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Friday, January 13, 2012

Pink Saturday for 1/14/2012

Welcome to Beverly's Pink Saturday once again. Just click on the logo and visit her blog to see what it is all about and visit all the other participants.


While this isn't pink, it sure caught my eye when I saw these photos of gorgeous kitchens.

This one is very similar to a friend's kitchen. They have recently sold their house but I'm sure the new owners bought it because of that kitchen.

Also, the purple ruffled bedspread. My granddaughter's favorite color is purple so I'm showing her this one for sure.

I'm a crafty and creative person so I thought I'd simply show you some of the things I've made for the last several years. I've sold most of the birdhouses, which is my favorite thing to do and will do more someday. I just need to find time to get the craft room in order and do them. Okay, let's face it; basically, I'm trying my best to be lazy. It's a contest between a friend of mine and me. I think I'm winning!

This is a clothespin bag. I have three of them in my laundry room just for eye candy. But actually, they do have clothes pins in them. Decorated and darling clothes pins.

This is one I sold. I do them with barkcloth and/or designer fabrics. They all had the same theme: roses. What else? I love rose fabrics and still have quite a stash of it.

They truly are adorable, and I put my heart into each one. I may have some for sale someday again. I'll show them here if I do.

I have picked up old suitcases for as little 50¢ and as high as only $2.00, which I consider quite a bargain. I then cover them with gorgeous fabric and place them on plant shelves around my living room.

Okay, ready for some more of my thoughts on the television series 24 and Jack Bauer? Well, you're gonna get them anyway.

Why do they keep doubting Jack Bauer when he's "been there and done that" and is rarely, if ever, wrong.

In the 8th season, the CTU (counter terrorism unit) one woman is trying to be a fashion model. No agent would walk like a runway model in high heels. Her clothing is so tight I can see her navel and stretch marks through the fabric!

They are forever asking "Are you alright?" Sometimes I want to jump through my laptop screen and scream, "If I was alright with 3 bullets holes in my chest, a gash on my head gushing blood and a broken kneecap, I'd be sure and let you know!"

Oooh, and the big one: "You're not leaving this room until you tell the the truth." Well, if that doesn't scare them into telling the truth, I don't know what will!

Has anyone noticed how all the architecture is 1950s style. I mean the "residences". Then the doors in almost all the scenes are glass. I found that very odd. When questioning a suspect I'd think they'd want heavy wood doors. My guess is that they got a discount on those old looking doors. Simply the worst decor I've ever seen.

Has anyone noticed none of them wear seat belts?! Horror!!! Just let me try that and see how fast the police pull me over.

In one season they had a "villain" who was from India, had long hair, a vertical soul patch, very short and was, frankly, about as threatening as a squishy banana.

The satellites spying on us was, quite frankly, disconcerting. I hope that isn't true but something tells me it is. Wow! To be able to track me right down to my bathroom is not comforting, I tell ya!

Yet...I'm still enthralled and loved that series.


  1. G'day sweet Connie ~
    Sorry I haven't been getting around much, nor posting. I hope you had a beautiful & blessed Christmas season & will have a joyful New Year.

    I love your wee birdhouse creations ... & I'd love those clothespin container, they are just gorgeous.

    Harold is into that Jack Bauer stuff, I don't watch it.

    Have a beautiful weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  2. They pretty pink stuffs. Happy weekend and mine is up.

    Mine is here

  3. I'll take kitchen #2 please! Your clothespin bag is delightful. I put mine in Yankee Candle jars (of course the candle is long gone). HPS!
    Wags, Niki

  4. Well, I can't comment on Jack Bauer etc as we can't get the show over here unless we subscribe to Sky (which costs an arm and a leg, so we'll just have to pass, unfortunately) but I can certainly comment on your birdhouses - which are exquisite! I can see why you love doing them. And I'd also love to be able to get my hands on some of the suitcases you've found ... $2? Unbelievable! You wouldn't find the ropiest and scruffiest here for much less than £30!

    Hugs and Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. I love the bird houses! The clothespins bag is pretty too!

    I love the kitchens!


  6. I love kitchens and your features are terrific! I also loke your grand's purple bedspread and bird houses too. Nice post. Happy Pink Saturday!

  7. I love the pictures of that kitchen! Wow! Great inspiration! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!

  8. Awesome kitchen! Thanks for sharing your Pink. Happy Pink Saturday! ~Diane

  9. This kitchen would catch my attention too. I'm saving this pic for my dream book Kitchen ideas. Love the purple bedspread and oh those gorgeous birdhouses. I Certainly couldn't part with them if they were mine!
    Lovely share……….HPS

    The French Hutch

  10. Hi Connie, Happy Pink Saturday. Your little bird houses look like little cakes to me. Wonderful details. Sorry I can't comment on the TV show, I don't watch that one, Have a great week. Warmly, Linda

  11. Haven't watched 24, but I bet you are correct on the surveillance. Thankfully, we have precious clothespins bags that you created to distract us. Just love it.

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  12. Oh, I wish I can have one of those fancy kitchen:)

    Visiting for Pink Saturday! Here's my share-hope you can stop by:)

  13. Hello Connie, I hope your doing well. This kitchen in just beautiful and of couse I love all your creations!
    Think of you often! Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  14. Gorgeous, all of it! Happy Pink Saturday.

    My PINK is here. Please come and see.


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