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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Picnic at The Park

Okay, enough of the banners already!! I'm tired of showing them as much as you're probably tired of seeing them. Anyway, while I'll probably still make them for some giveaways, I'll try not to show them unless they ARE giveaways. So I'd stay tuned if I were you, chicks! Just a little eye candy of the cupcakes that turned out better than the first batch. I absolutely looooove doing them. Very fun and relaxing for me. I always have to be doing something or I get fidgety.

So now for a little update from this past weekend.

Love Bunny and I, actually I, decided to take a saturday and go to a local lake just a few country miles from us. It's called Deer Flats Park at Lake Lowell and it's very shaded in this hot desert. The lake wasn't crowded at all.

We ran to the post office and store to pick up some potato salad and then picked up some sandwiches at Subway. We got there and laid on a blanket under some trees while eating lunch. As we were ready to leave and go to our car in the car park, which was dirt and gravel, there were stanchions with a thick cable to prevent cars from driving on the grass. I'm not very tall and lifted my leg to go over the lowest part of the thick cable. I had my drink in right hand, my purse over my left shoulder and the blanket under my right arm. I told Love Bunny no problem; I didn't need his help by holding my hand. Then things went awry and got hazy from there.

My foot got caught on the thick cable. I quickly grabbed it with my right hand, lost footing and did a 180° over the cable and landed on my back in the dirt and gravel. Hubs quickly asked if I was all right. I quickly asked if anyone saw it. He said, "Only the guy in the car next to us." I started laughing and couldn't stop. I asked him for a hand up and was just a bit dazed. My pocket recorder, which is always in my pocket, fell out and I dropped the blanket but I didn't lose a drop of my soda. Whew! But I couldn't stop laughing at how a 70 year old chick must look sprawled out in the parking lot of the park. Trust me when I say it wasn't a pretty sight. LB later told me I looked graceful in the execution of the flip and if I were an Olympic gymnast he would have given me an 8.75 score. Yep, he actually said that.

My left leg near my buttocks was aching pretty badly, my right knee and right hand had a "road rash" and the front of my foot at my ankle must had scraped some gravel because they all hurt. I didn't have any ice in the house because we don't use ice unless the kids come to visit because I keep cold water, juice and sodas in the fridge at all times, so I had to use a bag of frozen vacuum-sealed corn on my bottom.

It is now monday morning and I'm still in pain, but I AM fine. I never thought a fall could hurt so much.


  1. Oh goodness me.... I hope you are feeling better soon... I always do that if I do something daft... the first thing I say is "did anyone see me?" lol

    Love the cupcakes... too!

    x Alex

  2. You are so funny Connie. But I'm glad to hear that you didn't get seriously hurt. You'll probably feel sore for awhile. Good thing you could laugh about it. I'm glad you got away and had a relaxing day, you deserve it. It's a shame it cost you a bruise or two.

    Now, I never knew you to lie before. 70 - peashaw. You can't make me believe that no matter how hard you try.

    Love and hugs...Tracy :)

    P.S. You're gonna think I'm the biggest klutz but while you were playing daytime tripper, I was here trying to jump off the backside of Neils truck (which the side rail of is about 5 ft) while holding a spraying pressure washer wand. Yes I fell. Luckily in the dirt drive and my knee was hurting too. Summer needs to end for me. Love sharing war stories with you Sweetie!

  3. Oh' yeah, I got on one track and forgot all about telling you just how cute and yummy these cupcakes look!

  4. Falling, is just like rolling off a log, I say!! It's amazing you didn't lose any of your soda!! I love the fact that the olympic judge would give such a high score for you!! You go girl!

    Now tho, yourself and heal.

  5. I had to laugh Connie - not at your getting hurt - but at the fall. I have done the same kind of thing so many times in my life! One moment you're standing and the next...down. And you wonder how it happened so quickly!

    I'm glad you are not too damaged and I'm even happier you had a great big laugh over the whole thing.


  6. Connie,I just LOVE your cupcakes they look so yummy and real!The banners u r making look wonderful too.Sorry to hear about your fall.Hope u r feeling better.Marcus and Mikey started school yesterday.Joey will grad sept 2 from Navy boot camp.I can't wait to see him again.Hugs and love ya,Jen

  7. Goodness gracious! This must be fall down hubby fell last night when he lost his balance and his butt landed on a bolt sticking out of a table leg. Actually a sewing table leg. We had taken it apart and it was sitting on end in the family room. Needless to say we moved the table to the living room for now. We don't go in there often at the moment. We really need to take it to the thrift shop. It is too big for the sewing room. I am changing things in there. My craft blog has the details on that. Anyway, hubby now has a big bruise on his butt! He said he felt stupid falling like that.

    Love the cupcakes and I love your banners too. I still plan to try and make one or some for the living room windows.


  8. HI Connie! Oh, I am SO glad you only hurt a little more than your dignity! ;-) Lay low and heal. I am so sorry, but I had to chuckle at your expense at the mental image I had of you using the bag of frozen corn! LOL!
    I just saw this quote on a blog that I think applies to you:
    "Have fun and act old later!" :-)
    Hugs and Blessings!

  9. Connie, that sounds so funny, but I'm glad you weren't hurt seriously. The cupcakes are adorable and the new banner you made is also very sweet. Everything you do, even falling over a cable comes out great---you didn't lose your drink-lol Glad to hear you are just a little sore. I never tire of seeing anything you make. Love and hugs, Pat

  10. I hope you feel better soon! I had to laugh when I got to the part you started laughing. I am impressed you didn't lose your pop! I can just see you sitting there with a bag of corn on your bottom. he he he!

  11. Get out! You're 70? Did you photoshop your photo over there because you look much younger than that. Anyway, I am soo sorry you fell but you certainly did it with the flair and artistry that you give to everything else you do. I think it was very kind of hubby to give you such a high score too:>)
    I WANT those cupcakes. Hope you feel better soon sweets!

  12. funny what hubby said..but I am sad to hear that you are hurting..I hate falling..(okay who likes it)..but you know what I mean.;) I hope you get to feeling better soon;)

  13. Please forgive me, but I can't stop laughing. I have this problem when people fall. You were no help as you described it far too well and when I read what your hubby said, I lost it completely!

    I am so glad you are OK....we are the same age and it is not an age to be trying out of the Olympics gymnastic team!!

    I took a horrible fall a year ago...I took a step backward from the sidewalk to the grass to point out a Robins nest to hubby and my body kept going, but my shoe on one foot did not. I felt myself become airborn, glasses flew off my face and landed in the street, ( hubby dived for them before a car could) the back of my head banged against the cement of the driveway next door.
    Like you, I asked if anyone saw and while I was dazed and stunned I had to giggle. It took me hours to get steady again and I had an egg on the back of my head.

    I have told you...I love visiting you as I never know what to expect!
    PS I love your cupcakes...I have been faux baking, too. It is wonderful therapy!

  14. Oh, Connie. So sorry about the fall. Unbelievable you didn't lose a drop of soda. Hope you feel better soon. Susan

  15. I'm glad you're alright and could lay there laughing. Oh...yeah, the days AFTER a fall are always the worst ~ I know from experience.


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