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Friday, May 20, 2011

Pink Saturday 5/21/2011 and Some Comments

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I made this froufrou umbrella for my great granddaughter and it hangs in her room.

I made this one for ME out of an old umbrella frame. They are quite adorable and get compliments from all who see them.

I was informed this week by my podiatrist that I had to wear the boot for one more week to ensure my achilles tendon is firmly attached to the heel bone. So just sitting at home I've watched over 50 movies in the past month. My daughter gave me her Netflix account number to view them on my laptop by simply streaming them since we have no television. So I have some comments on movies and actors as well.

My favorite movies have always been spy, espionage, action movies; I just love to see the bad guys get their just due. I do not like chick flicks at all. But in reading Claudia's blog last week I think it was, I also would like to comment on the media people.

I have never in my 70 years seen so many people with face lifts, plump lips, whiter than white teeth and cleavage. It's as if they try to outdo each other for the most revealing dress. Trashy! The anchor women on news are so obnoxious to watch. Their heads doesn't move for fear of their hair getting out of place! Are there no normal looking people on television? That's hardly reality. Not to mention smoking, cussing and dresses that my mother would never have allowed me to wear. What is it with modesty anymore? I'm a very modest person, but most of the actresses and anchors dress like prostitutes with nothing left to the imagination. I could actually see up the skirt of one anchor we saw when visiting with kids last year and watching news with them. That's why we gave up watching television year ago.

Then there's the hypocrisy of smoking. Every single movie had all the actors and actresses smoking and driving luxurious cars while they're telling me to not drive or purchase certain cars. We've had a couple of friends buy "efficient" cars but traded them in because they were so bad to drive. Hypocrisy to tell me to not use my dryer and hang clothes out on the line, but it doesn't apply to them. I'm sick of the Hollywood types trying to tell me what to do. Does no one have flat lips anymore or eyes that aren't exactly like every other Hollywood actress because they all go to the same plastic surgeon? Plus their mouths would have been washed out by my father and mother. Filthy language.

I saw The Towering Inferno and really liked it, plus Steve McQueen's acting was very natural. His facial expressions were what I would expect a face to look like in the situations he was in. Very good actor. I haven't seen one actress of today who can act except for Sally Fields and she smoked and had a filthy mouth also. And some popular ones are just plain untalented. I truly was astonished by the lack of acting by most of the ones I saw.

I loved all the James Bond movies. They all smoked, wore bikinis and went barefoot when climbing a mountain to find the evil man's lair. Plus they'd wear high heels to walk on the streets of Turkey. Those are uneven brick or stone streets. Yep, that's how I do things every day: high heels and bikinis. Just nutty in my opinion. And we won't even talk about The Terminator, who in my opinion is simply Euro Trash to do to his wife what he did. How despicable can a man get? But it's becoming the norm. How truly, truly sad.

This is a video of our General Conference in April. The topic is desire and addresses some the the things in the world today. I thought it's more than appropriate to watch (if you so desire of course) at this day in time.


Off my soapbox...for today anyway.


  1. Connie, I had a quiet giggle as I imagined you striding out in your bikini and heels!!

  2. I love the umbrellas!!!! i watch very little TV these days because I don't particularly like most of what is on. I read much more instead. I tend to ignore when people say do this and do that while they don't. i agree, it is just insane. I, too, had a chuckle at the though of you walking dow the street with the bikini and high heels. They just don't go together! I am a very modest person too. Most of my friends are too.

    I hope you are having a good weekend!

  3. Hi Connie...glad to hear its nearly time to lose the boot. Soo gotta love the fashion in the James Bond movies.

  4. Your umbrellas are so cute and looks like you put a lot of love into your work!

  5. Sorry about your foot not healing as well as you would like. However, just think how much smarter you are.

  6. Your homemade artistic umbrellas are drop dead gorgeous. I love them. What a great very creative. Hope you foot is improving and you will be back to normal soon. I do not know what I would do without my Netflix. When I wake up in the middle of the night wide awake, I stream them on my little iPad. It is so much light in the lap that the laptop. HPS.

  7. Hi Connie..loved your umbrella...and your movie reviews were wonderful! heehee...Happy pink Saturday..feel better..xo Tami

  8. Chuckle! You always brighten my day Connie. Love your soap box, don't get off now!

    Glad to know you are coming along, know you'll be glad to be done with the boot.

    Have a fabulous PS weekend,
    TTFN ~

  9. Hope you are doing okay, sweets. You must stay off that foot and let it heal. Love Miss C's new bumber-shoot!! Yours is pretty, too. I could have used it today ~ OR even Noah's ark ~ it rained a LOT here and I had to be out and about in it!! I agree with you about the movies. That's why I mainly watch the classics, the old black and whites, the musicals, etc. Otherwise I get to feeling guilty and have to turn them off because I know God doesn't want me watching them. Come see my PS post.

    Love you,

  10. Haha Connie, you are too funny!
    Love the umbrellas and totally agree that someone should wash out the potty mouths with some of that soap you are standing on!!!
    If I ever had another child, I would totally homeschool and BAN the tube!!

    Sparkly Hugs and a Happy Pink Saturday,
    Tobi and the Pixies!

    PS- come visit- I am having a giveaway!!

  11. Happy Pink Saturday Connie
    Oh this is just too fabulous for words!!!

  12. Lovely post..Happy Pink Saturday...

  13. Good Morning Connie Sweetie...
    Oh my goodness gracious. One more week of that darn boot. I bet you will be ready to hang it in the trash and never look back at it again. Of course we do want it to heal right though. You don't want to have to go back through it again.

    Oh I simply love, love that umbrella of yours. How clever that you took a form and made your own. I have never tried that, any information you would like to share? How about a tutorial for those of us out here in the Sandbox who really need to carry an umbrella on a daily basis. Your's is just exquisite.

    Love all the writes about the movies you have watched. Especially the James Bond ones. My husband has the complete DVD set of those. He has watched them since the first one came out, and has seen all of the James Bonds change over the years. He still loved Roger Moore the best.

    Oh and sweetie, I am right there with you. I definitely still have my flat lips. No plumps for me either.

    Have a glorious weekend sweet friend. I can't wait for your boot to come off for you. At least you haven't had to go through the heat of the season in it, and it is going away before Summer. Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

  14. Hi Connie, your umbrellas are just beautiful. I can't figure out how you did that, but they are lovely. I can imagine the comments you get and you deserve them.
    Happy Pink Saturday and I am with you 100%. Lots of trash out there today and it's a shame. My children are LDS and they give me hope for the future. I suppose that is all we have is hope and prayer. Lots of it, Char

  15. haahhha, are so funny. I love movies with a passion. I have my favorites, however.
    I nearly fell out of my chair when you said you didn't have a tv. OH MY GOODNESS...Mr. Sweet and I do love our tv. :))

    Love your pretty umbrellas. You are so talented.
    hugs, bj

  16. Connie, the umbrella is beautiful but I have to say my favorite is the video. It took over 18 minutes to watch, but was well worth it. I don't have many desires, and I am going to be flat lipped and the wrinkles will be the road maps that my grandchildren ask about. A new one is on the way and will come to us in December and we are very excited about this new little life. I dress modestly and don't even wear makeup. I just love your rant today--what a beautiuful lesson for all. Especially the one aobut Sergeant Cox having his men wake him up every hour. Blessings to you my friend for making my day a little brighter. Love and hugs, Pat

  17. Hi Connie,
    One more week! Well you have come this far what's one more week right...
    Yes some movies are very out-there..I love Hallmark they always make be cry..I guess they are a bit girly.
    I love your creative and sweet umbrella's!
    Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

  18. I couldn't agree with you more about the way these actors dress, etc. and I'm only 43! Modesty seems to have gone out the window. I try to teach my daughter how to dress stylishly without looking like I should be on the local street corner. It's sad really because these are the women that our daughter's grow up seeing and it's no wonder so many girls have such poor self images. On a lighter note, I love your umbrellas. I would so love to learn how to make one, you should do a tutorial or something on how to make them. They are gorgeous!

    I hope you feel better soon. I remember when I was in bed when I crushed my leg. It was horrible 2 months in bed is just way to long! Take care of it and I hope it heals very fast.

    Hugs, LisaKay

  19. Enjoyed your post today Connie! And I agree with you on all counts. I am sick of looking at all the blubber lips especially because the top one is always larger than the bottom one and looks stupid. I've been watching "Deadwood" (an HBO Series) and it is full of every dirty word one can think of. I'm not that crazy about the language but the acting and story is so good I'm putting up with it. I was shocked when you said you were 70 because you look much younger. I'm going to be 65 this November and dread going on Medicare. Every insurance company knows I'm hitting it because i'm getting all the advertisements for Medicare Supplement insurance. Nothing is sacred anymore. One can't even lie about one's age. Darn! Have a lovely day and I'm glad your foot is getting better!


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