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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Phone Messages That Can Turn You Nuts!

My granddaughter and I are more alike than my daughter and I are. Our messages on the phone are very short. Mine: "This is 555-5555, leave a message", repeated fast. Mandy's is "This is Axxxxx and Ixxxx. Leave a message." Short, fast and sweet. Hubs and our daughter go slow and give them who they are and on and on and on and on. Hubs also sounds like he's in a tiled bathroom. Daughter tells them if they're a solicitor, don't even bother leaving a message because it won't be returned. I have no patience with sales, soliciting or people I really don't want to talk to.

I also leave a quick message on a phone message machine. Hi, it's Connie, call me. That's it. I don't like wasting time if the person isn't home and a long message is just ridiculous to leave on a phone. Hubs has an acquaintance who leaves 5-7 minute messages. Unbelievable. A message doesn't have to be long.
While I love the color, I doubt I'd paint my house this color but I'd definitely paint a shed out back pink.

Lovely and relaxing front yard.

Cute way to have eye candy in your kitchen and store your cupcake liners.

WANT!! Or should say I want my porch to look like this...

or this.

Back patio could look like this.

Lay down and take an afternoon nap in this tranquil setting.

Tents can be beautiful in pink, too!

Don't you just love these little caravans they use in Europe? Our RVs are beautiful but they don't have the sweet ambiance these have.

One of my favorite because of the pink and yellow—my favorite color combination.

Photos courtesy of tumblr, pinterest and google images.


  1. I would love a pink shed or a caravan!

  2. I love those European caravans - so, so charming! I could definitely see one in my yard. Phone messages. I tend to be talky. I try not to leave a long message but sometimes I do. Depends on the situation.


  3. Hi Connie! Once again, thank you for those photos! That third one with the beautiful garden is what my dreams are made of! I love the cupcake wrapper stack. The pink caravan is just so sweet. It's amazing what creative people come up with!

  4. Thanks for all the Eye Candy, Sweetie! Love it :) ~victoria~

  5. Great photos as always....I especially love the red and white!! :) Come say hi.

  6. Hi Connie!

    I try to leave really short messages too, but I don't always! I love the pink house, I would want a pink shed too. I also love the caravan. That would be awesome! Love the back patio and the garden picture too. How beautiful. Since I am not a gardener (I can kill a plant just by looking at it, it seems) I have to drool over other people's work and pictures!


  7. Connie,
    LOVE the pictures. I really want my back patio, which is also under my deck to look lovely and lush and relaxing....but it won't happen this summer. I have had it in mind for some time, I keep adding bits and pieces here and there, pots and plants and furniture, I have a hard time making my mind up about things....And a very busy summer. So I will keep looking for inspirations like your blog and sigh and dream about next summer! So fun to read your blog.


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