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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pink Saturday 10/23/2010 and a Refurbished Lamp

A hint at what I'm working on today.

Happy pink saturday! Please click on the logo below for
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Again, I apologize for not leaving any comments, but as I've said, my health is the most important thing at the moment. I hope to be back within the next couple of months blogging more. It usually takes me several times sitting at this computer to do a post for Pink Saturday. Prayers are gratefully accepted and appreciated.

Also I have a request. Last monday at physical therapy I heard the song Achy Breaky Heart for the first time ever. It reminded me of a song in the 80s that we used to jazzercize to in class. It had that kind of beat but I can't remember the words or the name of the song. I know this seems like a worthless cause but I cannot get the song out of my head and the words won't come to me. I just loved that beat to jazzercize to though. Can anyone think of a song with that beat? And no, it wasn't Achy Breaky Heart. We didn't do country/western in San Francisco Bay Area at that time. Sorry.

Some of you might be interested in knowing how I'm doing, maybe not, but I'm going to tell you anyway. :-) I'm doing great! I haven't exercised this much in years and I need to make an embarrassing confession. While this has been going on and I'm exercising diligently 2x a day, every single day except for sundays as it is a day of rest for us, I decided to get out some DVDs I had a woman make for me from some old tapes I had. When I put the DVD on my Mac iBook I thought I'd just sail right through it for at least part of the 60 minute video. I got 10 minutes into it and just about had a heart attack! Very embarrassing. I told hubs that I couldn't go anymore. That was very embarrassing but he said, "It's 10 minutes more than you did yesterday, which was zero." He's right. There has to be a beginning for everything. So I've been trying the treadmill for the last few days and that's much better for an old lady to start out on. You'll be apprised of my progress henceforth.

I'm going to ramble for a minute or so. You KNOW how opinionated I am and how certain things just set my teeth on edge, right? Well, yesterday I was "visit teaching" a woman in our ward (this is a monthly thing we do in our church to visit and see if they need anything or to help with anything they might need and also to bring the spiritual message of the month.) During the visit her cell phone rang and she answered it. Now, she has voice messaging just like the millions of other cell phone users but she chose to answer it. It didn't sound like something she couldn't have waited to talk about until we had left. I was frothing!!! The look I had on my face could have peeled the wet off water! I know my face had to show my anger to my companion. I never, ever answer the phone when someone is visiting with me. THEY are more important than just about anything that could come over a phone line. I always let it go to message. What is wrong with us that we don't acknowledge the people in our presence as being as important as those that call us? If she had been waiting for an emergency, that would have been different. I'm talking about someone who just wanted to chat and she probably knew that. Please, women, give your attention to someone in your presence who has come to visit with you.

This lamp is one I did many years ago in white but I decided recently I wanted it more pink. I'm also doing projects I can stand up doing instead of sitting. This is, of course, driving me nuts! But hopefully it won't be much longer before I can sit with a modicum of comfort.



  1. love that little lamp..and I am happy to hear that you are feeling better too...don't know the song you speak of..but do know the other one..have a great weekend chick.:)

  2. Love the lamp, totally agree re mobiles (hate the things) and distracted visitors. Why do some people leave the TV on and kind of watch over one's shoulder? Can't they turn it off?

    So glad you are getting better - slowly, slowly...a little more each day....

    Happy Pink Saturday - and please note I've moved to WordPress.

    Hugs from Susie in the UK.

  3. The lamp is absolutely glowing with Pinkness and Pretty! Thanks for the reminder of cell phone manners...that's what voice mail and alerts are waiting...and not just on cell phones. Glad to hear you are doing better and look forward to your return to are missed.

  4. Beautiful lampshades Connie and I agree regarding the use of cell phones. And I have to add, those driving and talking or texting are the worse!! I'm so glad to hear of your progress - thanks so much for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. G'morn sweet Connie ~ ...and yes I do want to know how you are doing, as I am concerned about your healing.

    I love your lamp, looked at mine & guess what!? one is getting some lace trim at the top soon. TY for a great idea.

    Oh, these cell phones & lack of courtesy is just plain RUDE!!! Period! I just wonder what the heck all these 'people' would do if they lived back in our time where we didn't have them 24/7 ... they drive me crazy! I've even said out loud in grocery stores, restaurants, groups, etc., where I can be heard, trust me, about how RUDE they are & where are their social courtesies I so agree with you ...

    Get well soon, prayers lifting for you, sweet friend.

    Have a beautiful PS weekend ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  6. First, I'm glad you are getting better.

    Oh, boy, do I share your anger about answering phones when you are in the midst of talking face to face. It drives me buggy! It's rude. It implies that a phone call is more important than you. Even if it is terribly important, an emergency even, all one has to do is check the voice mail. No excuse.

    Ironically, I fell this week doing work out in the yard and my back is out. And it hurts!


  7. Connie, so glad you are beginning to feel much better now. Take care and dont do too much!

  8. oh Connie dear, am so glad that you are recovering. and I also like the lamp makeover! pretty shade it seem! take care and have a great weekend!

  9. You teaser, you! Can't wait to see the whole thing!

    I can't help you with the jazzersize song, but just wondered, "Where were you when they were playing 'Achy Breaky Heart' over and over on the radio?" Or was that just an Alabama thing? Anyway, I'm glad we got past that phase. :)

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  10. Sweet Connie, Love the lamp and wish it were in my pink bedroom-lol. So happy to hear that you are able to stand and craft and hoping to see some frufru soon on the little birdhouse. Glad you are getting through the exercise. I think I need to do more also.
    Now as far as the phones go, it curls the hair on my arms. I too have been in situations where people are down right rude. I was waiting to check out at the doctor's office and the lady before me was talking on her phone like it didn't matter that she was keeping me from leaving. And we have created more little rude monsters coming soon to our neighborhoods. I am happy to say, my dil makes every get off the computers when we come to visit. My little angel gd told them it was rude because granny and pawee were there to visit. She is 10, so now it's a rule, no phone, no computers when visitors are there. Love and hugs, Pat

  11. You have done a remarkable job on the lamp. It is simply gorgeous. Cell phones are good to a point, but a pain as well. I could go on all day about how feel about them, but I try to consider it my age. I do not even have one.

  12. Hi Connie!

    Your lamp shades are so pretty. Oh, I hear you about the cell phones. Why do people constantly have to talk on the phone??? I was visiting a good friend a few yrs ago. She got a phone call on her cell, and went into the bathroom to take the call. she was on a good 15 minutes. She had the music on in the living room, so I went in, and started to dance to the music to entertain myself. Her son comes walking in, and there I am by myself dancing away. I was soooo embarrased! She had done that a few times, and I thought how rude. I decided I would not go for coffee anymore. :(


  13. Hello Connie - Happy Pink Saturday! Love the lampshade - so very feminine and chic! I agree with you - cell phones cause people to demonstrate poor manners!
    Hope you're doing better and having a wonderful day,

  14. I love what you put up for Pink Saturday. The lamp shade is really lovely and feminine. Hope you feel better soon and I would have let my phone go to message and enjoyed the person visiting with me. Someday we'll all be just a bunch of them on Saturday Night Live. Have a great weekend.

  15. Hi Connie,
    your shade is quite adorable!

    I am sending you prayers.

    Deanna :D

  16. Hello My Sweet Friend

    Good to hear from you. I think about you every time I'm at the computer, you were one of my first blogging buddies.

    Always in my prayers.


  17. Connie, I am sorry to hear you weren't well, but I am happy that you are getting better!!! I am keeping you in my prayers and thinking of you. I remember the lovely comments you left me when I was down, so sweet and uplifting, they made me feel so much happier.
    Good start to the exercising, I should join you!!!
    Love the lamp, you are always making something look so much better, great color of course!!!

  18. I love your lampshade. I so agree with you about the cell phone/phone and not placing importance with the people who are visiting. Cell phones are a pet peeve of mine and honestly I got rid of mine. I get so irritated seeing people yapping on their phones in their cars and roaming the grocery aisles talking on the phone. And what gets me the most, they aren't talking about anything that important. Ok, sorry that was my little rampage there. Keep up the great work with the exercise. I have usually walk on my treadmill a bit each day. I broke my leg a few years ago and had two different surgeries on it and hardware put it. I can just now put on my weight on that leg. It's been a long road, but like your hubby said "it's 10 minutes more than yesterday."
    Hugs, LisaKay

  19. Hey Connie, Keep up the exercising program. It's a good thing. Love the lamp, it is very pretty. I is good to see you posting. I hope you are feeling better.

    Warm hugs,


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