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Friday, January 14, 2011

Pink Saturday 1/5/2011

This is one of the very, very few and rare times I compose a blog post and post it the same day. But as I've said before I'm being a slug lately and today is no different.

It's raining and foggy here in the desert. I tried to get something new to post but I just can't get into getting out and finding something. I'm still in the thinking process of how we can get the maximum amount of space out of our 1800 s.f. house. It's a challenge and I'm so hesitant to give/throwaway/sell a lot of stuff, but when it comes right down to it, that's exactly what will be happening.

We had a gathering at our house monday night and a man who has never been here before walked in and his first words after looking around were "busy house." Even though it's true, it took me aback and I'm still deciding if I was offended. Men rarely, if ever, comment on these kind of things. Oh, they've said things like "A pink house?" but nothing as jarring as that. Knowing neither he nor his wife will ever read this I feel safe in posting it here. More random thoughts later.

I do give you "eye candy" though. I went outside and photographed this little vignette with my flash on and way back in some and very up close in others. I ordered and received these lovely pink candles a couple of weeks ago and just love the pinkness of them.

In this one my nose was practically touching the rose! I was extremely close, set it for closeups and shot away. Just starting to distort the rose, but still lovely enough to share with you. I love photography!!! Oh, and I cropped it up close as you can see. It all works together to get perfection.

Random Thoughts:

I usually speak "meaningful eye contact" with Love Bunny. Sometimes it's the only way to let him know how serious I am about things. I'm sure you know exactly what I mean.

So many people have difficulty acknowledging the existence of evil; they hoped to wish it away through positive thinking, to counsel it into remorse through psychotherapy or to domesticate it with compassion. This is entirely fraudulent thinking and not possible. Trust me, I've been in the presence of evil and it has a different look. I knew that there was no way possible to save that person. It was truly frightening. I've also known a few people who have witnesses it and their thoughts are exactly the same as mine were.

I wasn't particularly fond of high school. No, contrary to popular belief, those are NOT the best memories of your life. Those will all come later when you have more wisdom than you do from 14 to 18 years of age. I wasn't among the most popular girls in high school and I've truly glad because it's given me a different perspective than the so called "popular" ones. They were completely absorbed in themselves and some have lived tragic lives because of them. I lived a normal life and am happily married to my original husband after 50 years. Most of them are divorced. One girl I knew couldn't give up this guy who was several years older, a complete loser but she got pregnant and eventually divorced. She was gorgeous and could have had just about any guy, but....well, you know what I mean. It's such a waste. A few have ended their lives. But I have to think what my first heartthrob is doing now and what he missed out on. Nope, they didn't flock to me and I feel sorry for what they missed out on. My hubby thinks he's just about the luckiest guy in the world. But he's wrong; I am!

Have you ever noticed how some lies wrap around us smugly? Uh oh.

So with that and trying not to bore you too much, I'll end here for today, go walk the treadmill (ugh!) and then eat lunch and read a book. Happy day to you all!


  1. You are so precious, Connie. Love your floral pics. Your decor is to adore ... thoughtless man! You & your hubs are both blessed to have one another. We are shortly going to join you in that special year of celebrations ... my hubs tells everyone he got the 'pick of the litter'. I know I sure did!

    Have a beautiful PS weekend ~
    TTFN ~
    Hugs, Marydon

  2. I am SO with you on the high school things. HATED it.

  3. Love the pictures! I agree that high school is not the best time of life. Life definitely improved after the age 30. The man was thoughtless and mean. Your house is beautiful!!!

  4. Photography IS so much fun! The close up of the rose is lovely.

    Good random thoughts, Connie. Looking forward to some more! Happy Pink Saturday...

  5. Connie, I bet that man lives in a very boring, home with little to no decorations, so to him a house with beautiful things to look at would be busy. I once had a friend (or so I thought) who had nothing on her tables, no pillows, plain windows, no decorations, all white walls, what a boring place, so I can see this man thinking there is alot going on in a well decorated home.
    Love your random thoughts, hang in there spring is a comin.

  6. Beautiful rose but I could hardly take my eyes off the sidebar photo of little Caroline. She's precious. I was supposed to have a Caroline but it was a boy instead. Ditto about high school. But have you ever tried to convince a 14 year old that it's not really cool to be popular? What wisdom we gain with age.

  7. Connie, love the rose and the color. As for men and what they think, they are on a different page all together, so what does it matter. I wouldn't take it seriously at all. You have a lovely home. Happy Pink Saturday to you girlfriend, Char

  8. Hi Connie! Happy Pink Saturday! What pretty pink roses to sparkle up a dreary day. Rain, clouds and fog!! Don't let that man's comment bother you one little bit. To each his own, and besides, what does he know? Regarding your random thought about evil ... I have confronted evil and it is chilling. It's best just to stay far away from it. High school ~ I have always pitied the ones who thought that their best years were in high school . I would hope that there would be many more happy memories to come.

    Lots of love,
    Susan and Bentley

  9. I love the comment on one of the Star Wars when Jar Jar Binks says, "How wude!" - translation - "How rude!" I often think I would love to say that to people who say rude things.

    I know what you mean about the "popular" girls. I wouldn't wish that on my kids or to be famous either. Normal is wonderful and turns out to be super in the end. Have a lovely Pink Saturday.

  10. Hello Dear Lady,
    Love your Rose vignette - I can almost feel the satiny texture and smell its wonderful fragrance.
    You did a terrific job - thoughtful random thoughts - no disagreeing here!
    Happy Pink Saturday,

  11. Beautiful pics. I understand the high school memories. It was my least favorite stage of life. Lol

  12. Loved the rose. Wonder about the man. Went to 5 different high schools- always the new kid- married 44 years to my sailor boy and have been blessed beyond measure. Take care sweetie.

  13. Love the pictures! Such beautiful and vibrant colors. As for Mr Busy, I bet if you walked into his house you might say--Vanilla. He was probably impressed and being a man just didn't know how to express it. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

    Cathy ♥
    on the other side of the state with lots of snow!

  14. Hello Connie: I could just see you getting close to snap that picturesque rose! I agree with you entirely that high school was not the happiest of times. We are too young, then, and too absorbed in making good impressions. Thank the Lord as we get older, so much changes. Now I don't give a hoot about making impressions. Ha! Take care and have a good evening. Susan

  15. Now that you have laid it all on the table, you will fell much better. We all go through these days. That is one thing I hate about the people today. They think have to keep up with the Jones.

  16. What a gorgeous rose - it's wonderful!!

    I'm a new follower from Beverly's Pink Saturday.

    Would love for you to visit my new blog:

    Thank you & Happy Pink New Year!

  17. Connie, you could never bore me. I hung on every word, and let me tell you, I want to do a smack down on that man who said that to you. How RUDE!

    I have read three things on the internet in the last few days that have made me mad enough I want to spit. What is wrong with people? Some people act as if they were raised in a barn, and I think they are watching too much reality TV. That's got to be it! ;-) That, or they were rasied by wolves. Shame on him. Your house is pretty, and he should get over his tacky self.

    Love you...


    Sheila :-)

  18. Happy Pink Saturday! I can appreciate High School now. I wish I could go do it a little ...ok alot different! Grace xoox

  19. Happy PS! I loved your post... makes you stop and think for a minute..and your pics came out fantastic!

  20. Hi Connie, I love your rose and pink candles. You have mastered the closeup my friend. Your photos are stunning. I mean it.

    I always enjoy your random thoughts and usually agree with your observations. However, please don't let that man's idle comment bother you. Is he a decorator??? I love your lovely home and the way you surround yourself with the things you love. I adore my man but his thoughts on decorating is not worth mentioning. HA! He loves anything I do and I know your hubs is happy with whatever makes 'you' happy. Let it go! smile.

    I too have been in the company of an evil person. It was years ago but I still shudder at the awful feeling I had about that person. I knew her well and my feelings were from really knowing her. My opinion of her was shared by many others. I have no idea what happened to her but I do think about her still.

    The photos of Caroline on your sidebar are adorable. Lucky you.

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  21. Good stuff! Thanks for sharing your beautiful candles and roses and don't let that dude get you down. He's just jealous...Ha! :)

    HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

  22. Ah, I'm in good company as I LOATHED high school! Graduated and never looked back. Thanks for an insightful and thought provoking post.
    Licks & Wags, Niki

  23. Such a lovely post and the photo's are beautiful.
    Such a lovely blog too! Thanks for all you share.

  24. HI Connie - thanks so much for visiting! RE your letter 'S' - probably has worn off as it's the one you use a lot. Also, they are only transfers (or rub-ons) and I don't think they take as much care these days. My solution with the Diamond Glaze is working well so far, although my nails do catch a little (obvious solution is to cut them down) and at least I can put in the Captcha codes first try now!

    RE your post... a 'busy house' hmmmm.... could be an insult, could be that the man has a limited vocabulary and was trying to give you a compliment. Could be that his wife maintains an UNbusy house, ie: dull, featureless and totally boring - and that he's actually eaten up with jealousy at all your wonderful and artistic decoration, and wishing his home was exactly like yours!

    Evil... yes, of course it exists. If you believe in God, then you have to believe in the devil. And some people are bad to the bone, and there's no saving them. Best to stay away.

    High School... totally hated it. I was fat and spotty. 'Nuff said.

    Happy Pink Saturday, Connie darling

  25. Beautiful rose !
    Happy pink saturday!

  26. Beautiful rose - beautiful pics. I'm with you on High School - real adult life is so much better. Your random thoughts were so much fun to read through - thanks for sharing all of this with us. Happy Pink Saturday!

  27. Connie, I have the utmost pleasure in visiting your house....wish I could really come over!
    The man was just being a typical man.....but I would, like you, have been a bit miffed.

  28. Hello Connie, new visitor here. I would of had the same reaction about the "busy" house comment. But since it did not float into my ears, it is easier for me to say that men (almost all, there are exceptions to everything) do not connect a house to themselves unless they built the structure. A woman connects the home to herself always, so He was just being as I would like to say "in conversation". Fortunately when a man is "in conversation" it don't mean nothing! BTW I am having the same problem with my 1003 sq ft house! Who came up with this whole small down thing anyway?

  29. Darling Connie!
    You never cease to amaze me or make me chuckle! Loving that ROSE close up. Did I tell ya another thing hubs got me was a new camera! Oh my what a world of difference and I can now do close ups...ya got me thinkin girl!!!

    Come on over and join in my HEART Pocket Giveaway! I'd love for you to enter!
    Happy Pink!

  30. pretty photos!!! just keep doing what makes YOU happy!

  31. Connie, your house is beautiful and that man was rude or maybe he has no taste what so ever. Love the rose. I would take that man's statement with a grain of salt and not even worry about it. We have seen your rooms and I for one am jealous of how you have everything done, especially your utility room. Mine has 2 big windows, so there isn't much room for decorating it. I do have a little cabinet with a cross stitch picture that says "'Thank you Lord for my dryer" and some little cross stitched mini clothes and quilts. Hope you have a great day. Love and hugs, Pat

  32. ps, wanted to say that I went to a small high school and although, I was the most wittiest senior girl, I was not one to hang around with the beauties and most of them are divorced or have remarried many times, so I am lucky to have found a nerd who is handsome enough and sweet enough for me and we have been together for 40 years with no fancy wedding.

  33. You and your husband are just so lucky to have been married for 50 years. Congratulations! I enjoyed reading your blog and seeing the sense of humor and hope life keeps on giving you beautiful roses to smell. Isn't life grand?
    Joyce M

  34. Howdy Connie
    You as always are a girl after my own heart.
    Someone I would love to sit and chat on the phone with for hours knowing full well that we would each go about our buisness than come back
    to the phone and pick up where we left off :)
    You are truly that kind of awesome gal Connie !
    Happy Pink Saturday to you :)
    Happy hugs from Texas
    Until next time
    Happy Pink Trails

  35. I'm still mad at that man! How dare he! He just understand the importance of cute, let alone pink.

    Connie, I was going to email you, but I wan't sure which you'd get first. Thought you might check your blog first. Are you the one who helped Donna figure out how to get her header picture reduced? I'm having trouble getting my pictures to post in my header ever since they changed blogger. It's like they did something to them. Can you email me? I would appreciate any help. THANKS!


    Sheila :-)

  36. As always, a fun and delightful read Connie. The roses are beautiful. Lovely to see on this cold, cold day here. Package on the way... xoxo
    P.s. I loved high school. :)

  37. How gorgeous Connie.!
    Happy Pink!
    Wishing you great week ahead.

  38. Hi Connie,
    You home is delightful and full of life..its beautiful..
    I once had someone say to me Your home is pretty but I wouldn't want to dust it..I thought about it for a min. and said you know I don't like dusting either. Also a co worker friend of mine said she didn't like plates on the wall and could not understand why anyone would want to hang them up she also said she didn't like a lot of stuff around or antiques. I told her then you would not like my home at each their own I say...
    I agree sometimes we are just not sure how to take someones comment.
    Have a sweet day and hugs (I hope you are feeling better now) Elizabeth

  39. Similar thing happened to me ~ My fil came over right after we moved into our current house and said it looked like a cluttered gift shop! I was NOT amused! LOL

    Love ya,
    Angelic Accents

  40. Hi Connie,
    your pink rose and candles vignette is adorable and your post is so interesting and thought provoking. I've truly enjoyed reading your random thoughts.
    have a greeat week

  41. Your "busy" house is beautiful... too bad that man's wife doesn't put the love into her house, like you do in yours! I don't miss high school either. period. Since facebook came along, a lot of our HS classmates are getting together a lot... we've been invited several times and I have no desire to go. HS is finished. period. Thanks for another good post!


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