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Monday, May 17, 2010

Why I Go Back to California

Settle back because this is a long post.

But first, an update on the eyelash extensions. I got a shorter haircut yesterday and had to show it. I think I like it shorter. I know, I'm shameless! Hah.

Okay, one of my left eyelash extensions is starting to lift up from the eyelash. I don't dare pull it off. I just tucked it back up after coming home from church and seeing it. I'm betting that some of the chicks wondered what was happening to my eyelash this morning!!! LOL I just don't care what they thought actually. It's just so funny with them looking at my eyes so much. Plusssssss, I was putting on my lip liner this morning and went the wrong way on my lips and I now have splinters in my lips!! I kid you not. I got one out but my tongue can feel 2 more in there but neither hubs nor I can see them. I can see it now: going to the doctor and telling her I have splinters in my lips. *Sigh*... Good grief, I think I need to pluck my brows! On my right eye I can see hairs that shouldn't be there.

First of all, the end of April hubs went to Reno to a model RR train convention. He was going to take our pop-up camper but a friend in Reno called a couple of nights before and told us of high winds on I-80, which is mostly desert from here in Idaho to Reno. So he decided to not take it and just stay with our friends.

Well, as luck would have it, he got into the middle of a sandstorm. It just about totaled his Toyota Tacoma—actually almost $6,000.00 worth of damage. It looked like it had been sandblasted. If he had taken the camper it would have blown him off the road into a dry lake bed. So, off to the auto repair shop, where we are on a first name basis with the owner now after having 2 accidents in the last few years. I think they're going to throw us a party for giving them so much business. Sigh... Our insurance company allowed him 22 days for a rental since the front hood, windshield, driver's window, bumper, lights, etc. had to be replaced. The only 2 cars available were a Chevy HHR or a Chrysler PT. I HATE those cars. When he drove into the garage and came in the house he was almost afraid to tell me! (Now, if you own one of those cars or like them, I don't want to hear it. You have your likes and dislikes and I have mine and I'm free to carry on about not liking the looks. Anyone who grew up with those old cars that looked like those wouldn't consider having one again!) ;-)

Anyway, our trip to California was planned and hubs suggested taking the rental car and save the mileage on our Toyota Camry. Good idea, but I ain't gonna be seen in a PT cruiser. So, I called the rental car company and requested another car. They didn't have one available but said to call back on Wednesday. We were going to leave on Thursday. So I called and they had a Hyundai Sonata. I said, "We'll take it." Nice little car and it got 44 miles to the gallon at one point when we filled up. BUT the nice part was that it had Sirius XM radio! I tell you that was great. We could listen to our favorite programs all the way through Idaho, Oregon, Nevada and California and the stations came in nice and clear. They did have commercials though, just as many as most radio stations.

We go back to California on average of at least once a year. Why you ask? You might think it's this:

The girl he married (youth photo) but she's still as gorgeous as ever and I didn't get a photo of her this time because she was so busy running around:
Grandson Bill, who is in desperate need of a shave. Since he's 1/2 Asian he can't grow a full beard which I'm thrilled about since I'm not fond of beards on my men!

Grandson Josh who is in dire need of a haircut:

But you'd be wrong if you guessed those 4 in Southern California are my reason for going to California each year.

THIS is why I make trips to California! World's Fare Donuts in northern California, where our daughter lives. As Love Bunny was in there for the 2nd time in 4 days getting us these for the trip back up to Idaho, he met a man doing the same thing. He was going to visit his son in Petaluma, just northeast of San Francisco, and the son told him to grab some of these before he started up to visit him. That's how good these are. This is a cinnamon roll and it's as big as a plate for only $1.25. The Asian couple that own it have owned it for about 30 years at least and the woman doesn't look a day older than when I first went in there about 25 years ago. She's very pretty. I cannot say the same thing about ME!

I absolutely love the drive along I-5 from the north to the south. This is inland of northern Calif.

Pistachio trees. These are a marvel to see when laden with the nuts on them just before harvest. They are so heavy with the nuts that the branches drag on the ground. Heaven forbid that Love Bunny should stop so I could get a decent photo for you gals. *Sigh*...

These are almond trees. We went though a long stretch of I-5 where hundreds and hundreds of acres of these trees were dead. Why? Because the state cut off the water from the Delta to them because of a 2" fish—the delta smelt—was endangered! I can't believe they put a fish above humans. But it was truly sad to see so many citrus and nut trees dead and blackened. I feel so sorry for those farmers. What is our world coming to when this happens?

Here we are in Southern California heading from Moreno Valley to San Diego, which is about a two hour drive. That's son in front of us with his truck. This is very light traffic in the middle of the day.

Okay, here we are at the University of California at San Diego. Spent a few hours there looking over the campus for grandson. He's been accepted as a transfer student from Riverside to SD in the health sciences department. He's studying to become a pharmacist. That's the family below: my son in red hat, 13 yr old grandson in red shirt, daughter-in-law in jeans, "adopted grandson" in green shirt (also in dire need of a haircut!).

And the famous Love Bunny below:

The 14 story building is his dormitory. New ones are being constructed as you can see. One side of the dorm is a beach where you can watch students surf during lunch or breaks, and the other side is a view of the fantastic gym for students. We lived in San Diego in the early 60s and just loved it. Warm all the time and so many beaches to visit. Grandson will love it!

Another shot of the family:


  1. I enjoyed reading about your visit to California. We are planning to go in June or July. Three of my husband's sons and families are in Riverside and one in Moreno Valley. We've got eight grandkids out there...can't wait!!

  2. man those donuts look to die for..I can see why you go your lashes..they still look great...:)

  3. You're beautiful!

  4. Lovely interesting post Connie.
    We actually have one Pistachio tree in our garden, but it wont have nuts, it is just for the colour of the leaves, which turn red later.

  5. Connie ~
    You are cracking me up with the cars but I soooo agree with you ! I have actually switched rental car companies for the same reason before ~
    Your California trip sounds like it has been alot of fun !

  6. What a wonderful and informative post Connie. I visited San Diego on a trip to the states in 1990 and loved southern California too.

    Your hair does look nice cut like that.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  7. Oh my goodness Connie, the perils of Pauline..LoL
    I hope you managed to have a good time in spite of all that trouble.
    If you had broken a nail, it would have been the last straw, I have a nice family...
    I know you enjoy them.
    ps. I didn't think your lash looked so bad...
    you sure don't look your age...
    pretty gal...
    have a good day.
    oh, and the no comments thing didn't last long...come see me in your free

  8. Sounds like you've had a fun time in Calif. visiting with your family. I wouldn't worry about your eye lash ext., your eyes are pretty either way. Hope your hubby's truck is fixed soon. Have a great week, T

  9. Hi Connie, What a wonderful way to start the day with your great post. Love all the pics of travel and family, but your eyelash story is the best, oh and the car repair. I'm not fond of PT either.
    Glad you had a great trip and I could go for one of those fabulous plate size donuts right now!!

    Have fun,
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  10. I so enjoyed my trip to California great start to my week, just wish I could have had a doughnut to eat whilst reading your tale!

  11. Thanks for sharing all the pictures Connie...I've never been to California...but have been wanting to go for some time now.

    Those donuts...OMGosh...they look so yummy, I don't think mine would make it back here!

    Love your long and beautiful!


  12. We don't go to CA unless forced to for business ... but those donuts look enticing ... are they better than Krispy Kremes?

    Connie, you are flat downright gorgeous with or without eyelash extensions!

    Yes, I-5 is a beautiful drive from WA ST to southern CA ... but Rt. 99 along the coastal regions is exquisite.

    So glad you had a wonderful time, you have a handsome family ...

    Have a fabulous week.
    TTFN ~Hugs, Marydon

    PS our property is just a tad over 3/4 acre ... I have taken up about 1/3 of our gardens over the years but have many left. I'll share more soon with you as the plants become more visible. TY, I love gardening.

  13. What a great trip! I love San Diego. I also grew up in Riverside. Don't miss it for a second.

    And that is CRAZY about the sandstorm. How scary!

  14. Hi sweets! SO glad you'll be showing what you create for the blog party! You always make pretty things! I am so curious about these eyelash extensions. I don't think I need them but they sound very cool! Are you saying yo ulike them or there coming off, are they not permanent? Also will email you those addresses soon, will know for sure in 2 weeks whether we will be moving or not.

  15. Love this post. And those donuts are scrumptious looking!

    By the way, I hate PT Cruisers, too. Guess what my rental car is here??? You guessed it. It is also a gosh-darned eggplant color.

    In answer to your question: I am working at The Old Globe Theater.


  16. Sweet Connie, love the story of your trip and the cinammon roll is devine looking. Oh my taste buds are stirring now.
    I am a guilty owner of a PT and I hate it. Well actually I don't have a car, but Al does. He promised when he finished paying for it, he would buy me a pink volkswagen bug. We had a baby blue, but our family outgrew it and had to get a better car.
    Love the trees, and my hubby would never stop either to take pictures. Men! Your family is beautiful and so are you. I would not have noticed the eyelash, had you not said it. Love and hugs, Pat

  17. Great pics of your trip, sis! Gosh, your kids are all so handsome! I see where they get it, tho ~ you and LB are no slouches, yourselves!! Loved seeing all these CA pics. Share more soon.

    Did I thank you for stopping by and entering my giveaway?!? Good luck to you ~ luckily the random gen is picking the winner, so it will all be on the up and up!!LOL

    Love you,
    Angelic Accents

  18. Hi Connie, I just had to come over and give you a big cyber hug for the lovely comment you left on my blog, thank you!
    You are indeed beautiful no matter what age and the beauty of your heart shines so bright also :)

  19. Lots of reasons to go to California! I have been to San Francisco, San Diego and to the Sonoma Valley. What I saw was gorgeous so I don't doubt you love going there. Enjoyed seeing the pics of your family, too.

    Bella Rosa Antiques

  20. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip to Ca. Your I5 pics made me homesick but I am making that same trip in June! My mom & sisters live near UCSD and my daughter lives in Sacramento. I'm just hoping there is no "June Gloom!"


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