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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Random Thoughts and Gorgeous Rooms 4/10/2012

Just so you know, I'm going to be having a giveaway this month—April. If you want to be entered you must be a follower. It's only fair to the people who follow me on a regular basis. Ooooh, and you really do NOT want to miss my giveaways. ;-) It will be something I'm working on at the moment. Something crafty. Something very, very pretty. Trust me on this. You've been warned!

Hubs and I are so excited!! We found out last night our granddaughter is going to have another baby at the end of this year. We are over the moon excited to have another addition to our family of great-grands.

I'm a great-grandmother with bragging rights and want to show this video of Caroline and her kitties. You don't have to view it; however, if you wish to view it, just click. It's about five and a half minutes long so it's your prerogative to not view it.

Caroline and Kitty Love. She absolutely loves them, as does her mummy. Our granddaughter is a huge animal lover. She would just as soon let her arm go numb before she'd move a kitty off of it. This is true as her hubby told us this story.


To me, this is a dream bedroom. The artist, whose house this is, is one of the sweetest women with whom I've ever communicated. I love this room, absolutely love it.

Eye candy. I have some similar file folders and am afraid to use them because they are so pretty. Ridiculous, I know.

This is elegant and very well organized. I only wish I could have such a darling space as this one.

Another idea for vintage doors if you can't put them in your home. Put them on your patio.

I have some plates almost identical to these. They are gorgeous when seen in real life instead of this internet.

I was drawn to this photo because of the color.

Okay, I think the home is lovely, but could we not have smelly sheep in the front yard. I think the backyard would be best. ;-)

Beautiful vibrant colors. I love red and purple together and this homeowner has done it magnificently.

A beautiful arbor to walk through.

Can you just imagine the scent of these roses as you walk or drive through this sweet area?

Looks to me like a cottage on the central California coast.

While I like green, it isn't my favorite color, but this kitchen is simply stunning.

Random Thoughts:

Famous last words: "Moooom, Daaaad, I'm not a child anymore; I'm thirteen, ya know, and know what I'm doing." Which means they have absolutely no clue what they are doing.

Never, ever say to your wife: Those shoes look cute on you; they make your feet look smaller.

Have you ever thanked your garbage men for the utterly smelly and obnoxious job they have? We have and they were dumbfounded. But when you think about it, who in the world would want to have one of the most obnoxious jobs in the world? Go out and thank him or leave him a note or, better yet, a box of candy!

There's a fine line between tan and looking like you rolled in a bag of Doritos.

The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.
Photos courtesy of tumblr and pinterest.


  1. I know your giveaway will be great....but we move house in 10 days, so please dont enter me.

  2. Connie, Happy Easter, Kiddo, I was oooh and ahhh all the way down this post. Hope you had a lovely Easter Sunday. I bet your table was a knock out. Sending big hul. I am not well, it's that Da-- leg. Can't wait for the new hip, scared but anything to get rid of the Horrific pain. Love to you and family.
    an old fan yvonne

  3. Connie, Happy Easter, Kiddo, I was oooh and ahhh all the way down this post. Hope you had a lovely Easter Sunday. I bet your table was a knock out. Sending big hul. I am not well, it's that Da-- leg. Can't wait for the new hip, scared but anything to get rid of the Horrific pain. Love to you and family.
    an old fan yvonne

  4. Hi Connie! That beautiful room you love is like a dream! It's very inspiring! I also love that rustic turquoise wall! That house with the sheep in front, I think I could be happy there! I would love to see the interior of that one.

    I did look at the video of your sweet little granddaughter! It was fascinating to watch her hug and kiss and pet those cats. I have a fear of cats, unfortunately! Did the big taby bite her or did I misinterpret? I would be terrified that he would scratch her little face! But then perhaps it's just me and my fear of cats. It's just that they're so very fast when they decide to do something. Hope nothing like that ever happens. She's so adorable and trusting! That big taby was very patient with her but he did have his boundaries!

  5. Connie, I forgot to congratulate you on becoming a greatgrandmother for the second time. You are so lucky! Do you realize that? I could be a greatgrandmother many times over but it hasn't happened yet. I don't know when. I hope one day. It would be so wonderful to hold a little baby in my arms! They're so soft, don't you think!

    I know this sounds so silly but I am sometimes tempted to buy myself a baby size doll and sit on my couch and just hold it for a while. Then I would put it away and get it out again when I feel like hugging a greatgrandchild baby! I should be embarrassed to write stuff like that on the internet for the whole world to read but I'm not. I have a lot of love that I could give a little greatgrandchild baby and there's nothing wrong with expressing that love. Well, I haven't bought the doll yet anyways. I probably won't. So many things I need! It's just a thought that I sometimes have.

  6. I love watching the videos and pictures of Caroline! She is such a cutie! How wonderful that you will have an additional great grand baby! That is wonderful news!

    I love the driveway with the roses on both sides. That would be simply heavenly to drive down and smell!


  7. Hi Connie,
    I watched the video of Caroline and her kitties. I was so surprised that the kitties stayed on her lap as long as they did. It was really adorable.
    I loved all the pretty photo's but my favorite one is the pink and white or is it red and white checked wing back chair, I want it...LOL
    I am so happy for you, how wonderful to be excepting another great-grad. Life is a blessing and babies are just so sweet. I bet you can't wait.
    Big hugs, Elizabeth

  8. gorgeous images Connie! I hope all is rosy with you! Rachael xo

  9. Hey, sis! Thank you for sharing 5:34 of pure BLISS! I loved this video sooo much. So happy for Miss Caroline and mommy and daddy, too! Another wee one to love!! Yippee!!

    BTW, who's bedroom is that? It is yummy!!

    Love you!

  10. Oh so many yummy the pinks......and those cabinets? Pink? DEEE.LISH. Gosh, don't you just love some good pink fun?

    Your little Caroline is adorable......and those kitties are such troopers. I can't believe they stuck around.... I had a kitty a number of years ago and had to give her up... she wouldn't stop snarling at my little grand.



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