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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Things Are Starting to Bloom Around Here and Random Thoughts

Miss Caroline celebrated her first birthday last week and this is what I got her. I shan't post the whole thing today, just a hint of what it is. Of course, I'll do a post with her and the gift in the next few weeks but I'm going to leave you hanging until then. I can't wait to see that chick next week!

Our peony bush is finally budding out.

And our clematis has finally taken a good "root" in the soil and produced its very first exquisite flower. I cannot tell you how thrilled we are about this.


Random Thoughts:
I've been very busy on my computer this week doing what I'm supposed to be doing for my mission, but to tell you the absolute truth, I'm in a fog and brain dead from all the stuff I'm supposed to be learning. It's a lot of work mentally to learn several new programs at once. Usually, I—and mostly everyone I know—learn only one program at a time, but it's essential to have working knowledge as rapidly as possible, somewhat like learning a new job. I can't truly relate to you how frazzled I am. So I've been taking breaks watching streaming videos from my daughter's Netflix account. I've watched more videos the last month or 6 weeks than I've watched in my entire life before the foot surgery. ;-)

Funny how spy, espionage and mysteries can somehow entertain me but they take me out of MY world into...well, the real world outside of my home. It's cozy, quiet and happy in our home. Not at all like the "real" world out there. I must say that most of the acting is atrocious and vulgarity reigns in all of them. In this house we don't take the Lord's name in vain; in the movies, it's used at an expletive. I won't be watching videos anymore. Give it a try and see how much more calm your home will be.

Women must realize that when they change their hairstyle and color, it often achieves what they want to do: look completely different to any unsuspecting male.

Famous last words:
Daaaad, I'm 13; I know what I'm doing!!! (Daughter about 35 years ago.)

I'm going to join the Marines because I'm tired of people telling me what to do!! (Oldest grandson about 9 years ago.)

Most of streaming videos I watched said they were reformatted to the screen. I wondered what "screen" they were formatted for originally. Just wondering because I have no clue what that meant.

On the credits for one video it stated that one song was performed by a band called "Garbage" and it was—garbage, I mean. Why in the world would someone name a band Garbage?

My kids AND friends kid me about not texting. I just don't want that in my life. It stifles my ability to use language properly for which I'm a staunch supporter. It's teaching our young people to "short circuit" certain proper forms of communication, trash our language and their writing skills (which I'm convinced are on the road to extinction!) and our ability to communicate effectively. I need context, nuance and the warmth and tone that can only come from a human voice.

I was leaving my massage place the other day and was behind a woman at a stop sign where a woman with a sign was begging for money. The woman in front of me quickly gave her some money, but I turned my head away when I pulled forward to cross the street. It got me to thinking who was the most charitable and I'm very ashamed for that. I vowed the next time I saw someone begging for money at a corner I would give them a bit of money. It's on my head for not helping the poor, which I truly do on a very regular basis through my church, and I'm ashamed of my thoughts on that day. But I was caught off guard the next time I came upon a person begging for money a few days later and told myself to be prepared with a few dollars sitting on the console of my car. God is so good to us and we're truly blessed with everything we need and more that I don't want the Lord withholding blessings because of my selfishness toward my brothers and sisters; for aren't we all beggars? I don't want to be an ungrateful servant.


  1. Connie, love the flowers and your story about the lady with the sign. I can't help myself, but you hit it on the nail about texting, especially while driving. I have my texting blocked and every now and then someone will say "Didn't you get my text today" duh, no, because I refuse to be caught up and forget how to spell, even though from time to time, I do. I also love the story of the lady. I am a sucker because I always stop and give money and every now and then, hubby will do it and it makes me proud of him. He was a Marine and I tell him that we don't know what their life is like and I just pray to our Lord that they don't use it for drugs or booze. Big hugs for your great post today. Pat

  2. Happy Birthday Caroline!!!! wow! One year old! How cool! I bet you can't wait to see her.

    love the pictures!!!! I can't wait to read the post about her and her gift.

    I am picky about what movies I watch too. I won't watch a rated R movie even if it is supposed to be super good because I don't like bad words. Sometimes if the language is too bad, I will turn off a movie no matter if the rest was good or not.

    I don't text either. I have it blocked on my cell phone. I prefer the actual English language to the short cut what ever language that texting uses.

    I hope you are having a good day!

  3. Connie, your pics are absolutely ahhhhmazing, dear girl! Love what you got for little Miss C!! Please be sure and give her a big ol' kiss from Aunt Stephie when you see her! I don't text or do Facebook ~ guess we are the last of a dying breed!! :0)

    Love you,
    Angelic Accents

  4. hmmm... some very interesting thoughts you've shared today. I must say I agree with many of them. I dislike texting too and I was appalled one day when MY MOTHER typed "lol" on someone's facebook "status." What is the world coming to? And more importantly will my children be able to read or write a proposal for work when they day comes?
    lovely pink photos - looking forward to seeing the whole gift! HPS!

  5. Hi Connie, is that a tu tu for the little one? I am no good at waiting, but I suppose I have no choice. You are keeping me on pins and needles my friend.
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Your garden is coming to life and it's all beautiful, Char

  6. Hi Connie..Happy Birthday to Miss Caroline! I love all the pink tulle and the peony bush is going to be amazing.
    Happy Pink Saturday..xo Tami

  7. Your photos are great and I am loving the peek you gave us at pink and frilly !
    Now, we have people here who also beg at stop signs and at Walmart. Several people saw those same beggars going into Walmart and buying a big flat screen TV. We have a Salvation Army here and people can get help from there or from churches...our money goes to the Salvation Army and to people we know who need the help. It's a sad thing but some people who are able to work know they can make more money begging. So don't feel badly about not giving because you truly do not know if that person is really in need or not. (())

  8. I agree about videos (or movies) Mr. Mutt & I don't see many movies anymore. I don't need vulgar language or bedroom scenes. Call me old fashioned but a good book or conversation is much for satisfying than the trash that is spewed out of Hollywood.
    Wags, Niki

  9. G'day Connie ... I do NOT like texting & FB (on there for a single reason only but don't use it personally) I feel the same as you.

    Oh my golly, Caroline is 1 yr. old already?!?! WOW!! Time flies.

    We prefer the old movies & TV Land shows of good clearn humor & lots of history channel.
    Have a beautiful PS weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  10. Your flowers are beautiful, Connie. Our peonies are blooming and once again, I'm missing them! Makes me want to cry. That is one gorgeous clematis.

    Love the quote about joining the marines - made me laugh out loud!


  11. Hi Connie, here we are in Maine for the month of June and I am relaxing for once on a pink Saturday and visiting my Pinkie friends. A luxury I have not been able to have lately. I have missed you chickee. Smile.

    Caroline is one, where did the year go? Happy birthday to that sweet baby girl. I think you are making her a tutu. I can't wait to see Caroline's beautiful little face...and wearing what ever the pink surprise could be.

    We do not watch movies from netflix. My sister does and I have to tell you they can be pretty bad. At least it was a was of passing time when you were laid up. I hope you are much improved now Connie. I pray that the real world is not as bad as it seems.

    Lots of Pinkies to visit but I m so happy to visit you again.
    Happy Pink Saturday.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  12. What a lovely and thought provoking post today. As a garden lover, I'm intrigued by your clematis - it's so unique and I'm glad it took root so well.

    Happy Pink Saturday to you. :O)


  13. Happy Pink Saturday
    Gorgeous blooms.

  14. Can't wait to see all of your gift. I'm guessing and think it is just too too adorable!

    Happy Pink Saturday! (PS 3rd Birthday giveaway ends tonight.)

  15. Hi ya sweetie!
    Luv ur pics...they are beautiful.
    I just so adore and relate to ur random thoughts.
    We do not allow anything on tv or radio in our home with profanity either.

    Love ya...
    Still prayin for you and ur cutie tootsies.
    Love & Prayers


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