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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Remember the candle ring I rescued from Love Bunny's garage sale earlier this month? Well, here is what I did with it. Easy peasy! Cheap straw wreath I got at 1/2 off at Joanns, white tissue garland and the candle ring. I pinned everything on in seconds. Yep, I broke the cardinal rule of crafting—NO HOT GLUE. See what you can do!

Random Thoughts:

The other day I took my car through the car wash and just loved the new one that we used. It's new to our town and it really cleans the outside extremely well. But the best part was that I could go inside the wash and pick my nose without anyone seeing. I'll bet all of you reading this understand that! ;-)

I was reading an article on line recently about Guantanamo and found it very enlightening so I salute those military men who have to guard the terrorists. Did you know that the faces of the guards cannot be televised or photographed? Did you know that they cannot wear name badges for their own security also? Did you know that the terrorists can pray but we can't here at any public function? Just how mad does that make you? They can have prayer but your child in school cannot bless his/her food before eating it.

Ooooh, and get this one: The EPA is thinking of banning lead in bullets. Yep, they don't want a criminal to die of lead poisoning if the bullet doesn't do the trick. Sad but absolutely true.

Back in 1963 or 1964 hubs and I had our 2 children and we needed a car. Ours had broken down and was not fixable so we went to the local Dodge dealer after seeing an ad for a new Valiant. It cost $2,000 for that brand new Valiant, but we couldn't qualify because we were in the military and were so lowly paid. I hope our troops today are better off. I would gladly give a tiny bit more tax if they men who guard and defend this wonderful country would be exempt from paying any income tax at all—federal or state. God bless those fighting men!

I should love to have this said about me when I depart this earth:
She'd been so beautiful for so long that nobody really listened to her. They were overwhelmed by the visuals.

Some people just love shoveling manure over the seeds of truth.

Human beings are a precious resource.

Do not be fearful of life's decisions.


  1. Hi Connie,
    You creative girl you! what will you think of next..
    I love your post on editing photo's. I am going to try your suggestions.
    Have a sweet day, Hugs~Elizabeth

  2. Sweet!!!!! And this means since you pinned everything instead of hot can change it with the seasons if you wish!! Clever gal.

    Thanks for stopping by to visit with me at Driftwood Tree on the Shore. Have a great Wednesday.

  3. I love a craftin' girlie who doesn't let a thing go to waste! There's always something to do with those little bits isn't there? Love your project.

    And, the MILITARY.... It's my dream to come into a boatload of money so I can randomly give BIG surprises to our MILITARY and their families. They DESERVE more... Wouldn't that be fun? Standing behind a service man or woman at BEST BUY while they're looking at a new TV and telling the salesperson that "this one's on me".... Wooohoooo!

    Have a wonderful day dear one...


  4. Hi Connie... yes, my hubby just told me about the banning led in bullets. Scary!

    I also enjoyed your thought about being so beautiful. Is THAT why no one listens to me????? LOL!

    I'm going to do frou frou friday this week!!!! I'm not going to forget....nooooooooooooo.


  5. Hi Connie, I don't get the hot-glue-gun out unless I absolutely have to these days. And this is your lucky day, because I drew your name for the fall basket swap doorprize just this morning. I will be sending that out to you. Go to my blog and check it out. I will be emailing everyone today with their partners info. Have a great day.

  6. oh you know I just love your random always have such good ones.:)

  7. love the wreath. How beautiful, just like you!!!!

    I also love your random thoughts. I didn't know about the banning of bullets because of lead. Hmm, what are they thinking.

    I am a military brat and my mom served in the canadian forces (we are canadian by birth). She was the first woman in all of ontario to become a major. 2nd woman in all of canada to become a major. She was pretty darn cool. I am so thankful your hubby served too!

  8. Loved your comments and thoughts. I have just found your blog and rally enjoyed reading it


  9. Hi Connie,
    You are one crafty chick.
    Military pay is not what it should be. That is for sure!

    big hugs,

  10. Connie ,
    you are amazing, NO HOT GLUE?
    Can't believe you could make that,, Beautiful.


  11. Oh Sweet Pea,

    I haven't blogged much this summer either. I've done my best to try and keep it interesting, but it's been hard.

    My vision of you tumbling and falling was hysterical although I don't want to make light of the fact that one of my BFF's hurt herself. I hope you are doing a bit better and I want you to know that I think of you daily. And that's the truth. You are an amazing person and a wonderful, kind-hearted, loving friend.

    Praying that we both feel outstandingly better soon.

    Big Hugs to You Sweet Pea,


  12. Hi Connie! I remember being married to an enlisted man and qualifying for food stamps. Now that was sad! I think the pay has been raised just enough so they can't qualify now. It is really kinda disgusting to think how much the politicians make (and steal) and how little our enlisted men and women make.
    Love how you created the wreath !

  13. Hi Connie, Darling creation you made without the hot glue!!
    Love those random thoughts too.
    I also enjoyed viewing your great pics of the old homes. Darling cottages they are. So much detail.

    We ended up with tons of rain, now under a tornado warning with more rain on the way.
    Have a great evening.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  14. Pretty wreath! I haven't seen that white tissue garland, I'll be on the lookout for one!

    I enjoyed your random thoughts, learned some things too! Thanks!


  15. Connie, Hello sweet friend...things just aren't normal until I hear from you for the week and this post made me smile. I take shortcuts whenever I can but you know the glue gun is my weapon of choice. I salute the military as well. I cannot believe the courage and the guts it must take to be in the military, not only for the men but for their families as well. I hope you are having a lovely evening.
    Squishy hugs,

  16. You are so creative! I love projects that are quick and come out just the way I pictured it in my mind. This always causes an excitement in me. Love your random thoughts, also.

  17. Connie, giggling at some of your comments. You can't be serious about the lead in bullets. We pay these EPA people with our taxes?

    Yes, be grateful for our military!

    What? No hot glue? LOL! Hey, pins make everything reusable! Smart girl!

    Hugs, Diane

  18. Hello Connie, I have missed your posts but this one is awesome and fun. I have been on the go since last weekend. We spent four days celebrating my brother's 50th anniversary with his dear wife Sharon. Lots of out of town company and a trip about 60 miles from here to attend the BIG party. The last guest left on Tuesday. No time for my computer was a given.

    I love the rescue craft Connie. You are the best at creating just about anything. Your random thoughts gets right to the problem of our country's politics. I so agree with you about prayer. I hope this country wakes up and realizes that our rights as Americans are in serious danger of losing them. Enough about politics. I do try not to give my opinions on this. I guess you hit a nerve. Smile.

    Love your quotes. They made me laugh at the truth in them.

    Have a happy day my friend,

  19. Love your wreath Miss Connie...and you KNOW I LOVE your RANDOM THOUGHTS! :)


  20. Wow, your full of random thoughts today. The only reason they are banning led bullets is to get rid of bullets, and the praying in makes me sooo mad! I love your little wreath, but you can hardly call yourself a crafter if you did not burn your fingers off with hot glue LOL!!



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