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Friday, September 17, 2010

Boise Old Home Part #2

Continuing the tour...

This little house is only 900 sq. ft. and adorable. When you see it in person it is almost like a fairy tale cottage. Just so cute you think if you close your eyes and puff at it, it will disappear.

This is a most unusual garden we passed.

It even had a stream (man-made I'm sure) running through the yard.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of this old garage. Remember when they didn't have remote controls on them? We had to get out of the car and open the doors to drive in.

It it's pink I love it, right? Yep! And that unique gate and entry is most unusual.

Is it calling your name?

This looks like a blend of two old styles, the names of which I cannot recall.

Definitely needs some tender loving care. I think someone is fixing it up, whether to sell or live in I don't know.

And just plunk this one down in middle America. Looks like a typical farmhouse I think.


  1. loving all of the homes and the unique styles.:)

  2. Good morning Connie,
    Thanks so much for the house tour!!! I like them all, but I guess my very favorite would be the last one. I am a "porch" girl. The two gables are lovely also. Boise looks like a lovely city from the house perspective.
    We are having a lovely autumn day here in eastern Ontario with sunny skies and temperature up to mid 70s. I hope you are enjoying nice weather also.
    Warm hugs, Laura

  3. Connie, I love all these old houses. It would be hard to pick my fav. The larger taupe house looks like Prairie/Craftsman style to me. Have a great weekend, Nan

  4. That first house is simply adorable. I LOVE the red door!

  5. Beautiful houses! Gotta go check out Part 1 now...

  6. Hi Connie Sweet!
    I adore vintage cottages....I live in one, but I am afraid it is, on the outside, not nearly as pretty as any of these!
    I will call the last one my home....I love the porch!

  7. Good morning Connie!

    Oh YUM. I adore looking at old homes... The style of these are just so darn cute. I especially loved the one with the metal, oval top gate. I could move into any of them, I'm sure.


  8. Love the pictures! I hope to have a little cottage like that some day. You pick such cute houses to show us!

  9. Oh Connie I LOVE the first house.... it reminds me of a gingerbread house.... my jaw dropped at each house with plenty of ooohs & aaahs....
    Have a great weekend Hun...

    Lyn xxx

  10. I love driving down Harrison Blvd and Warm Springs area, looking at all the beauties Connie. There are some real lookers. I just spent three days in Boise having sister time with three of my sisters. We went to go take a look at our childhood home on North Eagle Rd, and were delighted to see it looking beautiful. Last time I went by it had fallen into disrepair. The sweet young mom who lives there now invited us in and we were able to give her much history on it. It was added to the historic register? a few years ago, because it had reached 100 years old. It was wonderful to be within it's walls again.


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