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Monday, February 14, 2011

Parlate Italiano ed Alcuni Pensieri Casuali

Happy Valentine's Day to every one of you!

I've been recuperating from a sinus infection for the past several days and haven't posted much lately so tonight I thought I'd get off my backside and post. Please, no pity; I'm just fine. And we need a lift this time of year with some eye candy roses from last year's roses in our garden plus this little cutie of ours from last week when we were visiting her. You KNOW she's the apple of my eye when I let her chew/teethe on my camera lens cover!

I've been sitting around lately not doing much of anything and that's just fine with Love Bunny. (He's very accommodating and sensitive to me when I'm suffering with this.) Anyway, I've been reading almost non-stop. I found the writer Daniel Silva and bought every single book he's written. I just love his spy/espionage books. And that brings me to something I've been thinking about for some time.

I want to learn another language. I took Spanish and French in high school and college, but if you don't speak it regularly you forget it. But this time after reading the Silva books I've decided to learn Italian. I bought the Rosetta Stone Italian package and am very excited to get it in the mail. (I know I should spend time on genealogy but I just want something fun to do right now and will put genealogy on the back burner for a short period of time.) This is something I'll do for fun.

I cannot take any credit whatsoever for these gorgeous roses. I do NOT have a green thumb. Hubs does all the work; I just pick them and photograph them. Aren't they gorgeous to be viewing them this time of year? I can't wait till this year's crop blossoms in a few months.

Oh, this is the peony bush in our back yard. I hope to get more but these take so long to start blossoming!

I made this and when I opened it up it was goofed up so I took it apart and it is sitting on my sewing table in pieces at the moment. I may even get busy and try putting it back together properly. Sigh...

Oh, btw, that title means "Do you speak Italian and Random Thoughts." See I'm already learning something from a man in our ward who served a mission in Italy! ;-)


  1. Hello connie, the roses and bag are gorgeous, Happy valentines day. A year ago i bought a french and italian cd to learn how to speak the language and just 2 days ago i placed them beside my machine to get me motivated to give it ago this year. Good wishes to you i hope we excell in our new language skills this year.
    Take care tina

  2. SUch pretty images you've shared, sis! Especially Miss C!! The roses and peonies ain't too shabby either!

    How fun to learn a new language. I took Latin in high school when I was planning on a career in nursing. Nothing like learning a dead language!!:0)

    Love you,
    Angelic Accents

  3. Love the picture of Miss C!!! She is such a doll! I also love the roses and the bag. Good luck with the Italian. I keep thinking one day I should do that as I teach vocal music and much of the music is in Italian. I can sing in Italian but I can't speak it!

  4. Buon Giorno, Signora Connie! Hope you are having a great day. I think it is excellente for you to learn Italiano. I took it in high school. It is such fun... buona fortuna!

    PS. Your little precious Miss C is soooo sweet.

  5. 1st if you let that adorable baby chew on your lense cover you must love her LOL! I love when I find a new author, I do the same thing buy all of their books. Please let us know how Rosetta stone works for you, I have always wondered!


  6. My nose is covered with blisters -- and won't heal from blowing it so much. Seems I've really fallen hard for the colds this season.

    I'm ready for some roses. For sure.


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