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Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Confession and Letting Go

From time to time we all experience this: not wanting to do a thing but vegetate around the house. No, don't deny it. We all have experienced it. Well, for me it's been going on for months. MONTHS!! I've pretty much spent my time reading, which is a true love of mine, and usually it's espionage, thriller or mystery books. I can highly recommend Daniel Silva if you have an interest in espionage.

Love Bunny wanted more room for food storage and since this house is 4 bedroom but only 1800 s.f. there isn't much room for much more since we've maxed out every single one of the 3 extra bedrooms with our separate offices and craft rooms. The 3rd car garage is for his model trains layout and that would be tremendous for food storage as he put in heating and air conditioning there, but it is his train room and I can't ask him to give it up. So I've been trying to find room in closets. I've also been contemplating what to donate, giveaway to friends or donate to thrift stores. This has not been easy, trust me.

These little drawers will have to go. I've agonized over these little vintage drawers for months but they are doing me no good. If you have an interest in them, email me and they're yours for a very nominal price plus shipping.

This I'll keep since it didn't sell when I had them on etsy and I do like little lollies to festive up the place. But it's your eye candy for this blog. ;-)

These little Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic footstools both have broken or wobbly legs. I can put things on them or prop feet on them; we just can't sit on them.

Okay, I've cleaned out one half of the craft room closet. The other half already contains food storage so we have more room now on the other half. But this room has looked exactly like this for 6 months now with very little hope of big change in the immediate future.

I really, really have to do something soon as I cannot even get in this room to craft. This means taking apart that white shelving and sticking it up in the attic garage with the other shelving until we can find somewhere to put it up or sell it also.

I made those two black with pink and lavender roses center motif out of some left over fabric from when our chairs were upholstered in that fabric. I absolutely loved that fabric and am having a hard time giving away or selling them. I haven't made up my mind yet, but once gone, they're gone. They really are gorgeous. Again, if you have an interest in them, let me know, and I'll come to a decision on what to do with them at that point. Nominal price plus shipping.

Oh, the front is 100% high end upholstery fabric and the back is 100% wool in purple so they are not machine washable.

Trust me when I say I'm embarrassed to show you this but there it is. Sigh...



  1. Don't be embarrassed Connie, that there is creative clutter!! We all have it.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  2. Hey Connie, I just had a shelf reliance food storage party..not sure if you are interested in party is still open till the 7th of february..if you are interested..I need to give my consultant your email address so she can put you on the customer list..she will give you a temporary password and the price list for us customers..its better then the one that is on line...if your order once she gives you the password, it will go towards my show.;) we had alot of fun..and the food is amazing..I can't wait to add it to my food storage..I also have 3 bookings..and I may book off myself again..;)

  3. Connie ~
    I love all of the goodies
    you have in your craft room!
    Don't feel embarrassed at
    all because I bet that is
    exactly how alot of our
    craft rooms look :)


  4. O, darlin'....this room isn't all that bad.
    I hear you on downsizing. I have been taking bags and bags of STUFF to Goodwill and still have more to go. My main storage problem seems to be dishes. I just can't find enuf storage places for my growing collection of dishes.And, HEAVEN FORBID that I would get rid of DISHES! In fact, I bought ANOTHER set just yesterday at the thrift. GOOD GRIEF...I think I have a problem. :)))

  5. I love it that you are so "real" with us! I've been busy going through my craft stuff this week and having to make some tough decisions, too. I have a "tiny" little pile on the bar for Goodwill. :o)

  6. I'm thinking I love those pillows. I certainly don't need more pillows, but . . . oh, I don't know. You need to go play! Once you start, you'll be hooked again. You have too many great supplies to let them just collect dust. Come on. Get a move on. Make something for Valentine's Day!!

  7. Oh my, dear girlfriend, looks as if you secretly found your way into our daughter's old bedroom here ~ yep, it looks exactly the same!! I just wouldn't trust anyone who didn't have at least one junk area, would you?!?!

    Don't work too hard, sweetie!

    Angelic Accents

  8. I love your craft area! I totally understand the need for downsizing. I am working on that myself. It is awfully hard to get rid of things you love isn't it? or even things you may need again. I downsized the kitchen and discovered several of the things that were donated are needed and I had to buy them again. That is a drag and I don't like it but what can you do?

  9. Our rooms look alike! LOL! However yours looks much less cluttered. I have my sewing area at one end of my long bedroom and not near enough space. I'm thinking of moving my bed out to the deck. LOL!
    If we could just find a way to blend our food storage into our decor! LOL!
    Just go with the flow and vege out. It's your creative self recharging itself. It'll come back when it's ready.

    Cathy ♥


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