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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Girl Talk...About Me.

Girl Talk...

I see and visit blogs that have certain styles whether it be decorating, cooking, humor, crafting, family, genealogy and I love them all. I've narrowed down my favorites from almost 200 to less than 50 though because I just don't have the time to peruse them all anymore. I'm not sure I can be put in any specific category because I'm such a varied person. I love decorating but I can only do so much in our "retirement" house. I love humor but sometimes I just don't have anything funny to say. I love crafting but I can only hold so much in 1800 s.f. house, I love eating but don't particularly like to cook...alright, let's face it: I hate cooking. I'd much rather eat out—let them cook AND do the clean-up and dishes. Fact of life, chicks! I'm getting lazy in my old age.

But mostly I am a very, very visual woman. I love seeing photographs. So it would be rare for me not to post something visual. Hence, the photos of old English kitchens below, but then read on below that and I shan't take up much of your time with descriptions, just look.

I love the larders the English have. I'd love having a "room" to store all my food.

Ooops, now how did that cute chick get in here. ;-) The love of our lives. Did you really think I wouldn't post a picture of our little great granddaughter? Fooled ya, huh?!

We had a house once with baseboard heating, which is much like the old steam radiators. In my opinion, it is the best heating there is. It is an "even" heat and not blown in air that hits you in the face or feet, but comforts the whole room. Loved it!

This is one of my favorites. I love the green painted cabinets. It's a very colorful kitchen.

Okay, so great-grandchildren can be boring to look at, but we so adore this kid we have to show her once in a while. Too much would be boring I know, so I'll keep it to a minimum.

With all that being said, someone asked me about me so I thought I'd post a bit more about me than what you might have seen (Let's face it, not everyone reads the sidebars anymore since some bloggers list their hundreds of favorite blogs and it goes on
F O R E V E R! You'll never see that here. I only post interesting things. ;-)

I love Big Hair.

I have feet bigger than I'd like: size 9.

I hate Spam loaf, spam email and regular junk mail that the postman brings.

I love pink and live in a pink house with a retired Marine I call Love Bunny or Bubbie.

I actually do live my life in exclamation points.

I'm a very positive person and love to laugh and be humorous.

I love eating lunch out with a friend. For me, one-on-one is best but I love eating with 2 or 3 also.

The 2 best presents I ever got were a flashlight given to me by my hubby (That took some thought into my comfort while camping!) and false eyelashes put on by a professional given to me for Mother's Day by my daughter-in-law. NEED I SAY MORE?! A fantastic and very original gift. You can see my eyes here with them applied:

I'm a wall flower at large parties.

In smaller groups I'm a chatterer.

My voice sounds much younger than my age. It hasn't changed my whole life; I still sound like I did as a teenager, but it's a very authoritative voice. I usually get what I want but I'm never rude or nasty, just authoritative with a big smile.

I have a tremendous amount of mental energy but physically it's waning so fast I could cry. :-(

A friend loaned me the video The Help. I didn't like it at all. Others have raved about it but I just didn't care for it.

I love reading more than just about anything.

I'm doing a Mission for my Church. It's Guest Relations and I can sit here for 4 hours and answer calls directing them to departments that can help them. It is one way of giving service that I can do. I'm loving it actually. We all need to do more service for our community and others.


  1. Hello Connie! Just stopping by to wish you a happy 2012! You have such gorgeous eyes! Love the false eyelashes!! Fabulous daling!!!


  2. You have the most beautiful gr-kid-ling ... & eyes, Connie.

    I thought for sure you'd enjoy The Help as it so depicted the era quite well.

    Love that green kitchen & the table as well.

    I hope that you both had a marvelous Christmas & New Year. May all your joys & blessings come in bounds this year.

    Have a beautiful day ~
    TTFN ~

  3. Hi Connie,
    Your Grandbaby is darling! Sweet photos of her!
    I finally put up the pretty banner
    you made! I'm making the TV room into my craft room!
    Happy New Year!

  4. Hi Connie!!!!

    I love the pictures of your beautiful Caroline! the 2nd picture is wonderful and the look on her face is just beautiful. I do like the other pictures you posted. I am finally ready to do some changing up in the house so I will be able to have the colors I like. I can't paint yet, but I can plan. I love the inspirations you post! I don't wish to erase my mother out of the house (I live in my childhood home) but I do want a little bit of me represented. The family room and the sewing room are awesome and definitely a bit of me.


  5. Happy New Year Connie! Hope this coming year finds you happy and well. So nice to visit with you. I always find your posts so amusing, honest and sincere and I just love that about you. I'm one of those with the long blog roll on my sidebar, but I do that for me!!!!! It makes it so easy to see what I want to see quickly. After all, my blog is for me, right? Rachel is driving me nuts, but this too shall pass . . .

  6. My favorite thing you said - "I live my life in exclamation points." Perfect. And we should all do that!

    Caroline is simply beautiful, Connie. (Caroline is my middle name, you know.)


  7. Happy New Year Connie! Your little Caroline is a stunner!

  8. Happy New Year Connie
    I love reading your posts...
    you DO live in exclamation points!!
    those eyes compliment the eyelashes
    and adorable grandchild...
    keep up the good work

  9. Hi Connie,
    I'm catching up on your posts and enjoying every one of them. I have both the video and book of "The Help". I loved the book...laughed and cried all the way through it. However, I was disappointed in the movie as it lacked the full humor of the book and "white washed" its way through the drama. Luckily I decided to read the book first. If I saw the movie first I probably wouldn't have bothered to read the book. Anyway, my recommendation is to read the book and forget about the movie.


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