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Friday, March 11, 2011

Pink Saturday 3/12/2011

Welcome to Pink Saturday once again. I was absent last week because I was simply feeling blah. We all know that happens once in a while so I just go with it and hibernate with a good book. However, to view all the participants go to Beverly and visit with them all. I think you'll be delighted and inspired both. Just click on her logo below.

While pink and yellow is my favorite color combination, pink and green is up there with another color combination of which I like to dress. I'll wear pink and green a great deal of the time. It's not my most flattering color combination. Rose pink is the color of which I can see really makes me shine. I never realized it until I made a dress of rose raw silk once and while never thinking of myself as beautiful, I just glowed in that color. That is my most flattering color—rose pink. The shirt below is a close match to what I'm talking about. Just a tad lighter than that.

I like wearing 2 shirts together mainly because the pink one is a tank top and I don't wear sleeveless things unless I have something over it. I'm very modest. So this can work well for me.

I loved this box when I saw it a couple of years ago. Lime isn't exactly a color I'd go for but when paired with this fuchsia pink I couldn't resist it. It holds special papers inside of it.

And while no green here, it is a photo of Miss Caroline taken last week, and she's my favorite eye candy. Our little blue-eyed Guatemalan chica. ;-)

Let's have a few Random Thoughts today:

In church last sunday, a very beautiful young, long-haired blonde woman and new mother was talking about her testimony of the Gospel and the kindness the ward had shown her being new in the ward. She's from Canada and married an American but loves it here. She said something about worrying about her wrinkles. I had to chuckle because I saw not a one wrinkle in that gorgeous smooth face and even lamented that I have crow's feet older than her! Precious...

"Good" is a soft assessment of a situation. I prefer the "real deal" when talking about the situation.

In light of some things happening in my life recently I've decided that testosterone should be a controlled substance. ;-)

Is it only me or are there others that think Hugh Hefner is a pathetic joke? Reading about his "engagement(!)" recently is so sad even my hubby shook his head. Now, this man has rarely ever had his picture in any clothes other than his pajamas, has several young women "available" in his mansion, which is a pigsty from all reports, acts like the world gushes at his every word and marries girls young enough to be his granddaughters. Does he realize how foolish and pathetic that makes him? If he didn't have millions of dollars no one would look twice at the fool!

Funny how washing dishes around this home is just a matter of who turns on the dishwasher now.

Someone recently told me to not worry so much. "Yeah, I'll get right on that." ;-)

Have you ever listened to someone whose sense of words drowned in sense of self. Well, trust me, I have...and probably have been guilty a time or two of committing the crime myself.


  1. Love your precious Miss Pinkie, & the other pinks, too. Hugh is a disgrace & an insult to life.

    You ALWAYS bring me a smile, Connie. Have missed you ... hope all is well.

    Happy St.Patrick's Day
    Have a lovely weekend ~
    TTFN ~


  2. love the picture of Miss Carolyn!!!! What a doll she is. She is my favorite of all your eye candy!

  3. Hi Connie,
    Little Miss Caroline is such a precious little angel!

    I'm glad I'm not alone in thinking that HH is a sick man and that the "girls" he marries are dumb enough to believe that he could be a "husband." Not a one of them know how to be a good wife and or, a good husband.

    Deanna :D

  4. Ohhhh! She is so cute!!

    Happy Pink Saturday Connie!

  5. Connie, Miss Caroline is so precious. Those beautiful blue eyes. The "world" has a jaded opinion of what is decent, good, and worthwhile. Also remember the media has a very slanted opinion and view. In these days, I am so glad I have my Bible and the Lord to guide me throught the "trash" the world adores. Blessings.

  6. All of your pictures are wonderful! I think the 2 shirt combo is great! Love the eyes of your beautiful princess.
    Blessings and Happy Pink Saturday!

  7. Your pink and green makes a lovely combo Connie and I would think with the color of your hair, it's beautiful. Now, talk about beautiful, just look at those precious eyes!!! Wow, what a sweetie pie.
    Happy Pink Saturday. I also think HH is the biggest joke on the planet. It's lucky for him he not only has money, but that there are also bimbos on the planet!! HA, Char

  8. Love your pinks.
    HH is such an old fool. He has "used up" his life doing such stupid things when he could have used his money to MAKE A DIFFERENCE. He hasn't even built good relationships.
    Happy PS

  9. Hi Sweet Connie!! I for one LOVE Lime! With pink too of course :) I have been following you on my Google Reader and felt it has been too long since I commented! I am uber busy, but wanted to take time out today to tell you how special you are!!
    Have a beautiful weekend and Happy Pink Saturday!

    xoxo Molly

  10. She is so beautiful....and know that blah feeling...

    loved my stop here always bring a smile

  11. Happy Pink Saturday! Your romantic office is adorable. I'm enjoying reading your blog and have become your new follower.

  12. Happy Pink Saturday!

    What a precious angel, Miss Caroline is.

    I tend to dress in pink too!

  13. Happy Pink Saturday!

    I really love your pink floral shirt and of course sweet baby. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend.


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