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Friday, November 25, 2011

Pink Saturday Apron Giveaway #10

The winner for last week's apron is:


Congratulations, Sugar!

Please visit Beverly's blog to see all the other participants today. Thank you, Beverly, for doing this each week. We all appreciate you enormously!


This little pink stripe and cake apron is this week's giveaway. Leave a comment here on this post and your name is entered. During the week I'll draw a name and announce it on next week's giveaway.


All of us have rituals in our lives—daily routines, which we adhere to religiously. At least, I do. One of them is my toilette every morning. It goes something like this:
Turn on shower.
Potty while shower is warming up. This may vary depending on how much liquid I drank the night before. ;-)
Get in shower.
Wash hair.
Condition hair.
Wash face with a special brush bought for just that purpose. This once got out of sequence and I washed my face twice.
Wash body with Dove extra moisturizing body wash.
Wash, ummmm, other areas with another washcloth.
Wipe face gently with another washcloth getting in ears.
Get out and dry off and wrap hair with one towel.
Use other towel for rest of body.
Lightly moisturize face.
Shave 10 lip and chin hairs. (Okay, I admit it. The hairs are too light to have them taken out with a laser so until a laser is developed to take out light hairs I'm stuck. The wax just doesn't work for me. Confession!) More than I tell most friends. ;-) And, Martie, if you're reading this DO NOT spread the rumor around the office!! ;-)
Put styling gel on hair.
Blow dry hair upside down. (Secret to fluffy hair.)
Brush teeth.
Moisturize with Oil of Olay (intense stuff for my age group!)
Another Oil of Olay treatment of which I've forgotten the name at the moment. (Another sign of advanced aging.)
Brush teeth
Put on foundation, powder and mascara.
Fix hair. Spray hair.

Now, if anyone of these is out of order it throws me off. Once I brushed my teeth out of order and before I knew it, I was brushing them again!

Another instance:
Sitting down to read, I usually pick up the book and then turn on my reading lamp. This is such a habit that one day I picked up the book and turned the light switch and turned it OFF. I simply didn't expect the light to be on but it was. I then turned it on.

I am just simply a creature of habit.

I realized we can make a difference when we are unhappy with a situation.

I learned that Scentsy was discontinuing my favorite scent that I have in warmers around my house: French Kiss. I loooove that fragrance. I was devastated (I mean devastated!! I cried right there in my Scentsy dealer's house.) and my Scentsy distributor said to call or email them. I did. They are NOT discontinuing it!!! I was beyond thrilled. I immediately ordered 6 room sprays and will order a brick of it so I never run out.

I also wrote to Pepsi about a horribly bad 12 pack I purchased. It was NOT at all like my regular Pepsi. I contacted them via their website and have heard nothing from them. On the other hand...

I contacted Hagan Das about a flavor that was beyond my wildest chocolate dreams—Mayan Chocolate. It was fantastic—deep dark chocolate with a hint of cinnamon. Best chocolate I've ever eaten.

Well, I did hear from them and they said it wasn't a very good seller so they discontinued it due to that fact. I simply cannot believe it wasn't a good seller. It was out of this world fantastic! Sob.... I suppose I didn't make the compelling case I thought I was making.

I've decided while on Weight Watchers I'm going to make chocolate a FREE food. Works for me.

I have a bubble in my tummy so I'm leaving the room for the moment. ;-) Until next time.


  1. This is the first time I've visited your blog. I love it! The piece about doing everything in a certain order rang true with me. I'm the same way when I get ready for school(I teach kindergarten)in the morning. The apron is adorable, too. I hope I'm the lucky winner!

  2. Cute apron! And I love your hilarious post. Yes, I would like chocolate to be a FREE food as well. Good idea. Lovely blog. Happy PS!

  3. Thanks for making me smile! Your toilette sounds much like mine! I do slap on some make up if venturing amongst other people though. Cute apron. I seem to be addicted to the vintage half aprons. I don;t have one that covers the top part of your clothing. Sometimes I think I need one to eat in. Or a bib. Happy Pink and have a wonderful weekend Connie!

  4. Very cute apron. Congrats to the winner! I'm a creature of habit as well, and often get confused when interrupted. Have a great day.

  5. So pweety!

    Barbie and Ken, please come and see. Have a great weekend.

  6. Connie you crack me up! I love your stories and this apron is so sweet! I am having a birthday next Saturday! This would be the perfect birthday gift for me! I like listening to your stories. I hope your weekend is beautiful and happy Pink Saturday to you! Anne

  7. Your aprons are all so pretty. No doubt, the winners are very pleased. I would never tell what I do each morning on a post. However, mine is never the same.

  8. Hello Connie, I had my usual chuckles while reading your post and...the previous post. If only my hubs would stack the toilet paper. HA!

    I am not much of a a person of ritual or habit. I fly by the seat of my pants. My very organized mother would be horrified. I am... "If it wasn't for the last minute, nothing would get done" kind of woman. I'm not proud of it and I am better than I used to be. HA!

    I can identify with your desk neatness problem. At least mine has a close up and forget it door. I'm thankful.

    I would love to be in the drawing for your next apron drawing. Congrats to Chubskult.

    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  9. Hi Connie, you are full of good tips. My daughter taught me about the hair fluff trick. I get dizzy and don't care at this point. Hip problem..
    Have a wonderful holiday


  10. Was browsing your blog again and this post cracked me up. Sometimes I do things in a ritual order and sometimes I don't. I have found that I must organize my meds in pill box or I can't remember if I took them or not. That is not a good thing!



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