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Friday, March 5, 2010

Puttering Around Again and Random Thoughts

Another blustery day here in the cold high desert. This is what I've been doing today along with removing glue from roses which I'm redoing in something else. This little birdhouse will be hanging in my family room I think. Looks like it would fit in there nicely. Lots of roses, birds, pink ribbon, pearls and garland.


Random Thoughts:

Who in the world came up with that leopard skin broom and mop? What kind of decor could it possibly go with: early African safari?!

Sometimes it's the thinking of a project that sets my heart a flutter than the actual doing of it. Maybe it's the anticipation.

I am not one to gild an offense. I think about it and pretty much let it go. Some people just baby it with mother's milk and feed it to let it grow in stature rapidly. They want it full grown as rapidly as possible. I want it to die a sudden death and not give it the power it wants.

The reaction I get around here when I tell women I blog is quite amazing. For the most part they have no clue what I'm talking about and will usually say "What?" I'll take my camera into a place—such as the optometrist recently—and they just stare and wonder why I'm photographing things. It's really funny to watch them watching me. I just tell them I'm doing a photo shoot and they then nod and say, "Oooooh." I love doing that. :-)

I still want to know what nutcase came up with the idea of making all of WalMart brand labels white?! It looks like institutional food on the shelves. WM, are ya listening?!?!


  1. I agree about the leopard mop, etc. Why??? I'm not a fan of animal print anything, faux or real, so that will definitely NOT be in my home.

    Your birdcage is so charming!


  2. Hi Connie! Lovin the's very tweet....LOL!!! I know what you mean about the wm cans...yuck! Have a wonderful weekend! hugs, Jennifer.... ;-)

  3. Hi, Connie! I like the white fringe around the bottom of the bird cage.

    I remember laughing the first time I heard the word "blog". It wasn't too long after that and I had one of my own! ♥

  4. I sooo agree about Walmart! I'd like my cans or whatever to be a little prettier!

  5. Dear Connie,

    I love your darling birdcage! It is so sweet! I enjoyed reading your thoughts, and agree with you!

    Thank you for your sweet comment!

    Love, Paula

  6. Hi Connie, I love your birdcage, it is so cute. I made one a while back and I'll be using mine as a spring thing decoration. I just love them, too. I hope it is getting warmer where you are. It's still cold here, I still have ice in my little pond. I don't like animal prints either. Give me country, roses and romance and I'm happy.

  7. I love your little adorned cage. I have one like it, but not nearly so sweetly adorned.
    I agree with your thought on offenses. In my many years on this planet, I have come to know that most don't even have a clue they have caused an offense, I just blissfully try to imagine that no offense was intended. It works for me most of the time.

  8. Pretty, pretty, girlfriend.
    I collect birdhouses,too.
    I have always preferred color in my home...this Oklahoma clay would wreck all those pastels.
    However, I love all the feminine things you show...

  9. The little birds are adorable. Hope you have a wonderful Pink Saturday!!!! Cheers, Lia


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