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Friday, March 9, 2012

Goldfish and Animal Crackers for Pink Saturday 3/10/2012

Time once again to visit Beverly's blog and view all the pink participants.


But first let me rant once more.

I have joined other Linky parties but Beverly's is my favorite. Probably because she's such a sweetheart for one but also because she actually visits you when you leave a comment on her blog and she cares; you can feel her love and she's always willing to help you with a giveaway. I mean she leaves a comment on your blog also. That is NOT why I join her for Pink Saturday though. I've done PS for a few years now and truly enjoy it. I don't get around to all the participants because I simply don't have the time but I visit some of them.

But I thought recently that I'd participate in one or two more just for fun. And, no, I still don't have the time but as long as I'm posting blogs I may as well post them to the Linky parties once in a while.

Well, recently I joined one, commented and she never visited me. If she wants us to join her Linky party why doesn't she visit us? She sent me an email saying thanks but don't they have them to get comments on their blogs also. I did it because I enjoyed it, but no more. I'll always join Beverly's Pink Saturday because it was my first and I love it. And Beverly is a real lady. The others don't care as long as they get enough participants or followers to visit them so they can make money with their ads. I'm getting sick of this scam. I'm through with every other Linky party.


Last Sunday during our third hour of church I went into the nursery. I just didn't want to listen to a lesson from our Relief Society, but preferred to be with little munchkins and eat animal crackers and Goldfish with them. Yes, I made sure they had some animal crackers after I heard a mummy complained that they shouldn't be giving them that in nursery. What does she think is going to keep them interested for an hour if they don't get a snack mid morning? I tell ya, sometimes - kapow! But it was delightful because a little boy fell in love with me. Now, he's only about a year or so old and I probably smelled of animal crackers, but he was so clingy and adorable with his sweet smelling blond, spiky hair that I couldn't resist staying in there for almost the whole hour. I don't think I'd want to be in with eight kids under 3 years old for any length of time because it is very tiring for this old lady. Has anyone heard of getting Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome from nursery at church?! ;-)

Now, Beverly said to help celebrate St. Patrick's Day we could post some green along with out pink. Let's see what these gorgeous rooms do for ya, chicks! Personally, I think they are absolutely stunning.

I am not fond of dark spaces but this is one I found stunning. Very regal looking. Just changing that wallpaper would brighten it up and make it acceptable to me because I do love the gold and purple together. Reminds me of a king.

I cannot resist any photo with a sweet little birdhouse in it, but the snuggle-y bed just adds to its appeal.

Lots of white with splotches of very bright color thrown in. Gorgeous!

Day dreaming...

Just some beautiful eye candy for you on how to display lovely clothing.

I cannot resist inviting entrances.

Yes, I're lusting about now. :-)

See what you can do with just simply old picture frames. Create your own collage that can be switched out rather quickly if you only fun-tack them to the wall.

These little journals covered in gorgeous roses fabric just touched by heart.

Quaint cottage window with the prerequisite window boxes filled with brightly blooming petunias and/or geraniums.

Have a piece of white and pink cake! Yummmm...

I wouldn't give anything if my office could look like this but I'd consider giving a great deal if it could! I think it's gorgeous.

Darling way to display kitchen items if you don't have a cabinet to hide them somewhere. Make them a vignette!

Sometimes it's just simple things that can make us smile, make our day or just lift us up at a particularly tough moment. This does it for me.

People who throw kisses are hopelessly lazy.



  1. Happy PINK Saturday to you Connie! I love your photos, Green, Blue or PINK...they are always beautiful!


  2. 'g morning, sweet lady.
    Oh, boy, did I enjoy your eye candy here this morning. Just beautiful...I pinned several of them to drool over. :)
    hugs, bj
    O, and I got quite a laugh out of you thinking I was posting on BRAS. hahhhaaa...

  3. Oh Connie! I love love love that hideaway bed in the window seat! That would be so beautiful!!! You always post such lovely, inspiring pictures of parts of homes. I love the flowered dishes too. I have my mother's china and they have the scottish national flower, the thistle, on them. My mother and I love that flower although I think we both love roses best because when I was young we had climbing roses on the one wall of our home. When neighbors would drive by they would slow down to see her roses and her shrubs on that side of the house. I am going to see if I can get some climbing roses for that wall again this spring. I hope that I can keep them alive because I do not have a green thumb. I can kill a plant by looking at it sometimes. Anyways, I love reading your posts they always uplift me and make my day better. I hope your weekend is wonderful!!!


  4. Pretty pretty in Green & Pink!

    Happy PS!

    Kay Ellen

  5. Wonderful pics Connie! I am going to pin them too. By the way does your husband realized that you are two timing him with a younger man?

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  6. Happy Pink Saturday
    I Loved this post and it is inspirational as I need to re-decorate my bedroom this year. Gorgeous photos.

  7. Happy Pink Saturday, Connie! Love all your pictures; especially love the second room. The pink roses are gorgeous and so is that little cottage with all the boxes of posies. Lots of eye candy. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Hi Connie, Love the pretty bright spring colors! Have a great weekend!

  9. Hi Connie,
    All your pinks are greens are delicious. Loved the cottage with the bright blue door and the picture with the green and white checks...I have a thing for checks...even my grands have noticed. chuckle!

    We have pinned some of the same pics...don't you just love Pinterest! I will be so unhappy if they close it because of all the yelling about stealing!
    PS Enjoy those babies in church!

  10. Great post. Hope you'll drop by to visit me ... and check out the details of the new Monday blog party I'm going to host. anything goes, as long as it makes us smile. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Oh, Connie, I kept scrolling and seeing more and more beautiful things! That white bed looks like I need a nap in it and that reading nook only lacks some of those pink roses and a piece of that cake to make it the most welcoming place on earth!

    I agree with you about some of the linky parties. One that I also participate in is Blue Monday. Sally is like Beverly and always visits when her health permits. Another thing I am a stickler about is that the link goes up on time. If you're going to host a party then the link needs to open on time. Other than Beverly and Sally, I never hear from most of the others. On the other hand, I noticed that 50+ people had linked up with PS and only 16 had left a comment so I guess it's a two way street.

    Now, about those nursery kids . . .

    Have a great weekend!

  12. Hi, Connie! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I love your blog, including all those great rooms you just featured. I think the one with the built-in bed is my favorite! Oh, my, all the reading I could do there...I also like the office with the brick floor. Happy Pink Saturday!

  13. You are my kind of blogger. You say it like it is yet not over do it. There is one weekly meme I participate in once in awhile, and the owner of it has to yet commented. So I just participate once in awhile.

  14. Oh wow girl ... you really have the eye candy and I was lusting from pic one !
    I agree with you about the other linkies and in it for the money...which on the one hand I do understand but it still irks me.
    Happy PS

  15. Happy Pink Saturday, Connie! LTNS, I'm back and so happy to join in on the fun! I've missed everyone so much! Been nearly a year. Hope you didn't forget me!

    I love love love your post. Oodles of eye candy! Hope you don't mind I pinned several to my Pinterest site!

    Hope you have time to stop on by!

    Happy Pinks!


  16. These are fabulous! If you join my meme, I will surely visit back even if participants does not leave comments to me. I love comments though.

    Broken Leg with a bit of pink. Have a great weekend.

  17. Hi Connie
    WOW! glad I stopped by, I love your pictures~specially the white Bed and the Pinks, the garden pics, I do like a little green, but it was actually all wonderful to look at~
    marian elizabeth

  18. Hello friend! Well, I must say my heart is smiling after seeing all of these gorgeous pics!
    Have a beautiful and blessed day!

  19. My favourite shade of green!!

  20. Hi Connie - I enjoyed so much your beautiful post today ~ so much inspiration. Now if I could just muster up the time and energy all at the same time *grin* Thanks so much for sharing all of this, Dru

  21. Thank you so much for those beautiful pictures, Connie! The enclosed bed is to die for! That house with all the vines, I couldn't stop looking at it. I wonder what it's like inside. Those plates are so pretty. I wonder where people get such plates because I never see them in stores. Photos like those give one such a lift!

  22. Hi Sweet Pea,

    Now I'm not partial to Green unless it's a pretty mint green or a lovely sage green. But, you really got me with the those pink photos. It's funny how my heart skips a beat as soon as I lay eyes on something pink. And now I'm especially feeling partial to Robin's Egg Blue, so I'm getting ready to redo my kitchen in that color. I will so miss the pink, but I think the change will do me good and help me step out of my box.

    Always carry a pocket full of animal crackers. You never know when you will need them to make friends. LOL

    xo Cath

  23. Hi Sweet Pea,

    Now I'm not partial to Green unless it's a pretty mint green or a lovely sage green. But, you really got me with the those pink photos. It's funny how my heart skips a beat as soon as I lay eyes on something pink. And now I'm especially feeling partial to Robin's Egg Blue, so I'm getting ready to redo my kitchen in that color. I will so miss the pink, but I think the change will do me good and help me step out of my box.

    Always carry a pocket full of animal crackers. You never know when you will need them to make friends. LOL

    xo Cath

  24. Hi Connie!
    LOVE your eye candy this week- and of course I always love reading your very unique "Connie Take" on the world and all of it's sometimes foolishness.
    I totally agree about Miss Beverly- wish there were more of her in blogland!
    Sparkly Hugs,
    Tobi and the Pixies

  25. Hi Connie,

    Maybe my first visit to you for PS but I know you from Shabby Chic Blogs. It does redirect a lot of visits to my blog/website.

    Your pictures are inspiring. Thanks for letting us peak.



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