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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Boise Old Homes Part #1

One day recently I asked Hubs to take me on a walking tour of the North End of Boise. He agreed although it was 95° that day.

Shade trees galore so that you can almost not see the house, but it was pretty anyway.

This one was so adorable, but even though these houses are old they're still in the $300,000 to $400,000 range.

The bay window on this one struck me.

The quintessential porch.

Porch swing and a box of geraniums. This one was for sale at $375,000.00—marked down!

An old barn right in the middle of this drew my attention for its architectural naivete.

Large old craftsman-style house.

Now how in the world could I pass up a pink trimmed house? This was so quaint, neat and adorable I had to show you.

This is very similar to houses in the northeast part of the U.S. because it sat almost on the sidewalk.

Same house, side view.

This house is absolutely more stunning in person than this photo. Just gorgeous. Looks like a wealthy family would live there.


  1. I would have a hard time picking which one I like best!

  2. Hi Connie thanks for the tour of Boise.
    Some lovely homes

  3. Hi Connie, the houses are so pretty. I love old houses, as you know. Prices are higher than I would have thought in Boise! I bet the neighborhood is really desirable.


  4. Hi Connie :) These are some beautiful homes! I think my favorite is the last one; love that color of green. This must be a very desireable neighborhood, which is why the homes prices are so much! You know what they say...Location, location, location! :) Hope you are having a wonderful weekend :)

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  5. love the house pictures! I especially loved the pink trim. I would love to redo our trim in pink, but that is on hold for right now until we save enough money. I have the jar we are using for it on the counter! Have a great fall day!

  6. Connie what beautiful homes! I love the second to last one. What a fun stroll you had. Thanks for sharing! Have a beautiful day!

  7. Hiya Connie,
    Thanks so much for the tour!! I love the little house with the pink trim and gingerbread and the next one down with the cream coloured shutters.
    We are enjoying September weather this weekend. The temperature is down to the mid 60s and we have had rain off and on for 36 hours. The wind is bucking in from the west in great gusts. When the sun does break through the sky is a stunning crystal clear blue. I am loving it!!!
    Happy weekend!!
    Hugs, Laura

  8. Beautiful homes. I love to drive into the "older" sections of towns and see the beautiful old homes. I just wish I could find one, with all that charm, way out in the country somewhere!

  9. I love the PORCHES!!! Fenced, large, small...screened-in, painted, stained...wood floor, tiled, concrete - ANY PORCH WILL DO ----- except mine!!

    Mine is a simple walk-up and come in the door porch. Good thing I have an enclosed 900 square foot Court Yard!!!


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