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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Serious/ Sirius Problem and iPhone

First of all, the eye candy. :-) Miss Caroline walking around the island counter top in her mummy's kitchen with her new shoes on. This is absolutely her most favorite thing to do, and you'd better have shoes on your feet when she's doing this or serious consequences will follow—to your feet!

She's getting a lot more hair and is such a happy baby.

A few days ago hubs and I (okay, so it was me, not him) decided we wanted Sirius radio. Last summer when our truck was in the shop for repairs we were given a rental car—a Hyundai—and since we had planned on going back to California to visit our daughter and son, we used the Hyundai to travel there. It was a Sonata and had Sirius radio in it. I fell in love. It was so nice going across the Idaho, Oregon, Nevada desert with a radio that sounded great all the way across that I decided I wanted to get one. So small feat as you'll see.

Remember, we have had no television in this house for about 25 years so we have no idea how they even work now. Clueless! I'm computer literate, not television, DVR, Tivo, cable or anything about televisions. I can't even turn one on now because both my kids have remotes to control everything in one remote and they're somehow connected to other things in their houses also. Truly, I don't even know how to turn it on, much less switch channels.

So after a call to Best Buy to ask about Sirius XM radios and how they work, we set off to buy one. Little did we know. We've now made 4 trips to Best Buy (to buy and return certain things because the advice from 4 different people was scattered, to say the least!) and one to Wal Mart to get this set-up to work. So far it's been a couple of hundred dollars just so I can listen to some programs we don't get here locally anymore. This is what the actual radio looks like, very tiny.

Here it is with the Dock and speakers for it. We could have played it through one of the 5 radios in this house but NONE of them has an audio input on it. They're only maybe 10 years old, the oldest one, but not one of them would work for it so we had to get the Dock for it. This will also transfer to the car when we travel. Great sound. I'm really loving it.

Love Bunny has wanted an iPhone for several years but we decided to wait for the iPhone 4. At first, I couldn't justify the extra money for the Verizon data package and just about decided to get an iPod for him, but he is the king of this domain and works hard for us, so I surprised him with this last week. I bought it, brought it home and stuck it in my desk drawer and called him in here to "help me figure something out" (a ruse, of course) and then, as he sat down, I said, "With your new iPhone." He thought I said iPod as that was what he was thinking in his head, and when I corrected him and said it was an iPhone I thought he was going to lose it. He was so happy and just beamed and thanked me. Now, I get to watch him download Apps all night long onto it. Such fun. Sigh.....


  1. Television sets today are definitely confusing much less getting something like Sirius Radio which should be a hassle free project. We were going to get that last year but with all the input from family and friends, I firmly put my foot down on that one. It seems the more gadgets we acquire, my home is looking less cottage-y and more tech...yuck!! It's bad enough having a giant flat TV hanging on my lovely wall!

    Deanna :D

  2. Sirius radio...I have no idea what it is. But I do know about i phones... I don't have one, but I know several people who do. You guys have done and got "high tech" on us!!! Enjoy!

  3. I have the sirius radio for my car and I do like it for long trips. I am glad you got it working!!!! Yes, TVs are very confusing these days! Love the pictures of Carolyn!!! What a doll!!!

  4. What a sweet thing to do for your Hubby.

    They sure put up with a lot from us. Well, I know my Hubby does put up with A LOT. ! !

    You are a Sweet, sweet gal, Connie.


  5. Oh, what a neat surprise for your husband, Connie! And I am a fan of Sirius radio - I love when I have a rental car and can listen to it!


  6. Hi Connie! Oh, men and their gadgets! How sweet of you to surprise your hubby with a new iphone. David has had XM ~ is it now Sirius in every new truck. It's absolutely fab driving through the "dead zones" of Idaho and Oregon. It's gone through some changes since it first started. I remember the days when there were stations called Fred and Ethel, but its' still great. Is Dr Laura on Sirius now? I miss her. Have fun with your new toys.

    Lots of love,
    Susan and Bentley

  7. I too love Sirius radio. I once had it in a rental car. Joyful. Perhaps in a few years... Enjoy!

  8. I'm losing ground with technology... fast.

  9. Hi Sweet Sis! I read your title fast and thought it said SINUS problem and I thought OH NO! So glad it said Sirius!! :0)

    Glad you spoiled LB a little. Our guys deserve that every so often!

    I just bought an MP3 player! Of course, I don't know how to download my songs on it til A comes over to help me. Thank goodness for granddaughters (AND precious lil great granddaughters like Miss C!).

    Angelic Accents

  10. That sweet face just makes me feel so happy! What a precious smile!
    Oooh! I so envy you your I Phone!! AND the Sirius Radio! You lucky duck you!!


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