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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Around the House for Pink Saturday 5/1/2010

Happy pink saturday and welcome to my blog. If you visit with Beverly at How Sweet The Sound, you're sure to see lots of lovely pink blogs. I forgot to make note of the ones I visited last week.

I just thought I'd post some pix of things around the house today. I'm so busy doing other things that I pre-schedule these posts for days like this. You can hate me for this, not because I'm beautiful and/or smart. ;-)

Chandelier beads.

I've been thinking of making some different chair covers in white. I'll probably sell these if I do. Anyone interested? Contact me. Four chair covers for a ridiculously low price! Isn't that bouquet of flowers lovely?

Tie back in my bedroom.

Violets remind me of my grandmother. These are the most real ones I've ever seen for being faux.

Tie back in my bathroom.

Little pot of posies on a bathroom shelf.

Gorgeous chicks inhabit this home. Hah!!! ;-)

Home grown rose.....uuuuuhhhh, I mean hand made.

Thumb tacks on one of my memory boards.

Just finished this little sweetie.

Random Thoughts:

I recent was surfing the blogs and came upon one where a woman was so excited about receiving her new cookware. How any woman can be stoked about cookware is beyond me! That's what they have Olive Garden for in my opinion—cooking.

Without patience we cannot please God. This is hitting home with me recently. I seriously am working on it. I am!

The disintegration of rational society started in the drift from hearth and family. The solution must be a drift back. Be part of the solution.

Remember when you found out what your local popular DJ looked like? Uuuuggghhhhh!

I guess we can still embarrass our kids when we're 70 and they're 47 and 48. Our son asked his dad, Love Bunny, a while back if he was going to wear white socks with his jeans when they were going out somewhere together while he was here visiting some months back. Hubs said yes, he was. Son just looked at him as if he were 18 and dad was going to make him look like a geek simply by being with him. Son just said, "Okay." It was funny the way he raised those eyebrows. Son, not Love Bunny!


  1. Great post - love your tie backs and ribbon roses. Re sons etc - my friend's son can embarass us both (or is it the other way round?)

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  2. Connie ~
    What a sweet post ~ I love the last paragraph :)

  3. Happy Pink Saturday
    All your roses are so sweet and I especially loved all your rosy little thumb tacks!!! No why didn't I think of that!
    You always have such good ideas!

  4. I loved the story of your son and I so relate.

    I would LOVE to buy those chairs,,if hubby was back to work full time girl, I would. enjoyed the pics

  5. You have some great pink things and I love your roses!

    I think it is great that you prepost- I must learn how to do that!

    Best wishes and happy weekend,

  6. Gorgeous pinkness all over the house, just lovely.
    Happy May Day my dear.

  7. Everything is pink! A lovely thing, indeed! Blessings on this new day!

  8. Connie,
    Your chandy is stunning and what a great job catching the different colors reflecting in the prisms!!
    Your DR chair covers are so pretty but I don;t have the right chairs for them. I love your handmade roses!!

    I am loving all of your PINK goodes especially whem many of them are ROSES! You know me and ROSES? lol Have a great time this weekend!

  10. Your home is so beautiful. I loved the random thoughts, you're so funny. The one about the DJ especially tickled me. It's funny how we have this image in our head of how someone looks just by how they sound or what they write. That's why I don't have my picture on my blog profile. I hate to disappoint.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  11. Happy Pink Saturday Connie!
    The pinks around your lovely home are wonderful!

  12. what gorgous pictures. Makes you want to just reach out and touch then! Happy Pink Saturday!

  13. Great planning ahead for Pink Saturday. Such Pretty Pinks and Thoughtful Quips! Love the Rose Stick Pins! My HiHoney is a WhiteSocks guy and SmartSon,too...only difference is one is HiTops and the other LowTops. Have a great weekend....Sue

  14. I really love your chandelier.

  15. Happy Pink Saturday. Your photos in today's blog are fantastic. From using your new camera? If so, you have done a great job! Love the close up of the chandy crystals.

  16. Hi I so enjoyed my visit to your blog. I will be back for sure! Please stop by for a pink visit and enter my Mother's Day giveaway!


  17. Your chandy and its shades is so pretty. Wow, you've been a busy girl making those pretty flowers. I had to laugh about your comment re seeing what your local fav DJ looked like ;) I remember too well.
    Happy PS~

  18. Good Morning and Happy PInk SAturday and hullllloooo! Loved your home grown roses! The satin one is beautifully beautiful and I LOVE your thumbtacks and the letter C. Amen to the comment about drifting from hearth/home and the need to drift (run) back. I know, dads and sons in reverse age situations...too funny isn't it. Hey, I saw one of your aprons, now where was I? Anyway beautiful! Thanks, Jenn

  19. Hi Connie
    It's been a while and I see your still our true Pinky Queen.
    Love your Letter C... love your little flowers and "yes on no white socks with jeans : ) "
    Happy PS
    Love Claudie

  20. Lots of pink, Connie, you never fail on pink saturday!!!!! Have a great day.

  21. Very sweet post.. and such lovely pinks. Happy Pink Saturday to you! Hugs, Peggy x

  22. Sweetie, your photog skills are really making my day today!! Gorgeous pics you've shared of your gorgeous home!Funny about K and LB's talk about the white socks!

    Mum says hi ~ she was just talking about you yesterday while we were out shopping!!

    Love you,
    Angelic Accents

  23. A gorgeous post! Happy Pink Saturday! Suzie

  24. Hey Connie; I love all your Pretty Pinkies all around your home.... the gorgeous Chandler I am in love with...... Happy Pink Saturday

    Pink Hugs;

  25. I have always liked silk ribbons flowers!

  26. Hi Sweet Pea,

    Hope you are having a great Pink Saturday. I am dropping by a few blogs before I crawl back into bed with the flu.

    Please stop by my blog for my Pink Saturday post and while you are there I would love it if you would vote for me for my Vecty nomination.

    Thank you,


  27. That was fun looking at all your pinkness! ;) Hope you are doing well. Come on over and visit me!! :)

  28. Hello sweet friend! Ohhhhhh patience, can I tell you about this? Wait, it would require patience! TEEEEE HEEEEE! I love your chandy crystals! Good idea to get a post ready ....just in case. Thank you for visiting me, I just love to hear what sweet words of encouragement have for the pinks!

  29. Hello Connie, Happy Pink Saturday! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment. I love your pink this week! Your handmade roses are beautiful! Ed wears white socks too! LOL
    Love ya, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  30. Hi Connie! Happy Pink Saturday! It's always such a pleasure to hear from you and thank you for visiting me today!! You have a lot of cute pink tie backs!

    Susan and Bentley

  31. Connie, you crack me up! I love all your one liners.
    I also love all your pinkness for Pink Saturday!
    Hugs, Ann

  32. LOVE the tie back roses. Happy Pink Saturday...a bit late.

    Back Porch Blessings,

  33. Connie, that is soo funny about your son and hubs and the socks..sounds like my life..if we live long enough we are entitled to embarrass our kids!
    I love your tie backs and the push
    Have a blessed week.

  34. Nice post, the tiebacks are great..


  35. the tie backs are pretty Connie and so is the rest of your pinky pretties.. thanks for sharing and have a good week

  36. I love your chandelier.....Oooh wait...that wasn't what you were asking if we were interested in.....but...but... I really do like it. It's so sparkly and beautiful!


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