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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Froufrou Friday #3 8/20/2010

Welcome to Froufrou Friday again. Just sign up on Mr. Linky below and enjoy perusing the bloggers who are participating. And if no one is participating, then you just have me, and I try to make it worth your while to visit. I absolutely love froufrou!

This is another thing I rescued from our garage sale. Obviously, it's from my blue period about 25 years ago. ;-) Pretty sad looking, huh? I just knew I could do something with it.

And I did! I made a Ribbon Tree out of snippets. It was so easy, just hot glued them on, added a few roses on top to cover the ribbons and paint the blue pot pink and voilĂ . There you have it.

Here I photographed every single side as I went around it to get each and every ribbon to show you the different ones so you could see them all and, perhaps, do one yourself. (Very little money or time involved here.)
So I'm hesitant to show the next 14 photos for fear of being photo-heavy. But I did move the ribbons around to show some of the underneath ones. AND I did use a lot of ribbons more than once.

So I'm posing a question to you today: Do you like a lot of photos or just a few? I'd truly like to know.

Ooooops, I missed a spot. Nooooo, just kidding. I was arranging the ribbons to let them all show through and must have missed putting it back after the "arranging." I can assure you there are NO blank spots in this, plus I was surprised at how few snippets it actually took. I have lots left over.

So pick your favorite color or themed ribbon and go for it! Easy, fun, cheap and makes a grand statement.


  1. This is one amazing work of art!!!

    Here's My SnT for the week Hope you can drop by for a visit.

  2. Connie I love what you did with this! SWWEEEET!
    And I love lots of pictures. My computer is a little slow, so some times it takes a while to load if there are a lot of pictures but I don't mind the wait! Have a great weekend, Nan

  3. Wow, what a ribbon collection you have! And what a cute little tree. I love all the photo's!

  4. How cute! Looks like a beautiful umbrella. I love how all the pinks go together. Great job with the pics too.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  5. How clever and sassy!
    You have an amazing collection of ribbons and with the white pot that is a darling cottage accessory...It would be really adorable in a babies or small childs room, too.

    I am sorry I am late...I over slept and I have a big problem with Mals-ecart....

  6. Hello Connie, I really love the detail in your beautiful craft with ribbons. You had fun with your camera, I an tell. HA! Ahhh roses, beautiful.

    My post is funny today. check it out! It sure made me laugh.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  7. Connie, just love the frufru tree. Boy would I have fun in your ribbon stash and I thought I had a lot of ribbon. I think sometimes we get rid of things before giving it a second look and you have really given this one a second look. Beautiful, just beautiful. I'm late today because I am not at home, but will be posting later this evening. Nothing compared to what you have done. Love and hugs, Pat

  8. The ribbon you chose is gorgeous! I wish I had more of that lying around for projects! :)

  9. Poppin in from the past...all sooo fab as usual!! Lovies, Esther Sunday

  10. Connie, I think your ribbon tree is quite lovely. i never throw ribbon away, I love it all collected together.
    Thanks for joining in.

  11. It is gorgeous! I want one....LOL Thanks for visiting me at my blog and have a great Pink Day! Kit

  12. So pretty and cheerful, Connie! I love all the ribbons you used to create this! It reminds me of a parasol or beach umbrella! So fun!

  13. wow...i see you like PINK! that is a cute idea....thanks for visiting me today. have a happy weekend!

  14. ps....thanks for being a new follower of my blog. And in return, I will begin following you!!! :o)

  15. this is just too fun and I bet I could do something like this with my girls- we just re did their room in pinks and whites and we could have fun with some ribbon!
    I'm out and about trying to show off a give away I've been asked to hold and I'm wonering if it might just do with your Froufrou? Well it may -
    at any rate, I'll have to participate in the future!

  16. This is sooooo cute! I can see it now at a future Bebe Birthday party as a table decoration. Hmmmmm.....


  17. Hi Connie

    Love the frou frou from you you!! Great idea to re-purpose - my Mum would love this!!!


  18. This is really cute, love all the pretty ribbons, very creative!

    I'm trying to get up enough nerve to try the new format on my blog. I saw a warning from you once about making a copy of the blog first before working on it. I don't even know how to make a copy of it. Help?


  19. I LOVE what you did with it! You are very creative!!! Such a neat and fun idea. I'm always looking for pretty crafts to do with my girls since we homeschool. They would love this because they can personalize it anyway they want.

  20. What a great idea.. and well done... you've got some great ribbons in there.. reminds me of a maypole.. sweet!

    perhaps I should try this with all the ribbons I've been saving.. just have to save some patience too.. haha

    Have a great weekend.. xx Julie

  21. That is really cute! Where can I find the guidelines for Frou Frou Friday? Namely, what is your definition of Frou Frou? :)


  22. That is so neat, I love all the different ribbons. I loved the newest post of the cupcakes, they may be flop but they look good enough to eat for sure.


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