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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Got Outside for a Photoshoot

One of our favorite meals is tuna salad, fried potatoes and kidney beans. We've had it for 50 years, but not so much in the past few years since I don't like frying and adding the calories to our meals. But the other night I gave Love Bunny a treat—no, not that, but of tuna salad, fried potatoes and onions fried in the pan and…well, here's the story.

As I said it's been the same meal for 50+ years for us. Our kids love it and we both love it. So I told hubs we were going to have it. He even peeled the potatoes. I did the tuna salad. Everything was just about ready and he pulled out frozen lima beans. I asked what he was doing. That's not what we regularly have with the tuna and potatoes. He said, "It isn't?"!!! I just looked at him like he'd lost it. He loves kidney beans and that's how that meal goes. I just couldn't believe he'd forget that. But he put the limas away and we had the kidneys. Duh!

It was a spring-like day here recently and I had a young mother and her 3 year old daughter visit with me. She's a really neat person to come and sit with an old lady and chat. We fed and entertained her little girl, who was just a cutie. There are few women who will venture out to just visit and chat with an old lady but once they see I'm just a girl of a different age they have a delightful time. Anyway, it was nice to have a visitor since hubs was teaching a class that day. We chatted and then some Shari's Berries arrived and she got to share a couple with me. See, there are benefits to visiting. Go out and do it some more, y'all!!

I also got out to do a photoshoot for some perfume bottles I decorated a few years ago and included with some I found online and thought I'd share with you, so just go on and treat yourself to some eye candy.

Can we say a "barrel full of roses"?

I know you're lusting right now for this lovely old home.

Is this not gorgeous? I love this room. If I had a guest room it would look very similar to this.

This was made for a child's Mad Hatter birthday party. Can you imagine the time this creation must have taken?

More uses for old ladders.

I have definitely decided to try and find some little birdcages like this and paint them pink and aqua.

And more uses for some ladders.

Yeah, yeah, I know...your dream room. ;-)

More pink walls to give you inspiration.

And your dream patio. :-)

And then there are some I decorated myself.

No man has received from nature the right to command his fellow human beings.
Photos courtesy of tumblr and pinterest.


  1. How can you refer to yourself as an 'old lady'?? connie you are a lovley young-thinking person.

  2. You are not an "old lady!". I love the pink walls in the picture with the white on the bottom. I am going to redo one bathroom this summer and it will be pink! I also am seriously thinking of redoing the main bathroom with Winnie the Pooh stuff. I love Winnie the Pooh stuff.

    I would love a barrel full of roses. I think I will stop by the flower shop and get me a couple of roses for the dining room. I love flowers!

    I get to visit with a young person today. She is 12 and is going grocery shopping with me. She loves it and I hate going by myself so I am taking her with me. I hope your day is awesome!


  3. Such beautiful visions! I love the two rooms with pink in them. I especially love the one with the green walls and the pink ceiling with beams. Your perfume bottles are charming! It must have been fun to decorate them! The cages are so pretty and feminine. I love the aqua one! Hope you find one so you can paint it pink and aqua! I'm sure you can if you go online!

  4. Lovely post and pictures. Makes me yearn for warm and sunny weather on the porch. But instead we have the heater on, fog outside and I'm cleaning up 'spring break' visitors house mess! Lots of fun with all the kids home...and lots of dishes! That's why Im here visiting you instead of being in the kitchen! Big smile. I know you understand.

  5. I am speechless with that eye candy.

    You said my dream patio? UM, yes ma'am. It actually took my breath away.

    Oh such savory, savory beauty!!!!!

  6. This is a gorgeous post! Thanks so much for the yummy eye candy, it gives me something to dream about.
    I'm glad to have found your lovely blog and am now a follower. Please come and visit sometime and feel free to link to our party. We'd love to have you!
    Patti (an old lady, too!)

  7. Such a lovely post~ thanks for sharing it at Feathered Nest Friday!


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