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Friday, March 12, 2010

My Porch

Spring is just around the corner; I can feel it on my face. I went out to the post box this morning and the delicate drizzle just kissed my skin with dewy mist drops. It felt wonderful on my face and brought to mind evenings spent on my porch in the spring. We can't sit on the porch comfortably during August for the most part because of the heat here in the desert of Idaho. But I thought you just might like to see what I have on my porch. It's relatively large by some standards in our neighborhood and covered with a little fence railing across the top, but very protected from the sun and elements. I do love it though. I plan on putting shear voile curtains up there for the spring and summer. Hmmmm, maybe that could be a "honey do" for Love Bunny today. Ooooh, I can hear him now. Sigh......

Anyway, here is a clock with the temperature and humidity of the day I took this picture. It was given to me by my brother when he came to visit a couple of months ago and each time he comes he feels he has to buy me a little something for the house. I appreciated it but I had no place indoors to put it so it went on the front porch. Actually, I love it out there so I can see what time it is when sitting there.

This is one of two faux geraniums I have sitting out there in pots. The pots are concrete so I don't move them around a lot! I did do a verdigris paint job on them though.

This is the wreath I have hanging on my front door. I showed this just after I made it last fall but maybe you didn't see that post. It is stunningly white and pink. This photo is very true to the color of my door and the wreath.

This is the other concrete pot with more faux geranium bushes in it. Trust me, nothing will live in this summer heat and winter cold but faux plants!

I purchased this at World Market a couple of years ago. Since I'm sooooo into the shabby chic, flea market, romantic ME style of decorating, I think this fits right in.

I also love these little oil paintings of the Italian countryside and impressionistic style of flowers. I bought them for a wee amount at World Market also.

My mother bought me this little plaque when we moved to Idaho. She was so proud of the huge, fancy home we bought there, but I'm thrilled to have left it behind! I am so much happier in this small house in the larger town. I'd never live in a small town again. I'm a "suburban" chick from the word GO. I want to be able to shop and eat without running into just about the whole town. ;-)

Yep, these are my humble attempt at roses and bird nests. Not beautiful, but I can at least say I did them. There wasn't much wall space left in the house but I decided I'd like to display them for all who enter this house to know I tried in my own humble little way.


  1. Hi Connie! There's that beautiful wreath...I just love it. I can't hang anything on our siding because the wind gets bad out here at times and either blows everything down or it ends up leaving rub have some beautiful things on your porch and I love the red door too..have a nice weekend! Hugs, Jennifer

  2. love that wreath and the color of your door..:)

  3. Well, I have to say I never saw a wreath like that. The porch must be so inviting,.... Lovely home.
    Lovely Lady,, have a great and wonderful day.


  4. Good Morning Connie,
    I love your porch decor and the perfect place for another clock. I have one on my back porch too. LOL
    The door color is very similar to mine. I love a red door. Your wreath is gorgerous against the red. I adore those porch urns with the geraniums. The Italian country side paintings are wonderful. I have some similar and World Market has many great finds. I also love that Victorian Rose plaque. Your paintings are so pretty too.

    You have a great porch and so inviting. I know you enjoy it when the weather is cooler.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Love to you,
    Celestina Marie

  5. Hi Connie...lovely porch...there's no place like one. It was the first thing my HiHoney did when we moved from small town to big town....screened in the back patio, and it's everyones' favorite spot. Like you, I don't think I'll ever willingly live in a small town the convience of big town living altho SanAngelo is not a big city. Well, I finally got my CollectInTexas Gal FollowerTag back. I don't know how it happened, but out of the blue I got a window that gave me an option to change my blog following identy. So, I did and will not switch again....on purpose. I did notice that the avatar stays under the Follow sign if you don't sign it out. I'm afraid to sign it out for fear of losing it again. Hopefully, it stays just on my computer so I know I'm following you. Do you know?

  6. I love your porch, Connie. Red doors are so welcoming, aren't they? Thank goodness porch weather is about to return - we use ours a lot in the spring and summer. We get a lot of wind so I have to be careful what I put out there! But it is our little haven - a place to watch the world go by.

    Thank you again, my friend, for your wonderful tips on photo enlarging. You are the best!


  7. Good Morning Connie Sweetie...
    Oh I love your paintings that you did. You did an awesome job, so don't sell yourself short.

    I adore the wreath. It is so stunning and what a better way to greet people. It says alot about your love for pink and roses. I would know just driving down the block that yes, this is Connie's house. Stop right here. The wreath really pops on your red door. So pretty.

    The paintings, love them. I adore the BIG urns with the hydrangeas. They look just like the ones my Moma has on the side of her porch. She would add something to the pink ones to make them have that purple color. I have forgotten what, but they look so real sweetie. Love them.

    Love the clock from DB. So pretty and I love being able to watch the temps and etc. It had quite a few options there. Thank you for sharing.

    Have a beautiful Friday sweetie. Country hugs and much love...Sherry

  8. G'morn, sweet Connie ~

    I love LOVE your WASH lettering ... that is clever as can be.

    Your friends home is gorgeous & beautifully decorated & BIG!

    Yes, your wreath is perfect, it fits you to a 'T', & really highlights that red door. I hadn't thought of it but I love the hydrangeas in the pots ... I usually change mine out, but will rethink this now.

    Your artwork is wonderful, & you should be proud. The clock I love.
    What a gorgeous porch ... you must have wonderful leisurely enjoyable moments beckoning you there.

    BTW, I stopped by Target & got some of that Boots #7 & you are right, it does soften the 'beauty marks' of life ... this is going to be interesting to follow thru with.
    TYSM for sharing ... I am not a cosmetic kind of gal ...

    Have a beautiful weekend. Hugs, Marydon

  9. Such a pretty porch, it must be a welcoming place to all.

  10. Well, when you see me walk up the walkway - you'll know we are going to sit out there and talk for HOURS! What a nice space! Love the clock - I don't know why I need to know what time it is all the time - but I just do. A clock in every room and on my wrist. LOL.
    LOVE the wreath! Very chic!
    This is my first day off work this week! It's killin' me! I haven't had any blogging time!
    Have a great weekend! Karen

  11. Why Connie, your porch is just like a living room with all the great art work. Sure wish I could come visit and sit awhile. (yes...I am looking a little confused in that photo....'cause I am :) xoxo

  12. I sooo love your porch Connie! I wish we didn't get rain so often, then I could decorate our porch/'s soooo boring!

    Hugz and have a great weekend!

  13. Well I happen to think your nest and roses are the prettiest things! You should be very proud of them. I love how you hang up things on your walls outside. Lots of people are to scared to put holes out there. I'm like you though and like to hang things.


  14. What lovely things you have on your porch! You are lucky that you can sit out there and be out of the elements. I do have a front porch but the roof over it is 16 feet up so it is not protected at all. I do have an awning over the little patio that I have in the back but again, if it is windy when it is raining, you still get wet. Your wreath is lovely too.

  15. OOh loving that beautiful wreath! Cute. Grace xoxo

  16. Hi, Connie,
    You have a very pretty porch, and I love that foo-foo wreath. I think you did very well on your roses and bird's nest. I can't paint at all so I just buy from those who can. I am looking forward to spring, too, when I can sit outside on my porch. I hope you have the happiest of weekends, dear friend! Vicki

  17. Hi Connie,Wow I just love all your pinks today
    Happy Pink Saturday

  18. My youngest daughter is "Victoria Rose"
    love the name


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