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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Western Girly

Love Bunny and I are heading over to visit our little great granddaughter soon so I'm preparing a few posts while we're gone. I thought it would be fun to show you something out of the ordinary for me, but first a word or two about photographs.

Some of these I scanned and some I actually took photos of so you could see them better. But the thing I want to mention to you is about storing photos.

We travel with 2 laptop computers and have our other desktop computers here at the house. They don't have the same things on them. My iPhoto on my MacBook Pro laptop doesn't have the same photos as the iMac desktop I'm on at the moment. I've tried coordinating as much as possible but it's nearly impossible with the photos since I am usually on my desktop and don't bother adding them to my iPhoto on my laptop. So that's why I use Photobucket. That way I can access them no matter where in the world I am. I have a post here about that and a problem I had several years ago. I strongly suggest you read it. It will save you much heartache. I get regular emails from bloggers asking about problems with things and most times I can help, but when you trash your photos they're gone for good. I even have one lady who—you're not going to believe this, but she actually uses a new photo card for each group of photos she takes. Unbelievable! She just doesn't want to take the chance to put them off site on an image host and doesn't know how to put them on a disk plus the cost must be terrible. Unbelievable to have to go buy a new card and save that instead of learning how to save them and never, ever have to worry.

Situated in Sundance, Utah and owned by a woman, it's a getaway for a designer of clothing and home furnishings. I thought it would be fun to see a cabin that is Western Girly as I call this house.

Feminine and western and comfortable for both women and men. I just love this look.

Guest room.

Lovely living quarters. Very homey and feminine I think.



  1. Hi connie, this is such a sweet western ranch home. Thank you for your lovely comments to. I sent you an email. In case you didnt recieve it I would love for you to use some of my photos. Enjy your week.
    Kind regards Tinaxxxx

  2. Love the pictures!!!!! I am just now learning how to save photos and things like that. I have a bunch more to scan and save. I am going to be looking into photobucket. Thanks for letting me know about them. I do hope love bunny and you have a great time!!!!

  3. Very sensible advice re photo storage - lost ALL mine some years ago due to a computer virus.

    Love the Western theme re rooms - not sure how they'd translate to London, but maybe one room???

    Happy Sunday, Connie!

  4. Love the western theme rooms. I wish I could scan things into my computer but the scanner doesn't like the computer or vise versa- it just wont work- darn!

    Getting snow and more tomorrow-

    bee blessed

  5. Great tips on photo saving. My hubby got a wireless hard rive, and so he uploads stuff everys once in a while, meanwhile I hope he gets my stuff!

    Wow, that western getaway would be fab. Sundance is such a beautiful area!

  6. I like it, too, a lot! And I love that one you posted on Saturday. That house has so many things I want in mine. This one, though, has that man-woman vibe perfectly down pat.


    Sheila :-)


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