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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Admit It!

I am NOT a gardener in any way, shape or form. I'm known around here as the "plant killler"! But today I really needed to get out in this beautiful sun and weather. It's 55° here in the desert this afternoon and with the strong western sun we get here, it is nice and warm. Too warm to be digging in the dirt, actually. But here I am with my pink Crocs, knee pads and planting thingies in my hand. I'm only planting a few primroses so what can happen, right? Right! I'll give it a go.

Beautiful, aren't they?

Grass looks pretty good for early in the season. Just had it sprayed yesterday with our lawn service.

Trust me, I could NOT do this without the knee pads. I'm soooo cute with this paraphernalia on. Look like a pig farmer gone bad!

First planting on the one side of patio out back. Not too bad.

Bricks got me a bit confused. Love Bunny came out later and asked me if I'd ever heard of measuring. I called him a smart ******.

Truly not too straight here, but I was going for the "natural" look.

This is not going well at all, I can tell. But I'll keep trying. Stay tuned!

Update photo of our great granddaughter before she is born. Granddaughter is looking like a snake that swallowed a buffalo whole! She's gained 31 pounds so far but she started out at 111 pounds and 5' 5" tall so not too bad. But she's porking out rather nicely! LOL We're expecting Miss "A"—as she is called—to just gush out as the monster in Alien did years ago. And if she reads this—as she occasionally does—I'll probably get a call. Yikes!!!!


  1. you are too funny Connie..I love the "natural" look my your pretty little pink crocs.. I have those the cute little preggy tummy...have a wonderful tuesday.:)

  2. Just an idea: Why not plant them closer together for a more "fuller" view. Would look SO much better lol ;) Noe I am not a true gardener either though haha. Mine needs SO much work, but SO little time yikes.


  3. Well Connie, the natural look is definitely the best, and primroses like to look natural!

  4. Random planting is good and poking out belly is grandA! Nice crocks and smart knees. I do have a green thumb, but haven't put it to the test yet this spring. Must do soon as the weather is nice and we have had some rain....April showers and all that.....

  5. Hi Connie, I am proud of you for digging in the dirt. With my knee replacements I CAN'T get on my knees anymore. That metal hurts. Sooo...I bend over. Of course, that means limited time gardening. However, I keep going. Love the pink crocs.

    I think your flowers look great. Natural is the perfect explanation. Smile. What are you going to do with the bricks?

    Hooray a babe is coming. Lucky you. She doesn't look like she weighs much. She is doing wonderful. Happy baby to all of you.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  6. Connie, Beautiful flowers! Cute pink shoes too..
    Oh lucky you, you get to be a great grammy soon! Yippee!!
    Best wishes to you, your Gransdaughter, & great Granddaughter when she gets here.
    Have a fun day! ~Mary~ :-}

  7. Granddaughter looks great.... she will be wearing her "skinny" jeans home from the hospital! About your primroses, beautiful! You cracked me up talking about "pig farmer gone bad".... yesterday I was doing a little planting with my backside bent over towards the highway. I had on sweatpants, and I kept wondering if my "crack" was showing. LOL Then I started thinking about the bloomer woman... do you remember her? ... people used to have a wooden cutout painted up like a woman bent over in her flower beds? I decided wearing a dress and people seeing my bloomers might be better than my neighbors seeing my crack. LOL LOL

  8. Dear Connie,

    I bet you can't wait to see your great-granddaughter!

    The primroses are so pretty - you can do it, my friend.


  9. Hi Connie,
    I love your pink crocs and knee pads the are very stylish while gardening! I think your flowers look great and besides you are suppose to leave room in between for the flowers to grow, you are expecting them to get really big aren't you. LOL.
    Your Grand-daughter looks lovely, I love the mommy belly. I know how happy you all must be and just can't wait for Miss A to be born.
    Miss A is going to have the best looking baby feet in town!.
    Take care and have a wonderful day,

  10. Love your pink crocks! What was I thinking when I got orange?!?!

  11. Hi Connie,

    Thank you for stopping by. Jeff read your comments and totally appreciated them (me too).

    Love those crocs and kneepads. I am not a gardener but I do try from time to time.
    Your granddaughter looks precious with her baby belly. I am excited for you.

    Big hugs,

  12. I have crocs like that too. Love them. Most of my garden in in containers now. Getting too old for the big stuff.

  13. Very soon this will be be "the little garden that could"!! Keep the faith and your garden will look like ours.
    Thanks for stopping by in Normandy, did you enter my giveaway yet?

  14. Gone bad or mad those shoes are great when the yard is wet. I have thos prim rose too. Happy gardening.. yvonne

  15. You go girl.......I loved all the pink! :-)

    Congrats on your new one coming soon...


  16. Love the pink crocs and wanted to say thanks for stopping by for a visit. Good luck with the slipcovers, I love mine (;

  17. LOL---A pig farmer gone bad>!?!? You are too funny! :)

  18. Hi Connie, just dropped in to say hello. When is that sweet baby due? I was just wondering. Lucky you. new babies just make me so happy.

    Happy days to you.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  19. Sistah, don't ya know that YOU are supposed to sit outside in your chiffon dress and pearls, sipping an iced tea, while Love Bunny does the manual labor?!?!?! It will be so pretty when finished!

    Can't wait for miss a to make her arrival!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents


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