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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What We Woke Up To This Morning

It's a beautiful snowy day here. Snowed about 8", hubs went out to shovel at 8 am and at noon we had the sidewalk and driveway packed with another 2". It was grand. Of course, I'm not going out in it. I think I need to buy hubs a snow blower, but not today.

I call this photo "Roses in the Snow." It's just your eye candy for the day. I'll have more soon but I'm so caught up in reading I haven't been doing much crafting lately, which is weird but I'm just being lazy. :-)

This little sachet was a gift several years ago. It kept its rose fragrance for a very, very long time. I've kept it and scented it again with rose fragrance and just can't throw something so gorgeous away.

Cream of Wheat! Tasted scrumptious when lots of sweetener and butter in it.

More snow on this later photo than the earlier one below. Looks like a snow cake.

This shot does NOT show off his bum to full effect. He's got a great bum but those insulated coveralls make him look like an old man.

Do ya see those huge flakes?


  1. "BEAUTIFUL Connie"!!! We need an ARK here, it's raining SO HARD I can't even see out of the windows, AND the "WIND is HOWLING"!!! I too have that lovely rose envelope and I had to LAUGH because I feel the same way, I keep scenting it, hehe... OH an the Cream of Wheat is one of my favorites ALONG with Oatmeal(I'm obsessed with that), I like to mash a banana in my "C of W"!YUMMMMMY!!!
    Oh and your Hubby looks adorable out there in his overalls!!! LOVE his HAT!!!
    Hugs to you Sweetie,
    Stay in and keep warm,

  2. Wow what beautiful snow pics. I do wish it would occassionally know here. I love to eat cream of wheat but haven't bought any in ages. My grandmother used to boil can milk with cinnimon sticks and then added cream of wheat, oh it was so rich and good! Hope you are having a great day, T

  3. You have your own winter wonderland! It's beautiful!


  4. oh connie you are way too funny..we had that snow last week and lost power for 49 is bright and sunny..;) enjoy your "snow day"...

  5. Would ya SHARE those gorgeous white flakes with me, pul-eez! Looks like we won't get much this year according to the predictions, durnnit! Last year I was in snow heaven ... if you recall.

    I have that same rose sachet & just love it ... every now & then I shake it up a bit.

    Hope you are doing better each day, Connie.

    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  6. The snow looks so pretty!!!! I am originally from Michigan and miss the snow......sometimes :)

  7. It was flurrying here all day here! I love snow when it just covers the ground. Not so into more than 1 inch right now. I love when snows in December. We are supposed to get a lot this winter. I can't shovel it myself, so I have to wait for the young man down the street to come and do it. Happy snow day!!!!!

  8. Wow Connie, that snow is impressive!!! We don't get it in the area of New Zealand I live in:( Rachaelxo

  9. Snow here too, but not quite like yours! Those certainly are huge flakes.


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