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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Napkin Rings for Pink Saturday 9/25/2010

Happy Pink Saturday. Click the icon below to be taken to Beverly's other participants.


I've collected napkin rings for 25 years at least. I simply like the look of them all gathered in a bowl for visual effect or as I like to call it eye candy since I'm a very visual person anyway. So after hunting in the garage attic for our garage sale in mid June Love Bunny found them and brought them down to sell. I held them back to perhaps put them on eBay or my selling blog La Maison Rose. I truly cannot abide Mr. LB selling them for 50¢ for dozens of them like he did my other thing—pillows and shabby chic storage boxes. Does this mean I have "separation" issues?!

I have rabbits, teddy bears, roses, Christmas, fabric ones, rooster, some purchased in Ireland, simple wooden ones, silver, masks, a few plain ones, some seashell ones and many that just touched my heart at that particular time.



  1. I have a thing for napkin rings too! It's funny because I rarely use them but love the way they look! I see a few really cute roosters in your pics-enjoy:@)

  2. Connie,
    Hello, I love all of your napkin rings. Especially the rose ones~
    I am beginning to think Love Bunny traumatized you with the garage sale... Mr. Romantic keeps telling me we should have a sale and thank goodness my son has football on time for garage sales. Giggle. Happy Pink Saturday.

  3. LOVE Napkin rings, you come up with the best ideas. yvonne

  4. WOW! That is a lot of napkins rings and how cute they look displayed in that bowl!! What a conversation piece!!


  5. Happy Pink Saturday, Connie.

    Girl, I'm going to start thinking of you as the "Napkin Ring Queen" I have the same silk hyolly rings.

    Very fun!

  6. Look at them all= wow!! Awesome!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

    In Shoes We Trust,
    Maggie Mae @
    "Do These Shoes Match this Purse?"

  7. What a neat collection, Connie! I like the idea that they are so varied, yet small enough to mass in a bowl.


  8. Happy Pink Saturday Miss C! Thanks for visiting me the other day~

    Love your napkin rings and I love the look of your slip-covered sofa in the previous post! YUMMO!!!


  9. Connie, what a great idea. I imagine when people stop over and see that, they touch and pick through it all, remembering some and wanting others. What a great conversation starter. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  10. You DO collect napkin rings....what a big and fun collection! They do make a table special, tho!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  11. Goodness Connie, you have quite the collection of Napkin rings! I have some pretty pink linen napkins, and I've been wanting to find some cute vintage napkin rings/holders to use on them, but haven't found what I'm looking for..yet :) One of these days, when I least expect it, there they will be (hopefully!) Have a great weekend!!

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  12. I have never seen so many different napkin rings. It is so interesting to see what others enjoy and collect. You can pick one for any occasion out all these.

  13. What a fabulous collection! I'd keep them just as they are, in that fabulous crystal bowl. You could spend hours just running your fingers through and looking at them...

    Happy Pink Saturday, Connie!

  14. Happy Pink Saturday Connie! Wow, that's a lot of napkin rings. I'm the opposite, I have one set for Christmas, one cheapie gold set and one set of plain, plastic yellow. It's not that I don't like napkin rings, I really do! It just seems there never extra $$$ to buy the ones I like. Have a wonderful weekend, Nan

  15. I LOVE the display idea!!! I always see pretty napkin rings and never buy them because I have my tried and true ones I use when entertaining. But to buy one at a time and use for display! I'm loving it!!!
    Happy PS

  16. That's such a lovely collection. Thanks for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday.

  17. Happy Pink Saturday Connie! I am here visiting you during the BSU game. I'm so nervous, I can't watch! Love your napkin rings ~ especially the Nutcracker! Go Broncos!! (Couldn't help myself).

    Susan and Bentley

  18. I've never thought about collecting napkin rings much less filling a bowl with them. What a neat idea and an interesting way to fill a bowl! I have several different sets I use that I might try in a bowl. I really like this idea!

  19. Didn't know you collected napkin rings, sis!! You've got TONS! We should really both take a stab at selling on our other blogs again. But where is the time?!?! Loved your posts about returning comments, too. I've not had much time to do that lately, visiting the grandkids and being sick and all. I'm trying to do better. Feeling better today, too. Mum's bday was the 22nd, so I'm planning to take her out to celebrate her big 75th just as soon as I'm not contagious!!

    Much Love,
    Angelic Accents


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