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Monday, July 26, 2010

Garage Sale-ing!

I just want to take a minute to tell those of you who use Cutest Blog on the Block for your templates that this is the way your blog is showing to me. A photobucket deleted photo right smack in the middle of the blog. I was visiting a blogger I've never been to before and noticed this was happening. I believe this is because her template is the Minima stretch but using the Cutest Blog on the Block is doing this. Just be careful. I've come across this once before in the past day or so. I don't want to embarrass her, surely since I'm viewing her blog for the first time. Just be careful what you do!

You know it's truly pathetic when you go garage sale-ing in your own stuff when you're having a garage sale yourself. I cannot believe the stuff I have and the stuff I'd forgotten that I have! Yesssssss, this is true. And we've only put a dent in the garage attic.

The neighborhood garage sale was on a friday and saturday. The first day of a garage sale is usually the best, so we could have just closed it down at about noon on saturday because there weren't many people after that and very few before that.

As Love Bunny was getting the stuff out of the garage attic—where it was at least 120°—he told me, as I was looking longingly at some melmac plates, that I could keep anything I wanted. I didn't have to get rid of the 30+ plates I had out there. But I told him no. I was determined to bite the bullet and go through with it. Sigh...

Okay, we know what happened, don't we? Yep, I couldn't help myself. I grabbed a few pink and aqua plastic plates because I've gone "retro" lately. I mean I'm doing the melmac and plastic thing. China is put away for another time.

Then he opened up the box with the candle holders and napkin rings and that's when I lost it!

My mom gave me these and while I'm not that sentimental, I love the look of them.

These sterling silver candlesticks were a wedding gift. I can't remember who, but no matter. I'm keeping them. The other ones are cute so I've decided to keep them also. Maybe another time I can get rid of them.

I sat and polished them on saturday night and watched as their brilliance started showing through as I took the silver polish on gauze to them. Hubs ran out to the garage and got me a toothbrush he uses for tiny work and brought it in for me to polish the intricate parts. Beautiful. I just couldn't let anyone else have them.

This terrycloth tablecloth with roses tugged at my heart. I thought hmmmmm, that wouldn't take up much space in a drawer and it is beautiful.

LB told me I didn't have to sell these plates either since I'd probably never find melmac like them ever again. Off the table and into the house went about half of them. Just keeping a few to use and for the eye candy they provide.

A beautiful rose bowl, maybe a punch bowl but since we have a crystal one bought 40 years ago I thought I'd get rid of this one. Nope! We decided to sell the crystal punch bowl with 12 cups and a ladle and keep this one for "just fun and memories." I think a young man gave it to us after we were baptized. Can't remember.

Now really, how could I part with something so beautiful. It truly is lovely and the memory is so sweet I'd rather get rid of the other one than this one.

And this sweet little dish that hubby bought at a beloved neighbor's estate sale because he thought I'd love it and like its style. I don't particularly like it, but it continues to grow on me.

Love Bunny assures me there are at least 35-40 rugs up there that have to go. We'll see. ;-)


  1. are a squirrel! You store things away forever! You do make me chuckle!

  2. and I thought I was bad! Rachaelxo

  3. Ah, it is always hard to part with things! Thank goodness you saved those treasures.

    I've seen that photobucket logo on blogs lately as well. The Cutest Blog on the Block recently changed servers and I think that is fouling everything up.


  4. Ah Ha Ha...I am off to garage sale in my garage, because you know girl I got the goods! Oh my gosh do not get rid of those darling rose plates or I am going to drive to your garage sale and rescue them. Tee Hee! I swear you are my long lost relative. LOL

  5. You have such beautiful pieces! I love those candlesticks.

  6. Oh Connie, I love this post. And I am glad you kept that stuff. I can't believe you were going to sell the sterling silver holders. They are beautiful. And the melmac plates...why I would love to run across some of those at a yard sale. I'd snatch them right up. If nothing else they are charming to use in a picnic basket. Anyway...just came by to wish you a belated Pink Saturday. xoxo

  7. Hi Connieness! Look at all those pretties! I have a big glass bowl almost like yours except the flowers are hibiscus!
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    How's your little one doing?
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia :)

  8. Hi Connie, thanks for the help, I completly forgot that I had changed it from the old post setting!! By the way I have those same dishes with the roses on them, I bought a whole set from a lady at a church sale years ago (;

  9. Hi Connie,

    I have done the same thing in my garage. lol It truly is so fun to go through the boxes, and see all the good stuff we forgot we had. Several yrs back I bought a teapot at a garage sale, called Little Miss Dainty for $2. I had it on my shelf in my dining room for yrs. Then, I thought I would sell it on e-bay. Didn't know what it was called or that is was made by Lefton. A few weeks ago, I saw the set on someones' blog. Then I looked it up by name on e-bay. Couldn't believe what they were selling for. Now, you think I can find it? Nope. I know I didn't take it to the Goodwill. I will just keep looking. Your candlesticks are gorgeous, and that candlestick with the little thing hanging on the side..... I had that too, and did give it away. It was from hubby's first marriage. Now, I am off to search for that teapot again.


  10. I had to laugh at garage sale-ing at your own garage sale - I've done that before, too. :) I can't blame you for not getting rid of those little treasures. Those candlesticks really polished up beautifully, too!

  11. You have great garage sale stuff!!! The silver candlesticks were definitely a keeper.

    I hope my blog template is working okay. I changed my template when the CBOTB requested we switch when Photobucket was deleting all of their stuff... but I'm not sure how it appears on your computer. Is it ok on your screen?

    Thanks for the tips, Connie! I'm going to try and do frou frou Friday!

    Bella Rosa Antiques

  12. Good morning Connie girl you are just too funny...I did that once at my yard's like I wanted a resume to make sure it was going to a good home ha ha!! But your so right you can't keep it all...but I do try ha ha!! Of course when my daughter Dawna comes I lose alot of stuff and some of which I'm not ready to part with ha ha!! Hugs and smiles to you my Dear friend...Gl♥ria

  13. Hey Connie, I use photo bucket sometimes and this happened to me last week because I exceeded my storage limit. I don't use cutest blog on the block background. I had to delete photos from photo bucket. Just thought I'd let you know. And, I always so enjoy you stopping by. Have a great week, T

  14. Hey Connie~thought I'd stroll in for a visit. Looks like you found a few gems in your saleing ventures.
    I would have hung on to that gorgeous rose bowl too.
    I know you love roses as much as I do. I think you'll enjoy my rose post. Come take a peek when you have a minute.

    I've been getting that peculiar photo bucket blurb while visiting certain blogs, I wondered what was up with that. I probably should mention it when I visit.

    Sweet wishes,

  15. Oh my goodness, I need to come shop at your house. Love the melmac plates. I am so glad you kept them and the candlesticks are all just gorgeous. The rose bowl is lovely too. Now about all those rugs, are you sure you don't need a few of those too? That is exactly what happens every time I think we are going to have a garage sale. I just think I NEED it all. Hugs, Marty

  16. Just checking in to see how you are doing. I go Garage sale's with a friend and try hard not to buy thing's I donot need. Now I need to have a sale of my own..How do I collect such stuff??

  17. Connie, I know exactly how you feel. When I start thinking about the things I should get rid of I remember all the things I did sell and then wished I had them back. Life is hard sometimes. I love the candlestick holders and your melmac with roses. Good luck deciding what to give or keep. Love the roses tablecloth too.

    We are home from camping and loving the air conditioning. Our time with family was the best but it was hot. However, fun prevailed. Smile.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  18. Hi Connie
    Oh dear...I know exactly what you mean aboout parting with some things. It seems easier to just keep them in boxes but when its time to get rid of lovelies that hold memories like a picture book...hmmmm...hard to do.
    Look how beautiful your silver candlesticks turned out and the rose plate and the beautiful bowl.

    Well...see what happens when the rugs come out.

    Have a wonderful day Connie

  19. You & my husband are just the same!
    I can never get him to part with anything.
    I have an oval bowl that could be the baby sister of your large one. I found it at a vide grenier about 3 years ago and could never part with it.
    Yesterday I posted more veggie garden info which might be of interest?

  20. Connie, you should come and help me sort my things out. I am going to have a bit of trouble clearing out the clutter. So many memories. I love your " plastic" dishes and that Rose bowl is gorgeous. I wish we would have a neighborhood garage sale--it brings more people to your sale than when the sales are scattered all over town. I'm still resting, but getting antsy and want to make something frufru for next Friday. I will email you if I finish it. Happy you kept some of the things, because they are keepers. Hugs, Pat

  21. ps, wanted to ask you if my blog looked okay. The cutest blog on the block had to change servers and that is why you are going to see some blogs like that. They have changed all the settings and we were told to do this by Friday of last week, so hopefully mine is showing the way it should. Let me know. Pat

  22. Hey Sweets!
    Just got a HUGE chuckle cause that is what I seem to do...I do have a growing pile..but sometimes go back and think...mmmmmaybe I could use this...NOT..I too have gotta let go of...and have a sale!

    Have a blessed day my Friend!

  23. Hi Connie,
    You are so funny! I did the same thing when we were backing up the house for the move. WE started putting things aside for a sale and ended up keeping many of the things. After my girls went through the pile and took what they wanted there wasn't enough for a garage sale. LOL. So I guess we all went shopping FREE.
    Have a sweet day, Hugs~Elizabeth

  24. Beautiful...haven't we all done this...I'm the sentimental one and my hubby just doesn't "get it"...of course he spent 25 years moving all the time in the military...I've only lived in five houses...

  25. Oh Connie you are a lady after my own heart!! Shopping at your own garage sale has me laughing! I did the same thing at our last sale!
    Its so much better than sellers remorse!
    You "bought" so many nice things! And think of the money you saved :-)
    Thank you for your visit and nice comments! Our house is actually very dark also and has some wonderful old stain glass windows but they do not let in the right kind of light. I have to take pics and at the right time of day in our family room addition to get any kind of nice photos.
    No way no how does a flash work for me! Awful and washed out pics so its all about the afternoon sunlight for me.
    Love your post and I'm still smiling!!


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