be blinking at the time I go down that street.

When I was a kid, school was from 8 am until 3 pm. It didn’t vary with the grade or anything. Now, if you’re in kindergarten, grade school, junior high or senior high, it’s just about a different time for each of them. Very frustrating to those of us who don’t have kids in school anymore.

BUT, now that school is in recess for the summer, the streets are definitely more crowded with teenage drivers and WM looks like a third world country with all the teens popping in for goodie snacks. It’s much busier than usual.

This house isn’t on the water; it’s IN the water.

Just makes me smile to see lovely things like this.

Isn’t this old clock just elegant?

I’ve seen this photo on a lot of sites but I had to include it here as it’s just so cute and pink. ;-)

I like chippy old things. I’d even put this on our covered porch if I had it.

A red picket fence against an old stone wall. Perfect eye candy.

You rarely see such a gorgeous perfume bottle. Just lovely elegance.

This umbrella is perfect for me. I’d love to know where to buy it.

Beautiful fabric pillows.

A serene setting in a gorgeous garden.

Antique vintage umbrella stand.

Old building with lots of character.

Yes, a pink boat!

Pretty pink glasses.

Pink roses Wellington boats, probably from Victorian Trading Post.

Elegance setting for just about anything you can imagine.

Perfect small dinner party setting.

I’ve tried to get into Green Gate to buy something but it simply won’t show me how to do it. I think it’s in Denmark.


  1. Such pretty photos. :D I love the little can with tiny pink flowers....where do you find your lovely photos?

  2. i love the house on the water! How simply beautiful!!!! I also like the pink and roses boots! I'd wear those anyday!


  3. I adore vacation time. The buses are empty!

    Those boots make me happy. They're so pretty and feminine!

    The pink glasses are gorgeous. If I saw glasses like this, I would have to have them, absolutely!

    That garden path calls to me! The end looks dark and mysterious! It makes me want to write a mystery!

    That's an umbrella fit for a queen, isn't it? Queen Lucille?!! Probably even the queen of England doesn't have a nice one like that! Maybe if she saw it, she would want it! Who knows?!! Of course, I would give it to her as a gift! I love the Queen.

    That perfume bottle is like something from a dream! I want it!

    I love that pink bicycle. I think I'll get a mini one and paint it pink! That would be fun!

    Thanks for the photos, Connie! Looking forward to the next batch. Hope you had a nice weekend!


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