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Friday, June 18, 2010

Where Bloggers Create 6/19/ Least This Blogger

Karen at My Desert Cottage is having her 2nd Annual Blog Party. Go visit with her please because you won't want to miss all the eye candy of where bloggers create.

Come with me, won't you, to view my magical place—to me it's magical—where I create my blog. No, it's not like those places you see in the magazines, and those are ones I've lusted over time and time again, knowing that I'll never have a huge office or studio in which to create. But I can have sparkle, glitter, bling, beauty, roses, serenity and romance. ;-) Yep, I sure can. And that's just fine for this ol' lady.

I've noticed that many people have a tendency to save up 95% of their money and effort to spend on 5% of their lives—festive occcasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and holidays, and the special, more public places in the home, such as the living or dining room. Instead the way to live a beautiful life is to make the daily 95% of your life wonderful. I absolutely do NOT decorate just the public places of this little home. Where you create can be magical or special to you! For me it's all about having the things I love staring me in the face every single second, minute, hour and day. I HAVE to and LIKE to be visually stimulated. I am so grateful for having been given over a month of notice to get this blog post up. It has taken me every single day of thinking about what I want to do to get my space to the point I'm happy with it. Then there's the actual sprucing up of the room along with a few changes.

So now, I actually made a "Page" with the new feature Blogger gives us. If you want to go there to view not just this office but the actual studio I use when I'm creating you can do that by simply clicking the URL here and going there—Connie's Romantic Office and Studio. More is featured there than on this page.

If you have read my blog for any amount of time, you know I pretty much redo something a couple of times a year since we moved into this house 5 years ago. Don't ask why; I don't know. In the beginning I just couldn't seem to get some of the rooms the way I wanted them. I think this is a trend among all creative people.
But as the famous architect said, "Form follows function" and that is certainly my motto and creed also.

My office is where I spend most of my time. I do my blogs from here, take care of our household business, skype with my kids and shop from the internet. For me it has to be feminine and lovely with pink and roses and a scattering of beautiful things. That is essential to me.

I'm blessed to have a window seat in my office. I made a cushion for it and covered it in pink and white toile. But let's look at it as it was last year first and then venture forth to what it is now. I've made the pictures a bit larger than last year so you'll notice a difference in them. Indulge me for a brief time.

I found this old school desk on Craigslist and snapped it up so fast hubby thought I was nuts.

I then painted it white and put some beautiful rose fabric on the drawers. The hanging paper lanterns are covered in roses. These I snagged from my daughter. I. Love. Them. I've never seen any like them anywhere. They are now in a different place as you'll see later in the pictures below. I made the cord covers because I couldn't find any I liked or long enough. The desk also is now in my studio down the hall. It was getting too crowded in this room.

My cottage style white desk was perpendicular to the window so I could look out. Early last year I thought it would give me more room if I put it up against the wall.

Eventually I changed it back because I hated looking at the wall and not the window to the front yard. I bought 3 chair covers for my chair. I gave one to my daughter and one to a fellow blogger who sounded like she needed something to cheer her up. She's a stay-at-home mom and it was a bad day. She was shocked when it arrived in the mail. I didn't tell her it was coming. It perked that chick right up. ;-)

I love computers! I have always had Macs and truly, I couldn't function without my iMac or my MacBook laptop for when we travel to visit our kids and grandkids and now our new great-grandkid.

So now let's look at what it looks like now.

This is what you see when you enter the room—my window seat that is on the front of our home. It is filled with pillows I've made and a seat cushion I have actually just pinned on with straight pins in case I decide to change it at some future date. I've been known to change my mind a few times. ;-) Pretty boxes on the floor hold family photos and various other things for which I have no other place to store them. I hung that glittery garland with push pins and then hung some little painted teapots a friend gave me one year for a present. I cherish them! I love her roses.
The hanging paper lanterns covered with delicate roses were something my daughter had laying around and I snagged them really quickly. I love them and haven't ever seen any like it anywhere else. My radio sits on a chair most of the time. I don't usually listen to it while I'm in here but I like it in case I want to catch some news.

That fern is strategically placed to hide all my wires. There is nothing I can do with them; they must be there and I worked around them in the decorating of this office.

The wall behind me holds many things. I have a bulletin board I tack messages on. It holds my microphone for the telephone because I generally like to talk hands-free. The tape measure is there for when I have to measure something quickly before I list it for sale, although, I don't do much of that.

I don't care that I'm an old lady; I love froufrou and have put a pom-pom behind me and wrapped ribbon around it. Another brighter pink is on the opposite wall. It's all about eye candy for me! The little shutters I bought a few years ago and they have been in 3 rooms now, but I have a feeling they'll stay in this room. I decaled them and added some paper roses. I have several yards of this vintage bedspread fringe and thought I'd put it here and hang things that have been give to me or that I've made.

My phone has to be on my filing cabinet along with a darling little faux fern and tissues. All the essentials for women in the office. :-)

This area is where I do a lot of photoshoots for the blog or selling.

This is a corner of the room where I moved this etagère a couple of months ago from the living room into here. I was just tired of seeing it in there and put another one of the 4 bookcases I have in there with a lot less books. I gave dozens away to a thrift store. My boxes of tapes, ephemera, stationery, letters and CDs are stored on this.

This is the chair I use most of the day. I love the little chair cover I found on the web for a song, let me tell you—a fraction, and I mean fraction, of the cost of most other office chair covers you find on ebay or websites. This woman is absolutely fantastic in her combination of fabrics. I bought 3 of them, gave one to my daughter and sent one to a blogger who is a stay-at-home mom and having a difficult time. She was shocked when it arrived in the mail and I think it perked her right up!

Closeup of one of my pompoms.

Closeup of my shutters with the curling ribbon gracing its front.
This is sooooo true, chicks! Oooh, and you can see I attached the fringe with little rose pins I made. Darling!

Just a sweet lolli I made. It's for sale on my etsy but not sold so I stuck it in here. It really is precious.

My iMac. I did not clean my desk for this photoshoot because, quite simply, this is the way it always looks. Sometimes worse, but rarely better. This is a working office. The space ship looking thing on the left is my JBL Creature speakers. They can blast you out of the house! They're fantastic. All my essentials are on this desk or behind me on our filing cabinet. The little metal thing just to the left of my iMac is my external hard drive. I'm never going to lose anything if I can help it at all.

Love Bunny and I set up this little television with a webcam on the front porch so I can see whoever walks up to the front door. If I don't know them, I don't answer the door. I have no time for solicitors. This protects me from unwanted persons. And as you can see I still have a couple of shelves to hang somewhere in this house.

My view from my desk. Hand cream, cup for pens and a list of Apple commands when I need them, which is rare since I have them memorized by now. Extra pair of computer glasses, notes and my camera cord is always attached waiting for the next photos to be downloaded. My camera would normally be sitting on the left of my iMac but I was using it here!

I've found that this room needs greenery near the top especially so I've just stuck some faux greenery—since we all know I have NO green thumb—into pots and baskets. I've also placed things that have been given to me by my eBay group, friends and fellow bloggers. I am very appreciative of whatever is given me!

My printer/scanner, modem and wireless router, essentials for the modern day technology office.

I have 2 of these trellises behind 2 doors in this house just waiting for me to decide what next to do with them. Ooops, forgot to take the ladder and extra chair out before I took the photos. Sorry!

This little shelf hold things give to me, things I've made and in general eye candy to make me happy.

This shelf hold some books and just a jar I made over and stuck in a couple more lollis that I made.

This bottom shelf holds a few pillows I made that I can give as gifts or switch out with other pillows in the house.

The fern helps disguise and hide the cables needed for the computer and speakers. The little boxes hold family photos and various other things I don't have any place else to put them. The chair, when not holding the radio, is a place for any visitor to sit, like Love Bunny. ;-) The little Old Country Roses teacup is one of about 10 my daughter gave me as she doesn't use them anymore. I made it froufrou-y with some beautiful roses and let it sit there for more eye candy. I also made the folding chair cover to disguise ugly old chairs.

Another view of the front of the desk.

Top of the etagère where stuff is stored and a few of the coffee filter roses I've made. And yes, that box does indeed contain my coloring crayons. I color the books I buy that are in black and white.

Second shelf on the etagère with a box painted by a friend on my group and some roses with curling ribbon wrapped around the posts.

This shelf holds my baby book I had as an infant, a box given to me in a swap and a petal cake I made.

The wall facing me with plates I just couldn't resist, a little ceramic with a chip in it that I got for a great price and a hand painted sign by a friend in my group.

And these little sachets I've made over the years adorn a special door pull I found 5 years ago.

I bought this dress from a friend—the hanger she made as a gift to me—and have displayed it in my office as another piece of eye candy for which I can enjoy.

I found this little paper lace hanging lamp after I did these photos so here it is now. As I said, it's taken me weeks to get this done and the photos have been shot in stages.

Then I put up a smaller one over my closet.

So this is my office where I spend most of my time. To see more just go back up to the top and click where I told you to click. You were listening, weren't you?! Hmmmm? ;-) Enjoy...



  1. I don't know how you can NOT be creative in a room like that!

  2. Oh, I just love it! I love living among pink...makes me so happy. I have two rooms, a bead room and a "general craft" room and neither are showable.Lots of plans but right now they are in disorder!
    Thank for sharing your lovely space!!!

  3. So many special touches, Connie! I like to use curly ribbon, too. ♥

  4. Connie...Girlfriend you rock! You have more PINK than me! Does this mean YOU WIN???????? HUH???? HUH????

    I want to that you for sharing your space with us sweetie...but what I really want you to know is that I adore your upbeat fun personality and how you spread your joy for life and your deep faith wherever you go!

    Love to you~


  5. Ooooh! I just love all that PINK! Your room is so pretty and cheerful.

    I love your cozy window seat, what a fun place that would be to sit and gather inspiration!

  6. Absolutely beautiful Connie.
    It's a feast for the eyes from beginning to it..
    I am enjoying seeing where everybody is when they send out sweet hellos to me, and where you make all those beautiful things you room is getting a makeover this year...
    love yas,

  7. Oh Connie, your room is so feminine and beautiful, I have so enjoyed visiting you in your creative space.
    I hope you have a lovely day, sweet Lady!

  8. Hello my friend! If I were to dream up a space that said 'Connie' I couldn't do any better than this. It is so you. I totally agree with you about making every part of our lives and our homes beautiful. And you have done that.It's beautiful.

    Love seeing your new Mac! My Mac laptop is in my photos as well.


  9. Connie, it's wonderful! And I have favorites in there: your pillows, your hanging puff balls and that window seat is to die for! I can just picture you sitting there reading or doing hand sewing! I've always wanted one. Maybe in my next life!
    Beautiful, feminine space!

  10. Hey Connie! Oh WOW!! Your space is fabulous!! Goodness, there is sooo much to take in!! Love it, Love it, Love it!! :) Pink, Pretty, and so much fun!! One can definitely get their creative juices going in that room! Thank you so much for sharing this fabulous room with all of us! You rock girl!!

    Warmest hugs to you my friend, Brenda

  11. How pretty Connie I love it! You have something in every nook and cranny. Love it all. Grace

  12. Those pillows that you have made...SIGH...WOW..I love love them. Girl, you sure got some awesome talent. Thanks so much for the tour. My bedroom is all done in flowers and roses and such...I love the slip covers you have also for the chairs.

  13. Oh Connie! That was such fun! You took great pictures! I love your space. It looks so enticing. No wonder you make such great things! Hope you are well!

  14. Hi Connnie...what a happy, cute, pretty room to create in....You did good! And I found all the little teases, too!

    I forgot all about taking pictures for this event and I signed up for it, too...well, maybe next year!
    Happy Pink really are a ray of sunshine!
    PS A Mac is in my future!!!!!

  15. wow, connie! dreamy! and so many pretty things, all so neatly organized! love the paper lanterns, trellis, shutters, and "roses 5 cents" sign are among my room faves.

    how fun to have the TV set up for surveillance!

    very fun!


  16. Ooooh Sweet friend...I just love all your PINKness in your wonderful space...You have done it up so fine much eye candy for me to look the window seat and how fun to have a web cam to seee who's at your door...Girl I love your spave to create...Hope you have a GREAT weekend my Dear Connie, Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  17. Great work area! You have it decorated so pretty, so glad I stopped by. thank you for sharing your very creative space!

  18. What a lovely, lovely room. I think that those shutters are such a clever idea. Every detail is enchanting. Who wouldn't feel inspired creating in such an amazing room.

  19. Connie, your space is just so pretty. I wish we could all visit each other in person and play in each others spaces. I would have so much fun in yours. Eye candy girlfriend. I too am showing my space, please come by for a visit. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  20. Connie,
    Both your rooms are pinkaliscious.
    I love visiting your creative space. Thank you so much for the tour.
    Stop by and visit me if you have time. I am also participating in the party.

  21. Hi Connieness! Oh, I've seen your creative room but not since you've spiced it up! I love it.
    Be a sweetie,

  22. You got it goin on Connie girl...
    Your creative space is so you!
    I would be in there all the time.
    Love all the pinks and special touches.
    Happy creative weekend ,
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  23. What a wonderful space you have to create Connie! It's so you! Pretty and Pink and Inspiring!
    Thank you for sharing sweetie!
    XO, Mary

  24. Pretty,pretty,pretty! I really like your tv set up to see who's at the front door. I would get a kick out of something like that. I love the chair covers you bought, too. Love your pillows! Happy Pink Saturday~

  25. So sweet and feminine! I love the detail! I can see that you have created your own little corner of the world and I'm like you. I might be a "wee" older but I love fru fru too.
    I love red..but only the deep rose reds that go with all my pinks.
    Simply lovely!

  26. What a BEAUTIFUL,BEAUTIFUL room! I love all the pink and I LOVE,LOVE that slipcovered computer chair! I'm looking at mine now and it's going to get a slip soon! Thank you for inspiring! XO, Ann

  27. So lovely place to create, Connie. Pretty, pretty.


  28. Wow Chickie, it looks great !! You really have done a lot of work in there. My most FAVORITE thing is your baby book, how precious is that ??? I haven't emailed you back because I wanted to call you and catch up on you !! I just need to get off my behind and dial, huh ??? lol !! :) Love you !!! Hugs :)

  29. What a lovely tour and what a special space...everything looks lovely and relaxing.
    I need one of those TV monitors but I also need like somesort of physical deterrent to activate if I don't like them...oh that would be fun!
    Kiss Noises Linda

  30. I just knew it would look like this! Wonderful! Pretty! Inspiring! Love the florals and fabric.

  31. Hi Connie, your are one of the best Pinkies I know. Your room is stunningly pink and so pretty. All of your crafty and pink 'things' really looks perfect for your personality. Did you and Beverly get together with your posts today. Laughing. She shared her craft room too. I love what you did with that cute desk. You are an original Connie. Love that about you.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  32. Connie such a wonderful room to create and work in.
    I think if our rooms make us smile when we walk into them, then we have got it right. We have to love our space

  33. Sweetpea Connie! If there ever was any debate as to WHO WINS the "I ooze pink award" it is you! What a priceless chick-pad filled with so much love and inspiration. Those hanging lanterns are just wonderful. I love the dreamy feel they add to the room. That dress caught my eye the first time it showed up in your photos. Is it old? It is GORGEOUS! Also, do you happen to remember where you purchased your seat covers? A joy to visit with you today, xo, Sue

  34. Good morning sweet chickie!

    I soooo agree... I HAVE to be in a space that brings me joy. You have sooooo many yummy things to feast your eyes on during your day!!! Pure happiness.

    Love that desk chair cover.. I had never thought to make one like that. Who is this girlie who makes these little cuties?

    Have a wonderful weekend dear girlie..


  35. Wow! What a great spot to work it. Your creativity shines through!

  36. YIKEs!! YOU DO LOVE PINK!!! Ha ..a very fun room!! My granddaughter who is 3 is going to have to share her room with her soon to be 2 year old bro. She wants PINK and my daughter is trying to figure out how to put it together! She is thinking of separate loft areas so perhaps can make some pink work!

  37. Hi Connie, Wow you have a fabulous craft room/office. You are so organized and it's pretty too! I love all the little nooks and corners in your room.
    Love it! Thank you for sharing. I have my pink teatime/cupcake guest room on my blog today. Come by when you have time.
    Love ya, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  38. Rock on with the pink!!! How could you not feel girly and inspired in this room? Just am lusting after the pink pom pom and lanterns...have never seen those! The personal home security is WAY beyond cool and am wondering about...ahem..."love bunny":) Thanks so much for sharing your space! You are a hooT!

  39. Happy Pink Saturday, dear Connie.

    I loved seeing your space. You have so many pretty things, and I love that you have them where you can see them. I agree that we should surround ourselves with this we love.

    Girl, I have been an admirer of your pillows from the beginning. I love them all. And, I love your valance over the window.

    I never knew you could buy covers for office chairs. What a great idea!

    Thanks for sharing.

  40. Oh, Connie! It's pinkalicious eye candy for sure! I can't get over your pretty spaces! Where do I start? I love it and want one like it!!!

    Happy Pink Saturday!


    Sheila :-)

  41. CONNIE!!!
    Just dreamy and Oh so YOU! What a lovely eyecandy room you have and I can see why you love! I even spied a few things that I forgot you had! Just lovely!
    I enjoyed everything!

    PS..I added my name to your Romantic list,but my icon didn't show up...can it be fixed? With all our puter problems right now I am lucky that my laptop is working...slowly, but working!

  42. Oh Connie, what's not to like in this space? I love it all; the roses, the lattice, the floral prints, the toile, the boxes, the pink! Thanks for sharing your pretty pink space. Happy Pinks and enjoy your weekend.


  43. Ok, I just realized I posted about your office in the post below. Oh well, I LOVE it all, especially the seat cover, lanterns and the shutters are darling. You are so creative! Love it!

  44. Hi Connie
    How can you not create pink things in that cute pink room?
    Happy Pink Saturday.

  45. What a pretty room! Thank you for the tour. Enjoy your day! Twyla

  46. I love your creative space in all of it's pink gloriousness!!!!!! How the I know who to ask for advice! Your room is absolutely the pinkest and the best girlie room!!!
    Thanks for sharing your inspiring studio!
    Margaret B

  47. what a sweet room to create in, I have a bay window in mine that I'm not quite sure what to do with , I've often thought of pillows, love how you did yours

  48. Ohhhh that was a great pink post and you have a lovely craft room !
    Have a nice weekend ♥RINI♥

  49. Thanks for visiting, First I am a fellow Mac Lover!! It makes our lives so easy. Second, I want you to put the chair with the lace on the bottom in your will for me! Lastly, it is gorgeous!!

  50. Hiya Ms Connie..

    Can we say PINK!! oooh my why am i surprised? LOL its sooo fun and yummy.

    Im like you dont want any of my work to be lost -- I have all my photos on an external HD ...but then i worry that will go down LOL

    Enjoy your day and all your visitors.


  51. It is so pretty .It seem to be so cozy Laura Q

  52. Hi! just beautiful!
    I love your space!

    Happy pink saturday!

    Visit me anytime...

  53. Pink prettiness!! I am JEALOUS of that darling office chair cover!!

  54. Of course, I was listening, Connie! I know where to click for more (great idea!). I can see why you are able to create such lovelies in your studio, it's feminine frou frou fun! The shutters are beautiful, love their color and the flowers. I knew you'd say something about Macs and that's one of the many reasons I love what you have to say, sweet lady! Thanks for sharing your wonderful space with us, I am going to show your front porch cam to my hubby, it's such a great idea!
    Enjoy the party, I've enjoyed my time here with you today.


  56. Wow that's such a great place to work. I just love it!

  57. Hi Connie
    You would feel very feminine in that room and certainly very creative. You are lucky to have a special pretty pink room to call your very what you have done. The cushions are lovely too...and that is a greast idea with the monitor at your front door.
    Happy PINK Saturday

  58. Your studio/office truly is a beautiful,wonderful,magical place. And all done in my favorite color~pink! Love it!

  59. What a positively, perfectly, pink creative space! I would SOOOOO love to spend some time in that room! Thanks for sharing.

    Creative Blessings,

  60. Connie your space is lovely! I'm sure this is one of your favorite spots on earth. So this is where you make the lovely stuff!

  61. Thank you for visiting me in Montana! Hello Neighbor! We are about to have one rip roaring thunderstorm. I like the way you write and I love your space. It answers to the girly side of me....LOL I will be sure to come back and see what you are up to! Kit

  62. Love the tour - you are truly "in the Pink"!!! I'm a fellow box label-er too!
    xoxo Nancy

  63. A wonderfully inspiring creative space...thank you for sharing it with us : ) Really appreciate your visits to The Open Window, too!

  64. A gorgeous room ... you have thought it out well and planned accordingly ... a job well done!! Two more things that impress me ... your decorating mantra and your use of the mac [I heart my mac, too ... looks just like yours!} ... when your done with your list of commands, you can send them my way ; )
    Thanks for visiting and for sharing your space ... you always put a smile on my face, Connie!

  65. I love all of the pink and floral designs...everything is so dreamy! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful space:)

  66. What a wonderful and creative space! Love all the sweet feminine touches.
    Best wishes,

  67. OMGoodness what eye candy! I am loving your chair cover so much!! While I did purchase a new studio chair I have been wondering how best to fru fru it up...eek! You are my inspiration and I love it! Everything is so fun! I also love that you don't answer the door to strangers. ME TOO! I always tell people to call first haha! I have to admit I have missed friends visits..but sometimes being home or at my studio alone can be a little scary! Play it safe I say!

    Thanks for sharing your space! So you sweet friend! xoxo

  68. Connie what an amazing room to spend each day I kinda think if it was mine I would end up sleeping in there. You have done an incredible job with it & thank you so much for sharing it with us...

    Lyn xxx

  69. Oh & yes I DID go back up & click, I hadn't forgotten Sweet....haha

    Lyn xxx

  70. What a girly, wonderful space you've made for yourself! OMG, I love it! All those pretty fabrics, the flowers the FUN! You have such a pretty and happy space. Thanks so much for sharing - I hope you'll visit me, too!

  71. Oh So delicious with all the pink and white. Thanks for sharing. Many prayers and love to sweet "C". Valerie

  72. Oh Connie...I had to take a few moments to compose myself after reading about your friend's grandson C. How heartbreaking! And how brave & unselfish their decision is...I don't know that I would have it in me. But one thing I learned from my son's accident is, I'm a lot tougher than I ever would have thought possible, so maybe I could. I pray daily that I will never be faced w/ such a hard decision however. I will add their family to my prayers & I want to thank you for your's. Charlie & my daughter weren't married but it was surely imminent so it's as if we lost a memebr of our family. And I'm so sorry to hear about your son-in-law. Death just sucks all around, doesn't it?

    Now on to more cheerful your wonderful studio! I love it! I'm old too & as you know, I'm very frou-frou so you're not alone. You have a great space girlfriend...enjoy it!

  73. You have such a sweet creating place - everything is so fresh and cheery and, yes, girlie! It is really beautiful. You have done a wonderful job putting everything together. What a fun place to spend time. I agree that the desk is better where you can see out the window. I love, love that dress in the corner - gorgeous! And the window seat and pillows - so much to take in. Very special! I definitely got some ideas of ways to improve my space from my visit. Thanks for sharing! Oh, and we share a love of Macs - I love mine!


  74. Hi Connie, What a wonderful space!! You have really created a great work and inspiration room!! I LOVE your window seat. And your pillows are so cute.

    Love it all!


  75. Connie, Thank you so much for playing with us this year. I loved all the photos! The tour was so fabulous and this party would not have been the same without you!!!
    My Desert Cottage

  76. Such a sweet space for a sweet space is Pink-alicious!

  77. lovely room, thanks for sharing-love all those pillows you have "on the ready" ~

  78. You are the Queen of FrouFrou - how pretty and pink your space is! So lovely and happy and so very much to see - I'll be back!

  79. Beautiful room! I love the chinese lanterns and the chair!!! What an awesome idea for a desk chair..hmmm..I wonder if Mr. Happiknits would mind if I decorated his desk chair :)
    Thank you for sharing!

  80. From one pink lover to another...
    YUMMY! I see now that I just don't have enough pink in my space. Thanks for sharing.

  81. Love seeing all the pink and roses! Such a happy place to work and create. Looks like you have lots of inspiration around you every day.:D


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