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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day Dreaming 2/1/2012

I would like to celebrate this post because it's #1,100 post. I am nothing if not tenacious.

I absolutely do have these little hanging paper globes and pompoms around my house. Some are in my bedroom. One is in the family room and several are in my office and craft room. They are paper. They are cheap. They add pizzazz to any room. They are cute. I like them immensely. You could do this over a tub or even a toilet. Yes, I said toilet! I have decals on my toilets' tanks.

My bedroom is dark and it's very difficult to get a good photo unless it's early in the morning when the eastern sun shines in, but this is a white pompom in there...

and this is the little birdcage I made and attached to the end of it.

I put a pink one in my office. It is behind me when I'm sitting at this desk. I added curling ribbon. It's a very feminine room.

This is a white pompom with another birdcage attached to it. It's in our family room corner.

Another photo of the family room corner with just the pompom showing. dreamin'.........

I've done this in some of my rooms a few years ago. Just paint some cheap picture frames and stack them against a wall.

This is an emergency kit for lovers of pink. Break it out and just stare at it until the blues go away.

I have some shutters like these. I painted them white and added roses decals.

They are in my home office on the wall behind me.

Intoxicating comes to mind when I view this little scene.

If only........


I have 2 old drawers smaller than this that hold papers and such. I think I'll hang them on the wall and use them to hold things in the bathroom.

Okay, go. I mean GO and make something special of this day for yourself and if it includes someone else, so much the better. A phone call from my dear friend lifts me up like nothing else can. Do it! Take someone's breath away today. :-) And then...have a cupcake. ;-)


  1. Oh I did love this today! I'm off with a friend for the morning, but we wont be having such thing here!

  2. Connie, congratulations on hitting the 1,100 post of living beautifully! Oh my, be still my sweet little heart...(yes, I'm taking care of my new ticker helper) every photograph is dazzling, frilly and truly delightful!

    Have a beautiful Wednesday!

  3. I love those poof balls. I've used them for several showers.

  4. Loved looking at your post today!!
    The pom-poms are so cute and such a novel touch, I liked them!!
    Great idea about hanging an old drawer on the wall for storage or showing off pretty things!!
    The photo of the tiny three-sided "room"..????.....was so inviting! Loved the way it was decorated and would love to have it in my big yard for a place to stop and have a "snooze" or just a place to go and think in peace!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing the "pretties"
    with us today...I always enjoy your blogs!!!
    Francy (Yasmin)

  5. wow...1100 i gotta go ck mine. :))

  6. I love the pompoms! They are really pretty! I also like the emergency kit of pink. that was very cute. I like what you did with the shutters.



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