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Friday, September 16, 2011

Giveaway for Aprons

I know I'm a pathetic great grandmother but I could sit all day and look at photos and videos of my great granddaughter. Here is that little sweetheart and her mummy, my granddaughter, early in the spring.

She almost always has her sunglasses on when outside.

In this family, we start them out young keeping their skin youthful. ;-)

No, she didn't put it on the kitty. Here she's calling to her kitties by rubbing her fingers together.

Welcome to Pink Saturday and many thanks to Beverly for holding the event. I've been remiss lately in posting for Pink Saturday and I do apologize for that, but life gets in the way and I frequently just stumble through it and then there are the times Love Bunny drags me off to the wilds of Idaho to camp. Such is the luck of this summer but I'm here to stay for awhile.


As many of you know if you read my blog regularly, I am decluttering my house. We've already taken 4 truck loads of stuff to the thrift store and there is much more to go. However, I cannot bring myself to just throw these sweet aprons onto the pile destined for the thrift store and not many of the women I know are into shabby chic, vintage items. (Idaho still hasn't evolved that much, chicks!) So I've decided to give away the rest of the ones I made and never sold. I know that if I give them away they will have gone to homes that will love them.

While they are truly aprons meant to be used, I've just hung them around my kitchen for the past few years. They've been a great decorative item but it's time I let go. They're all washable and many have fabrics you'll never find again. All are sweet and meant to be used. All are ruffled and very girly. Most have pockets and some quirky little items on them, like covered buttons I've made, lace, cute one-of-a-kind buttons, vintage doilies as pockets, rick-rack, toile fabric, tiny roses, polka dots, ticking stripes, vintage bedspread fringe, Waverly fabric in some, and one-of-a-kind fabric you'll never see again in others. I've made every single one with much love in my heart. But it's time, gals.

So, I'll give away one for the next 12 Pink Saturdays. Below are photos of all twelve of them. I'll just put them up on Pink Saturday over at Beverly's blog. There is no catch to win, just leave a comment and if you do NOT have a blog then leave me an email address so I can get in touch with you. If not, I'll pull another name within a reasonable amount of time and that person will get it. I don't want this to be hard and time consuming for me. I'm so into easy!!! So just stay tuned, comment, wait to hear from me and they are yours. Yes, you can enter each time I post a new apron so conceivably you can have more than one. It doesn't get any better than that now does it?!


Another episode with the Love Bunny.

He wore out our treadmill. Actually, it almost killed him as he was walking on it and the power surged in the motor and almost threw him off. He does 3 days a week for an hour but Fridays are his big push. Plus he always lifts weight afterwards. (Trust me, you don't want to mess with a Marine, whether active duty or retired.)

Anyway, he wanted another one and I'm trying to keep our purchases down. So he did the Craiglist thing and found one. Not bad. It was listed for $150 and we got it for $120. It's truly like new and the man who sold it to us said his wife gave up after a couple of months.

So hubs is out in the garage as I type this trying to take it apart to put in the huge garbage can. He's saving every single bolt, screw and anything he thinks might be something he'll need someday. The man is 70 years old! He will never, ever need anything he's saving! Sigh...


  1. Connie, you and I live with the same man I think! My husband's workshop is full of little boxes and jars of 'things that might come in useful'...all rescued from other things!
    Your aprons are just gorgeous and would make one feel happy to be doing the housework. I'd love one...but I dont live in USA.

  2. I am too much like your husband, as I want to save everything, too! I did finally clean out one junk drawer yesterday. It felt so liberating to throw out all those screws and washers and other unidentifiable metal parts! I love the aprons... please count me in!!!

  3. These aprons are almost as adorable as your 'lovely-in-pink' baby girl.

    I'd be hard pressed to pick a fav among these aprons.

    Just this week we had to go scrounging for a nut to put together a small vanity we picked up at the church yard sale down the street. So save those parts 'n pieces.


  4. I would be taking pics all day of that sweet little girl. What a cutie! And by the way, those are the cutest aprons!! You be safe up in the wilds. Did you read about the cougar a cop shot strolling around the grounds of St Al's at 2am? Boise can get pretty wild too.

    Lots of love and hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  5. Oh Connie, I wish I could get with it and declutter ... you have my admiration.
    AND I would LOVE to have one of your beautiful aprons so I'm gonna try to not miss a single PS so I can stay in the runnin'.
    Hope you are doing well..
    PS Mine is a retired sailor so I know a bit of what you are living with LOL

  6. I do think your husband and mine would get along...mine is a few years older than yours, but he saves everything for "that day." hahaha! and, he is the most fabulous handyman. That man can fix anything! I should not be making fun of him!
    Well, lately I have been right behind him and trashing some of it. And, I have "him" in the basement destashing. He gets a pitiful look on his face as he heads downstairs. lol!!!! I tell him no one should have to pick up our mess when we are gone....

    Your aprons are b-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! I find it so hard to believe you could not sell them....did you picture them as you did on this post?
    Wouldn't I be a lucky gal if you drew out my name!
    I hope you are feeling better each day and I would think your granddaughter and great-granddaughter would be all the medicine you would need! I love the little one snapping her fingers at the kitty...How cute is that!

  7. absolutely deliteful aprons!
    and all your creativity displayed !
    verrry cute! thank you for your generosity ~ i know i'm an apronista and would be proud to say i was wearing yours {fellow blogger!}
    thanks for the opportunity...
    HaPpY PS !
    book swap and free ebooks at FHC =))

  8. Ha0ha. Too funny. I love your aprons. They are all a labor of love. I pray you heal quickly and are able to get back into the swing of things. Also, love the wall paper in the post below. HPS!

  9. So nice to see you featured on Pink Saturday. :) Your aprons are absolutely lovely ~ they're little works of art, each one. Good luck with the continued decluttering. I always feel better, like I can breathe better, after I declutter. :)

  10. Oh my gosh--I LOVE your aprons!!! Congratulations on your amazing feature today!!!

    I am having a link party at my Shabby Chic Girls' Club and you're welcome to link this up! (I'm only doing one party!)

  11. What a fun post!

    Congrats on the feature and I love all your aprons!!
    So cute :))

    Happy PS! and have a blessed day too!

    Kay Ellen

  12. Love Pink Saturday and your aprons are adorable.

  13. Your grands are all adorable. Love the cute pics, I can appreciate how you enjoy taking photos and showing them off. I have one grandson, three years old and the new man in my life. Congratulations on being featured at Beverly's Pink Saturday. Your aprons are delightful and how sweet your are to have your giveaway for PS. I would have a hard time picking one if I could. How lucky some twelve PS readers will be. I hope your feeling better after your surgery.

    The French Hutch

  14. Hi Connie,
    Thanks so much for linking to the Shabby Chic Girls' Club party--this is awesome--I know everyone will LOVE your amazing aprons!!

  15. Love all your beautiful aprons, so creative!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  16. The aprons are all so beautiful! I would love to have one! Thanks for thinking of us! ♥

  17. Connie Gal...OMGosh that Great Grandbaby is Great! Loved the photos of her...snapping grandson is two and has started pointing and snapping his fingers at what he wants instead of talking. Aren't they soooooo much fun.

    Love ALL the aprons and of course I want put my name in the hopper.

    I'm cracking up at 'SaveItAll Hubs' know he's really doing that for you. LOL!!!!

    Happy Featured Pink Saturday!!!

  18. Your aprons are so beautiful and sweet...I would be honored to own one! :) How thoughtful of you to post them here for us to enjoy...and maybe to win! :) I always enjoy reading your blog---you're a pretty funny gal...Ha! :)

    HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

  19. Connie, you have the cutest little great-granddaughter! I loved seeing the photos, especially the one with the kitties. And those aprons are beautiful! There isn't one I don't like. I love frilly, too. I'm happy to become one of your followers.

  20. Oh my, what lovely aprons. Perfect for a grandmother cooking with grandkids. And isn't your sweet great-granddaughter adorable. Thanks for a lovely visit. Enjoy that sweet baby. :)

  21. haaahaha...I laughed so at you hubby saving things that you say he will never use...Mr. Sweet does the same thing and he has 7 years on your man. funny.

    OK,now, I have my eye on that black and white skirted, cupcake top apron. That one is bound to have "bj sewn in it SOMEwhere. If ANY ONE ELSE WINS IT, I will put a triple HEX on them and there's no way in this world that you can get OUT of A TRIPLE HEX. They will be HEXED til the day they die !! YEP!

    Actually, all the aprons are adorable. You are so kind to give them away.
    xoxo bj

  22. The aprons are so sweet but that baby girl is absolutely beautiful! Life is grand with phamily! Congrats for being featured on Pink Saturday and thanks for sharing your talent here with us. Enjoy the weekend and enjoy your down time! You are inspiring me to keep cleaning and keep moving things we don't use out! Hugs Anne

  23. Your Great granddaughter is adorable Connie, I love all of your aprons and can't believe they didn't sell. I would love to win one. I have a couple, well worn in my kitchen and my granddaughters always wear them when ever they are here to bake or craft. So much fun! Lucky person that wins one. Hugs and Happy pink Saturday to you! Marilou of Lulu's Lovlies

  24. WEll, hello my darling friend! Your aprons are just lovely, but that baby is over the moon adorable! Good to see ya floating around here!
    Big squishy hugs,

  25. I really love the Pink blogs. I just happened to stumble across them. Love the aprons. Really glad to find the blog.

  26. A lot of work went into those aprons - how generous of you to be giving them away. Congrats on being featured on PS this week - you deserve the accolades!

  27. I laughed out loud when I read your comments about saving bolts and needful parts...when we moved Mother out of her home of 30+ years, there were jars and jars of such assorted screws and bolts...hubby and I do the same thing...Love your aprons and I understand the comfort in finding good homes for the things you love. Have a Pink week.

  28. You can't imagine how much I love aprons so this thrills my heart! They're beautiful.

  29. What adorable granddaughters! Both the mummy and the baby! My dad saved lots of stuff. He is frail now and my brother has been decluttering his things now. But I know he is keeping somethings that are useful though.

    I would LOVE to win one of your aprons!


  30. Your aprons are truly works of art and, while I would be so honored to have one, I won't enter the contest. Nearly three years ago, I lost my 21 year forensic nursing job with the city and county of San Francisco, ending my 45 year run as an employed registere nurse - retiring at 64-1/2 on only a half pension. Life has been really difficult, I've exhausted my $25,000 in savings and I'm moving from the house I rented for the past 13 years - for myself and my three sons ( no child support ). Downsizing has been so hard. I am using my last FF mileage to go to India for six months where I will visit dozens of friends I have in that country so I can save enough of my pension and SS for first and last month's rent for a little in-law apt!!

    Oh, would I love an apron but I won't even take the chance from soneone who would put it to good use!

    I hope you are recovering well from surgery.

    My Pink Satuday is at:

  31. I enjoyed your post today. Each of your aprons are beautiful and I can tell that they were made with much thought and creativity. Your story about your hubby made me smile, I could write similar stories about my 50 something hubby.

  32. Been doing the decluttering thing too but an apron, oh I would love to win one. The aprons remind me of my Moma whom I miss so much. I hope I can win one of them. You are too kind.

  33. Happy Pink Saturday! How fun to have been "dragged off by the bunnies" I think that sounds fabulous. Your grand is darling! The photo of her calling the cat is so precious. I cannot believe you've carted off 4 truck loads to the thrift store. GOOD FOR YOU! Aprons - I have one that I wear a lot and I'd love another. These are so very sweet.

  34. Love Craigslist... we just sold our computer this week there.

    Sweet aprons you have! Decluttering? That reminds me, I have a closet that needs emptying!

  35. Well I see I picked a terrific week to join Pink Saturday. I love all your aprons. I too adore shabby pink and to make aprons, often using vintage or re-purposed material. I have four daughters and we all love to eat and bake. So there is no such thing as too many aprons in our house, or too much pink.
    You have a lovely blog.

  36. Wow I found your blog on Cindy Adkins shabby blog.Im glad I clicked on yours first LOL.Those aprons are just so adorable.Please count me in for the giveaway,and what a sweet one it is too. Im a new follower!

  37. Add me in PLEASE! I want the black and red cherry one! Just awesome!!

  38. Wonderful blog post! New follower from Pink Saturday!

  39. Hello Connie...I, too, cannot believe your aprons didn't sell. I love the material you used, and they shout "Kitchen fun"...I love kitchen-y things that are nostalgic and aprons are a big part of that.
    I would be honored to win one.

    You are very blessed to be a great-grandmother, and your great granddaughter is a cutie.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful aprons.


  40. Hi Connie!

    Your great-granddaughter is more adorable every time I see her - I love her little curls.

    The aprons are beautiful, each and every one. Whoever wins one will be fortunate, indeed.

    Love Bunny cracks me up!


  41. Oh my heavens, she is just a little doll! Connie, you just must want to hug her all the time, thanks for sharing such darling picture of her! I love your aprons, wow, they are gorgeous!


  42. Never too many photos of sweet children! And your aprons are WONDERFUL I WANT ONE! I wanted to say thank you for your kind words on the birth of my baby boy!
    Come on by, I am doing a give away too to celebrate!
    Merci encore!
    Angela, Parisienne Farmgirl

  43. Hi Connie,
    I love your aprons and would love to have my name put in the hat for the give away! They are all so beautiful! I don't have a blog but have been following you for some years. I bought a pedestal plate from you a couple years back. I understand you decluttering your home. I am doing that myself. But I think I can find room for a beautiful apron! Count me in!


  44. Hi Connieness! Oh, the aprons are so adorable! I want one! Please enter my tiny name.
    Now your little grt grand daughter is so pretty and precious. Look at her little curls! My little Carter is still almost bald! :) She has a little hair but it's so light! ;) Don't you love SKYPE and digital pix? That's what I have to live for since they've moved to New York! :)
    Be a sweetie and thanks for popping in to see me.
    shelia ;)

  45. Oh the aprons are so pretty. I loved each one! Please put my name in the drawing. Both your great-grand and granddaughter are adorable. I love the finger rubbing to call the kitty. She is a little doll.

  46. Hi Connie, We were in Fl. this weekend and I am late commenting but I LOVE the aprons. This girl (I use this term loosely. HA!) wears them. I'm happy to be in the drawing.

    Your great granddaughter is adorable. I can't wait to have some of my own. My oldest grandson is married but they need to finish college first. I love the darling photos. Her age is so precious. Did the cat respond? Smile!
    Hugs, Jeanne

  47. Your selection of aprons is fabulous...they are gorgeous. I am an avid sewer but have never created such beautiful aprons as you have displayed. Love your photos of your little granddaughter as well...she is adorable.

  48. Stopping by from Cindy's Oh La La Link Party. I love the black apron with the cupcakes.


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