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Friday, September 3, 2010

Froufrou Friday #5 9/3/2010

Have you ever seen a more exquisite tulip than this one? I haven't. It's called an Ice Cream tulip and you cannot find it just anywhere. I saw this recently while perusing the internet for some new tulips to plant next year. I'm smitten. Exquisite!



  1. I think I saw it in my new Breck's catalog, or a tulip very much like it. It is beautiful, and so unique. One could almost say it looks delicious.

  2. Hello sweets, love the darling tulip. Hope you have a lovely day and I will see you on Pink Saturday.

  3. Amazing,just a wonderful Beauty is this tulip!!!

    Wish you a very,very lovely first september weekend,my dear friend:-)*


  4. Connie, I have never in my life seen a tulip like that. It is truly exquisite and proof of our Creator's love for His earthly children. Susan

  5. Those are amazing !
    Where can you get them ?


  6. Connie, what a beautiful tulip. I used to have some but here in the south, we leave them in the ground year round and mine froze one year while in the hospital. Yours are gorgeous. Thanks for having frufru Fridays. It has been fun, even though I have not been crafting very much. Love and hugs, Pat

  7. Oh my......BEAUTIFUL....I want some!!!! Thanks for sharing... Stop by and say hi soon, my dear. :) Have a great weekend.

  8. Hi Connie,
    Those tulips are MAGNIFICENT!!!!! Talk about natures Frou Frou!! Would you share where you found some....I would love to order some for our home...I have hundreds of tulips, but every year those naughty squirrels that share our space, dig them up thinking they must be a misplaced!

    BTW....your birthday gift is beautiful...lucky girl. Someone loves you for sure!

    Late Happy Birthday!

  9. Hi Connie! Wow ~ that is one fabulous frou frou tulip!! Love it!!

    Susan and Bentley

    PS: I'll have to come up with something fab for next week's frou frou Friday!

  10. love the tulips! Those were one of Mom's favorite flowers. Wish I had a green thumb to make a garden for her. Unfortunately, I can manage to kill any plant or flower in my way. Not a good recommendation for a gardener. Glad you hubby does great work. Maybe he will plant some for you!

  11. What an absolutely beautiful tulip.....How blessed you are to be able to grow those.
    When you look at those you know we have an awesome God to create such beauty for us to enjoy. Your blog is always so enjoyable. I do not have a blog but hope to one day. May you have a wonderful and fun filled Labor Day weekend with those you love

  12. Beautiful! It really does look just like a scoop of ice cream with kool whip topping.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  13. Hi Connie, What a gorgeous tulip. It really does look like a scoop of icecream. Can you imagine a whole flower bed of these. My gosh, how stunning.
    Have a great holiday weekend.
    Blessings to you, Celestina Marie XO

  14. My word, those are delicious...gotta scout around for some...
    hope you are doing great, my friend.
    hugs xoxo glenda

  15. Soo "cool!"

    Enjoy your holiday weekend!


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